Projects from Books, Mags and Patterns

I love buying and reading quilting books, mags and patterns almost as much as quilting and blogging. I suspect that many quilters have more quilting books, magazines and patterns in their quilting studio libraries that most quilt shops. I know that I probably do!

I thought that it might be interesting to highlight some of the books, mags, patterns and courses that I've used and the projects that they helped create. I will attempt :-) to organise them by alphabetical order, with links to the publishers as well as the related post.

Resources are in alphabetical order:

Crafted Appliqué

Appliqué Inside the Lines: 12 Quilt Projects to Embroider and Appliqué
by Carol Armstrong

Beginner's Guide to Freestyle Embroidery
by Christina Marsh

Crafted Appliqué by Lara Buccella
  • I've read the book, and although I haven't completed any of Lara's projects, I used her Crafted Appliqué technique. It's wonderful. Read the book and find out what the fuss is about!

Dream Landscapes
by Rose Hughes

Exploring Textile Arts published in 2002 by the Editors of Creative Publishing (there is an updated version)

Fox in a Box Pattern
Fox in a Box Pattern by Row House Creations
  • It made a beautiful quilt - I would consider the pattern to be at an intermediate level.

Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 
by Lori Kennedy


Happy Villages

by Karen Eckmeier

International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene Magazine
  • I made my own version of the Charley Harper Quilt. by by Melissa Lunden (it's featured on the cover of the magazine, at the bottom right).

Little Gems, 15 paper-pieced miniature quilts
by Connie Kauffman

  • It's a great paper piecing book of miniature quilts. The designs are really different and a joy to quilt. I made the Spinner pattern and want to make many more.

Made by Marney Patterns
by Mary Hertel

Make Modern Magazine, Issue 22 
  • Epic Bow Tie Quilt by Jen Van Orman is on the cover of Issue 22. It's a great modern quilting magazine that is only available 
    digitally. I wrote quite a few posts (it took me a while to make 😊)  Here are the links to the first and last posts.
  • Great book that gives the history of Molas, great examples as well as instructions on making them. I shared this book during the Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop\

by Kathy Brown
  • A lovely book that is only available digitally (unless you get a used copy somewhere). I made the Take 5 Loves Coffee Milk pattern. Here is the last and first posts that I wrote about the project.

Ribbon Wreath Table Topper ePattern

by Mary Hickey
Available by ePattern or in the book Comfort and Joy - 14 Quilts for Christmas

Finishing up Winter Quilts, January 15, 2014

Quilt-Lovers' Favorites, Vol. 4 

by Better Homes and Gardens (2004)
Pattern: "Heaven's Stairway"

Quilter's Home: Winter

by Lois Krushina Fletcher, published by Martingale
Project: "Winter Vacancy" wall hanging, made up of two paper pieced blocks - the snow covered birdhouse and the cardinal.
  • This made my favourite winter wall hanging, with the cardinal and winter bird house.

Splashes of Color Pattern from

Take Four Placemat Pattern 
by Cary Flanagan

  • A lovely pattern that is perfect for people who can't make 4 of exactly the same thing!

Terrific T-Shirt Quilts by Karen M. Burns

Set the Table: 11 Designer Patterns for Table Runners

Added: February 2015
Set the Table published by Martingale
Set the Table, Published by Martingale
I am a huge fan of Martingale and in the last couple of years have purchased many books. This is one of my favourites. What first attracted me to this book is actually the free-motion quilting that can easily be seen in most of the project photos.

Shake Up Runner in pink and yellow
Shake Up Runner in pink and yellow
So far, I've only complete one table runner (April 2014), but I am looking forward to making many more. The projects have a modern feel to them, but really, they could easily be made with more traditional fabrics to look more traditional (if that's what you wanted).

Shake Up Runner by Thomas Knauer
Shake Up Runner
This project is designed by Thomas Knauer. It is inspired by martini shakers and the lava lamp of 1969. I don't know much about either of these since I was 7 years old and that's the year I went to LaRonde in Montreal, Quebec where the Expo had been held two years before. I was too young to be a hippy but I think those years could have been dangerous for me - I suspect I would have liked it too much :-)
Pink Lemonade hanging
Pink Lemonade for my niece

I love the contrast of the white with the funky colours of the shapes. I decided to make all of the shapes the same colour. In the pattern, one of the shapes is a solid colour. I get the metaphor but loved these colours too much! I quilted it like it was done in the book, at 60 degrees to make the diamond.

Since the runner was going to Denmark to my brother and sister-in-law, I made a small hanging for my niece with the fabrics that she liked best from my stash.

What I learned:
  • This is truly a lovely book. I'm looking forward to making more projects from it.
  • My note in the book: "quilting at 60 degrees is long and tedious - must mark it". I learned that the hard way, since I didn't mark it and some of those lines were not so great!


  1. Is the cardinal & birdhouse pattern still available?

    1. Hi Anne, yes, the cardinal and birdhouse pattern was taken from the book, The Quilter's Home: Winter by Lois Krushina Fletcher, published by Martingale. The project is the "Winter Vacancy" wall hanging. Here is the original post: and here is the link to the book.
      It's only available in E-book. I'll add this one to my page. Thanks. Enjoy!


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