Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Christmas is finally over

I did a crazy thing this Christmas.  I attempted to make 3 Christmas runners as gifts.

Close up of the runner

As you can guess from the "attempted", only 2 were done by Christmas was finally over last week when I finished and delivered the third runner. Of course, I was sewing the binding in the car on the's a good thing that our friends live about 45 minutes away. I almost finished it before I got there!

Of course, in my rush to get the other two delivered before Christmas, I forgot to take pictures. Oh well, maybe my friends will take pictures of them next Christmas! They had snowmen on them!

Since I'm on the subject of Christmas, here are a couple of small wall hangings that I completed.
Scrappy Christmas Wall Hanging 2

Scrappy Christmas Wall Hanging 1
These are made based on Rayna Gillman's book, Create your own free-form quilts - a stress-free journey to original design.
Christmas tree skirt

The last two pictures are older Christmas projects that I finally photographed. The one on the left is my Christmas tree skirt,  Honestly, when I put up the tree this year, I thought I might have made a skirt... I'm just glad that I found it! The project on the right is my first ever Christmas runner.  I've gotten a lot of mileage from this pattern.
My First Christmas Runner

Remembering Jeannette (1915-2013)

Two weeks ago my grandmother, Jeannette Belanger, passed away at the age of 98! It wasn't a sad affair since she had lived a good, long life and wasn't really having anymore fun.

She particularly loved flowers, playing cards, good food and being active.  There were many funny stories.  As one of her grand kids said, "she was a card shark"! She did love to win! She wasn't impressed with my card playing since I couldn't count fast enough (still can't).

Flower Applique

In her last few years in the home, I did what I do best - I made her a few small quilts.  Nothing fancy but since she loved flowers, it wasn't very difficult.

Memere, as she was known to her many grandchildren and great-grand children was generous and loved to laugh.  We all, in our own ways, said goodbye.  It invariably included a few drinks and food in her honour. 

Wheelchair Quilt

We will miss her but she's having a much better time on the other side.

Crazy Nine Patch

Watch over us, Memere.

Nous t'aimons.  Tous tes enfants