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Project Quilting 15.2 - Sky Colour, Challenge 2

Hi and welcome to my second challenge of Project Quilting (PQ), Season 15. The theme this week is sky colour - "take inspiration from the colours of the sky, but exclude or use less than 10% of the usual blue" (cerulean). Thanks Trish for this great prompt and Kim for hosting! 

A landscape and sky for my agenda cover

For the last few years, one of the first projects that I've made in January is a new agenda cover. They've had many interesting, colourful fabrics that are usually hand-dyed. This year I combined my agenda cover with the PQ Sky Colour challenge.

Front of the agenda cover - landscape with the setting sun

Agenda cover - back

This is the second agenda cover that I've made this week. My niece was in town from Copenhagen and I made her one. I'll be posting about that one on Free Motion Mavericks next week.

I started by creating my landscape over a piece of thin cotton/polyester fabric as a base. I went to my scrap box of batiks and picked out anything that might look good. It didn't take me long to figure out what I wanted and then pin everything down.

Thread used to FMQ the landscape

I let the landscape sit overnight and in the morning, I made minor changes to some of the areas, especially the setting sun. I put a batting under the piece and started free motion quilting (FMQ). Nothing fancy, just following the landscape to give it texture and to stabilize it. I didn't use any fusible webbing and I did get a couple of minor puckers, but nothing serious 😊

A closer look at the finished FMQ piece

Time to trim the landscape and make an agenda cover

Once it was all FMQ and the pictures above were taken, I started putting the agenda cover together. Because I had just made one for my niece, I didn't even look at the instructions and just went for it. I'm thrilled to say that I only made one minor mistake which was easily fixed.

I used a fun and colourful batik to make the side panels, and a dark blue ocean fabric to make the backing. I also remembered to affix my small fabric name tag to the front.

The side panels of the agenda cover

Here is what the landscape looks like. The purple at the top looks more like navy blue, but it really is dark purple. 

Agenda cover made with a landscape and
wonderful sky colours

What I learned
  • I did add a thin strip of cerulean blue (I love that word and I'm working on learning to spell it!) at the beginning of the sky. I wanted a clear separation between the sky from the landscape. I'm quite sure that this is less than 10%.
  • I love colourful skies and I'm quite happy with my sunset. 
  • It was fun to work with batik fabrics - it had been a while.
  • The FMQ went well and when the fabric moved and created an open space I just added more fabric on top! That's why I love art quilts - they are so flexible!
  • I also didn't like one of the areas of the sky that I had FMQ - so I did the same thing and added a strip of fabric to cover it up 😊
  • I made this agenda cover slightly larger than it should have been. This worked out perfectly since it's quite thick. This avoided the problem that I had making my niece's agenda cover.
  • As usual, I managed to forget about Project Quilting until Wednesday, when I read Sandra's post that she added to my linking party. Who needs a week when a couple of days will do? I now have a reminder on my phone for the Sunday that the next PQ challenge starts...and not just when it's due.
  • Are you wondering why I actually have an agenda? So am I...but I do love to write notes about the smaller projects that I'm working on, instead of in a sketchbook that I may or may not find....yes, I admit it - I have a huge information management problem. 😁
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Project details

Agenda cover - made for the Project Quilting 15.2 Sky Colour
Size: 8" x 9½"
Materials: base commercial fabric, batik fabric, thread, batting
Techniques: Free Motion Quilting (FMQ)



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Janine. It'll be nice to see all year as I use my agenda :-)

  2. Love, love, LOVE this project, Andree!! I've got a planner cover in progress... Somewhere around here. Technically, it's a UFO at this point and I'm not sure where it ended up after the move.

    1. Thanks Joyful :-) I hope that you find your planner cover before the end of the plan or the year!

  3. Such a cool project! Love the flow of the colors in your setting sun agenda cover. Beautifully done!

    1. Thank you very much Kate. Maybe it will actually help me use it? :-)

  4. Alors là, bravo ! Non seulement ton projet est magnifique mais en plus il a été fait en un temps record ! Moi aussi j'aime beaucoup ton ciel ;)
    Merci pour le partage!

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique. J'espère que j'utiliserai l'agenda pour me garder organiser... :-)

  5. I love your journal cover! It is beautiful...and the cerulean sky is perfect delineation.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I did want to make sure that it was obvious that it was a sky.

  6. Beautiful and so creative! Thank you for sharing in Put your foot down.

  7. This is wonderful! I love both sides, plus the batik inside. I always think that I will use my planner (which, of course, I have purchased) but I don't get much put into them. Maybe if I sew a pretty cover, I will use it more. That's an idea.

    1. Thanks Danette, I have the same problem but I find that writing up my blog and Instagram titles in my planner helps keep it relevant. I'm also marking the relevant linking party dates - it's just the habit of looking at it that needs to happen :-)

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spreading awareness!


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