Thursday, July 18, 2024

R & R at Free Motion Mavericks

Hello and welcome 😊 The heat is giving us a short reprieve and I'm very grateful for that. I've done very little except a bit of slow stitching. I don't even have the energy to clean up my studio to keep going on the projects that I mentioned last week. When my body and spirit say stop - I've learned to listen!

Kawandi style quilting

Since the last Making Zen event, I've been doing some Kawandi style quilting. You may have seen my first piece which I finished while in Alaska. I've started a second larger piece and am trying to avoid the mistakes from the first. I think that it's going well.

Kawandi Style Quilting - second piece almost done

I just have the centre section to finish. I had other fabrics in mind but changed them since they read more like solids, which didn't really got with the rest. Of course the look changes a lot once it's stitched. 

Kawandi Style Quilting - my stitching tray

This is the tray that I keep my supplies on for stitching outside in the back yard. I've kept this project's supplies on the tray, even for stitching inside. It's great to have everything together. I also have a pouch that contains smaller pieces of fabric that I mostly use for hexies. Most of the fabric for this project came from there.

Mosquito proof swing

It's done and I love it! It has been raining on and off so I've spent some time cleaning up the swing. I going to get a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store to cover the seat so that it can stay dryer. There's not much to do about the humidity but at least it's as clean and dry as it can get right now. 

Swing heaven 😊

The view from the swing

I purchased some cute little solar lights on sale and placed them inside the swing. They only had a few hours of sunlight to charge yesterday but they still worked, at least for a little while. It was very pretty! Unfortunately the camera on my phone doesn't do darkness,

The milk can backed with flowers

What I learned
  • For the Kawandi style quilting, this time I was much more careful about my edges. The bottom fabric is not supposed to show from the top and I did that!
  • Getting the centre part done is still not easy but pins and planning helps.
  • To finish off the Mosquito proofing, I added half of a panel and stitched it by hand to one of the edges. For this half-panel, I stitched it top side up (where you hang the curtain) and then pulled a ribbon through it and attached it to the other side of the opening. I then stitched another ribbon where it can be closed. To get in and out, I only lift up the netting. No need to tie it up every time.
  • I'm enjoying pool siting 😁!
  • I've been reading a bit but mostly listening to audio books. I've discovered Audible's Great Courses lecture series (and many are free with the membership). I'm learning about the Industrial Revolution, and Daily Life in the Ancient World among others. It's the best part about going to school - listening to a good lecturer without the homework! Of course I realise that without taking notes and doing homework that I won't retain a lot, but it's entertaining and I'm actually surprised by how much I retain.
  • I am taking the Practicing Mindfulness course and doing the practice. So far so good. 
  • I'm hoping that my sewing mojo will return, but until then, I'm enjoying the R&R.
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Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 490 of Free Motion Mavericks! Everyone else seems to have had a productive week! Thanks for linking up. Here are the projects from last week that included FMQ, ruler work or walking foot quilting. 

Gretchen is still at it - quilting up her smaller quilts on her domestic machine! These two Ladybug quilts are so cute! The yellow-red ladybug quilt wanted to be quilted with cross-hatching. It worked out really well. You can see the quilting more clearly from the back in the next picture. The second Tulabugs quilt was quilted in an "X" design. You can read how Gretchen did this on her post. 

Front of Gretchen's Ladybug and Tulabugs quilt

The back of the ladybug quilts - check out Gretchen's quilting!

Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts has a new quilt, Shanvi, in Annie's Perfect Precut Quilts. It's it lovely in the Island Batik fabrics? You can see the publication in the picture below. Congrats Preeti!
Preeti's Shanvi quilt in Annie's Perfect Precut Quilts 

Donnalee of DonnaleeQ made this cute runner for a beginner quilting class. I'm sure that the students will be thrilled with their new skills and runners!

Donnalee's cute runner

Gail of Quilting Gail participated in the Luminous Layers QAL with Sandra of mmm quilts. Gail made two quilts! Gail used FMQ as well as her Rocket ruler for the straight lines. Aren't they lovely, and so different from each other!

Gail's Luminous Layers QAL

The second of Gail's Luminous Layers QAL

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Mosquito proofing on Free Motion Mavericks

Hi and welcome! I've been so busy getting ready for our Outdoor Exhibition that I haven't done much else. Although I would love to play in the garden, it's been hot and humid, and now raining. I may as well do a little bit of stitching between reading books.

Mosquito proofing my swing

I bought netting curtains at Ikea and created this cover for my swing. It's one of my favourite places in the garden and has an excellent view of my birdfeeder. This was a first attempt and only needs a few adjustments to be mosquito proof. I'll use another curtain to close up the opening and try it out once it stops raining, 

Mosquito proofing my swing

2024 Table Scraps Challenge

Today I looked up the July colour (aqua) and theme (Butterfly) for the 2024 Table Scraps Challenge. I dug out the blue bin and found many aqua and teal scraps. Between other blue scraps and a block that I didn't use for one of the Project Quilting, I've got a pieced top. Looking at it now, that hourglass block might be used to make a butterfly. What do you think?

Aqua and blue scrappy block

Journal making and Panel wall hanging

The other two projects I have for July are for hubby. He requested a journal like I made a few months ago. Apparently it's difficult to find journals that have no lines in them. He uses a few a year for work, so I'll start with one and see how he likes it.

I'll make a fun journal cover with napkins and gifted Japanese paper

Making a wall hanging from the "Healing Waters" panel

What I learned
  • I really over-did it getting all of my pieces ready for the outdoor show. I am now resting!
  • I've read a few books since I finished my outdoor pieces - that's my favourite way to rest. 
  • I'm taking it easy this week and don't plan on getting much done, except possibly the aqua scrappy challenge piece, since that's pure play 😁
  • Next week I'll be house sitting our friends' pool 😎. I plan on bringing books and hand-stitching projects with me! They have a mosquito proof patio so it's going to be awesome!
  • I published a post on Tuesday about the artists and their pieces in the "Impermanence - Éphémère" Outdoor Exhibition. I hope that you'll take a look at their work.
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Great news! My mosquito proofing was features on Put your foot down. Thanks Denise 😊

Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 489 of Free Motion Mavericks. You don't need to be FMQ to link up! Here are the projects from last week that included FMQ, ruler work or walking foot quilting. 

Gail from Quilting Gail adapted the Sly Fox pattern to make this cute Forest Friends quilt. Doesn't he shine in those Island Batik fabrics? This was made for her guild's Baby Quilt Challenge. Gail did a lot of FMQ and used the Silly Moon “Rocket” for the straight lines and outline quilting. Check out her post to see more details of the FMQ.

Gail's Forest Friends Quilt

Gretchen from Gretchen's Little Corner is still quilting up a storm on her domestic machine. These two beauties, Summer Garden, are going to the local cancer centre. Gretchen quilted-in-the-ditch. I'm sure that they will make someone smile!

Gretchen's Summer Garden quilts

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Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Visit the “Impermanence / Éphémère” Outdoor Exhibit

Hi and welcome! We had our vernissage of the  “Impermanence / Éphémère” Outdoor Exhibition at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill last Friday afternoon. The weather cooperated, the mosquitos had a good snack, the company was lovely and the art was very cool 😎! If you live in the area, it's worth going out for a ride to visit. 

“Impermanence / Éphémère” Outdoor Exhibit

Seeing textile art among the trees is pretty amazing. It was like going on a treasure hunt. Instead of "X" marking the spot, there were little signs around each art piece. I'm just going to give you a little taste of what's out there. I wouldn't want to spoil your fun if you get to visit!

Anne Warburton's "Birches" is made with pool noodles, sari silk, ribbon, acrylic paint, birch bard, player piano paper, Tyvek, organza and glue.

Birches by Anne Warburton

Olive Jones' "Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Us" is a mix media piece that includes felting, beads and found objects, on a metal garden stand and blue stoneware pot filled with soil.

Olive Jones' Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Us

Here are close-ups of her work.
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Us
by Olive Jones

Details of 
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Us

Lise Perras' "Dream Catcher Mobile" is made of welded metal, recycled t-shirt, beads, feathers, porcupine quills
"Dream Catcher Mobile" by Lise Perras

Lise Perras and "Dream Catcher Mobile"

Janet Tullock's "The Cosmic Chase: Orion Aims for the Seven Sisters" is made on a nylon sailcloth with spray paint, grommets and strip lighting.

"The Cosmic Chase: Orion Aims for the Seven Sisters" by Janet Tullock

Krystyna Sadej's "Wind Chines, a sculptured installation" made of a hula hoop, metal and aluminum cans, beads and can keys

"Wind Chines, a sculptured installation"
by Krystyna Sadej

Krystyna Sadej

Caroline Forcier Holloway's Hopeful for the Planet includes mixed media weaving made of jute, tea-dyed cheesecloth, and found branches, set inside an antique window frame.

Caroline Forcier Holloway

by Caroline Forcier Holloway

Andrée G. Faubert's (me) three seasonal fence art pieces: "Raining Pink Petals", "Squirrel!" and "Essence of Leaves". These all have a water-resistant background fabric with hand-dyed cotton, commercial cotton and upholstery scraps, tule, and half-shells of nuts.
"Essence of Leaves" features Connie ten Bruggenkate's hand-dyed and printed cotton.

Viewing the art at the vernissage with Lise Perras, Olive Jones, and Andrea Belcham, Artistic Director of the Arbor Gallery.

Lise, Olive and Andrea at the Impermanence vernissage

Impermanence - Éphémère Outdoor Exhibit

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Thursday, July 04, 2024

Outdoor Fibre Art Exhibit “Impermanence / Éphémère”

Hi and welcome! It's been hot and sunny here - perfect for installing our Outdoor Fibre Art Exhibit “Impermanence / Éphémère”. Let's hope that our pieces are not too impermanent and able to withstand the summer weather and wildlife 😊.

“Impermanence / Éphémère”

The vernissage for the exhibit is Friday (tomorrow, July 5th) at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill, east of Ottawa. I'll be sharing photos of the vernissage and other participants' art work in the next post. 

I finished all of my tasks (see last post) on Monday July 1st , around 6 p.m. and went to Vankleek Hill the next day to install the work. I had some great help from Garnet and it only took a little over an hour. 

The four Prayer Flags and me

Here is "In The Sky, an Outdoor Hanging Sculpture". I'm hoping to have a second part to it - maybe next year!

"In The Sky, an Outdoor Hanging Sculpture"

The three seasonal garden fence art pieces look great against the white of the back rustic door. We have "Raining Pink Petals" at the top (Spring), "Squirrel!" (Summer) in the middle and then "Essence of Leaves" (Fall) at the bottom. 

Three seasonal garden fence art 

This is what the art pieces look like at the back of the building.

Back of the Arbor Gallery

Here are close-up photos of each garden fence art pieces.

"Raining Pink Petals"


"Essence of Leaves" 

I've created a separate page for my work at the Arbour Gallery. On the back of my business card, I'll have the QR code linking to that page. 

“Impermanence / Éphémère” poster

What I learned
  • I'm so happy that I created that to-do list and included them on my last two posts. It really helped keep me on track. 
  • I did forget to add - Stitch nut shells to the "Squirrel!" piece. I almost forgot but as I was looking at my finished pieces, it came to me....thank goodness. I added a half shell by the squirrel. I had to enlarge a tiny hole on one side to stitch it down but it looks good! 😊
  • The "Squirrel!" piece was my last one and it only took a couple of days. It's a good thing that I had the little squirrel hoop piece to guide me (see previous post).
  • I'm not sure if I was tired and therefor more whimsical (less serious) but I ended up appliquéing all kinds of fun details to "Squirrel!" There is a bunny (of course), lots of butterflies and colourful birds.
  • I was so relieved after hanging the pieces that I spent all of the next day reading and trying to fill up an almost empty fridge!)I should have been writing this post - but I needed the time off!
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing if and how the pieces will change during the summer. At home I haven't had any critters play or try to eat my pieces. I guess we'll see how well behaved these guys are!
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Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 488 of Free Motion Mavericks! We've had quite the party going on last week! Thanks so much for linking up your projects. 😍 Here are the projects from last week that included FMQ, ruler work or walking foot quilting. 

Quilting Gail went to Quilt Canada in Edmonton last week. If you haven't seen her video, I suggest that you take a look. Wow - what amazing quilts! Thanks so much for sharing! 

Here is a quilt that Gail finished in June as part of the Prism Blog Hop.

Prisms by Gail

Gail quilted this one using the Silly Moon Charming & Rocket quilting rulers. 

Details of the quilting on Prisms by Gail

Gretchen of Gretchen's Little Corner makes lovely quilts but doesn't like to quilt them. However, she's quilting her smaller quilts this summer and hoping that she'll get in the grove to quilt a larger one. Good luck Gretchen!

These are Christmas placemats that she finished in January, ready for next Christmas. 

Gretchen's Christmas placemats

Here's my favourite placemat, made from extra hexies from a Tula Pink project. I just love that fabric...and of course the hexies!

Gretchen's hexie placemat

Last week Frédérique of Quilting Patchwork Appliqué finished her 2023 SAHRR baby quilt. It is so colourful and cute! A Perfect baby quilt.

Frédérique's finished 2023 SAHRR baby quilt.

Details of Frédérique's quilting

Denise also participated in the Prisms Blog Hop with her latest quilt, Tiptoe Through The Pines. What gorgeous fabric and colours!

Denise's Tiptoe Through The Pines.

Denise quilted diagonal lines throughout the center with feathers on the inside border.

Denise FMQ Tiptoe Through The Pines.

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Prayer Flags on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome! I hope that you're having a great week 🌞 The weather has been all over the place but I've enjoyed stitching in my backyard as much as possible. Let's get on with the fun stuff 😎

Prayer Flag production

Last week I showed you the "Thanks" Prayer Flag (see Related links below). Here are the rest - in various states of completion.

"Joie" Prayer Flag - completed and hanging outside in my backyard

I took this picture earlier in the day yesterday and left it outside. It's rained in the evening but since it's going to be outside for the rest of the summer, I guess it got it's first dunking.

"Paix" (Peace) Prayer Flag - ready to be dyed

The "Paix" (Peace) Prayer Flag was bundled up with a big iron nail that came from the land around Arbor Gallery, as well as other small rusty pieces. 

"Paix" (Peace) Prayer Flag - bundled up for dying

This time I used 4 black tea bags and found a taller glass container to let it sit. It was outside in partial sun for the last two days. This morning I removed the bundle and squeezed some of the liquid. It's now drying in the back yard. Since it's now rather cool, it could take a couple of days. I'll bring it in if there's any rain!

"Paix" (Peace) Prayer Flag - in the
very strong black tea solution

"Paix" (Peace) Prayer Flag bundle drying outside this morning

Did you notice that wonderful antique metal milk can in the background? My artist friend Lyne painted it for me. I just absolutely love it! I've been wanting to take picture to post for a while but need to get the background plants looking their best....yeah, one day! This is the Spring side. I'll show you the other side later this summer 😍. Thanks Lyne!!!

Here is my last Prayer Flag  "Health". It's for Health of body, mind and soul.

The "Health" Prayer Flag just needs embellishment and a tea bath

To Do List

Sorry for repeating myself but here's what's left to do! 😊 I will be installing the work on July 3rd July 2nd (in 2 weeks less than 1 week) and I still have lots of work left to do. 
  • "Raining Pink Petals"
    • Stitch the bunny and butterflies in place
    • Prepare the dowel for hanging
    • Create a label
  • "Essence of Leaves"
    • Finish FMQ the background ✔
    • Fix the hanging sleeve ✔ and prepare the dowel for hanging
    • Create a label
  • Create one more fence art piece called "Squirrel!" 
  • "Thanks" Prayer Flag and Create 3 or 4 more Prayer Flags ✔
    • Finish embroidering and embellishing "Health" 
    • Dry and clean up the rust from "Paix" (Peace)
    • Dye and dry "Health"
    • Prepare for hanging once they are all done
    • Create a label for the series
  • Outdoor hanging sculpture
    • Make another fluffy blue cloud
    • Make one or more birds

What I learned
  • I've been putting quite a few hours slow stitching the Prayer Flags. I've worked it in a series so that they all have roughly the same size and feature some of the same fabric and embellishment.
  • I'm finding it hard to make the "Health" Prayer Flag different. I've just been inspired... I'm going to add empty tea bags to the piece and depict body, mind and soul. I just thought of this while I was preparing the post. 😁
  • I've figured out how to make the other fluffy blue cloud more efficiently. We'll see where that takes me.
  • I finished the FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) on the Essence of Leaves garden fence piece. I love it and will soon take an outdoor picture to share.
  • I've prepared all of the written information that was required for the exhibition and had to make a few decisions. So, my garden fence pieces now have a theme - they are Seasonal. 
  • "Raining Pink Petals" represents Spring, "Essence of Leaves" is Fall while "Squirrel!" will be Summer.
  • I'm basing my "Squirrel!" garden fence piece on the hoop that I made during a workshop with Bethany Duffy through Stitch Club (August 2022). You will probably recognize it!
  • I taught the journal making playdate on Monday for Out of the Box (OOTB). It was a hot, busy but fun time! I'm looking forward to sharing pictures if the participants send me pictures.
My inspiration for a second Squirrel! piece 😊

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Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to Week 487 of Free Motion Mavericks. Thank you for linking up! Here are the projects from last week that included FMQ, ruler work or walking foot quilting. 

Kat of Scrap Box Quilts finished another baby quilt, this one based on a panel. It's so cute 😊. She FMQ around the quilt and the shapes.

Kat made up this cute baby panel quilt

Sally of Painted Thread participated in the 2 Colours Mystery Quilt Challenge with Joanne the Canuck Quilter. She adapted the quilt to make a headboard for her mother's bed. What a job! She stitched around the stars and straight-lines along the stripes to quilt it, then made a headboard and attached it! If you want more details, check out Sally's post!

Sally's 2 Colours Mystery Quilt 

Here is the finished headboard on the bed!

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