Wednesday, October 28, 2020

FMQ using an abstract template on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to another Free Motion Mavericks linking party (Week 304). Last week I learned how to create an abstract piece using paper and then adding free motion quilting (FMQ). 

Creating an abstract template

As you may know, I've been fully immersed in's Stitch Club 2020. We've had some amazing teachers and workshops. Last week's teacher was Sabine Kaner. To help us create an abstract piece, she had us crumple up a piece of paper and then draw the lines that the crumpling had made to create an abstract piece. 

FMQ with variegated thread in each of the sections

I made two pieces, but in this post I'll tell you about my second project. For this piece, I used a brown paper bag which is a rigid paper that created larger sections when it was crumpled.

Creating the abstract template
using a brown paper bag

After making the template with the paper bag, I used a marker to enhance the lines and then transferred the pattern to some white fabric using a light box. 

I had an idea and tried to applique fabric in the sections but it was a mess, so I ripped it all out (I almost never do that but the alternative was putting it in the garbage - which I did but I took it out the next day!)

I just wanted to make something interesting but easy. My first piece was a lot of work and I didn't want to spend all that time making a second piece. Since I still had the FMQ or darning foot on the machine, I thought that I would at least sew around the lines. I attached a sheet of Ricky Tim's Stable Stuff Poly on the back and then started FMQ.

Close-up of the stitching

As I was looking for different threads to use, I realised that I had quite a few variegated threads that I hadn't used yet and didn't really know what they looked like when stitched. So, I decided to use these threads to stitch each section, while also practicing different FMQ designs.

Another close-up of the stitching
As I was changing threads, I kept track of each thread I used in each section.

List of threads used
in each section
FMQ Journal

Template, list and practice piece
attached in my FMQ Journal

A great FMQ resource
What I learned
  • After having made my first project, I had little patience for that second project, even if I had loved making the first one.
  • I'm glad that I literally took the project out of the garbage to remove the applique and continue in a different way.
  • It's a very useful guide of both the variegated threads that I have as well as some FMQ designs.
  • I found one thread that I hadn't used before that is absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to using it again!
  • This project used only one aspect of Sabine Kaner's technique. My first piece, that I will post later this week is a little more in line with her work. Here's a sneak peek! Come back on the weekend to check it out 😊
My first project,
Translucent Meanderings
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This piece was a bit of a squirrel since I don't usually make 2 projects from one workshop. I'm linking up to DrEAMi! with Sandra at mmmQuilts.

Free Motion Mavericks

What a great turn out we had last time. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your lovely projects. This week I thought that I would feature A Bloom Finish by Leanne at Devoted Quilter. Leanne started quilting it one way and when she wasn't happy, very resourcefully changed tactics. She also had to do some troubleshooting when she couldn't see her thread as she was stippling the background. She ended up quilting the background from the back, since she could see the bright thread on her white backing. If you didn't see it, take a look at A Bloom Finish. Way to go Leanne!

A Bloom Finish by Leanne at Devoted Quilter

Now it's your turn!

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Playing with sheer fabrics

Have I told you how much I love playing with textiles lately? It would seem that I'm smitten! As you may know, I've been taking part in the's Stitch Club 2020 since it first started this spring. It has brought stitchers together with amazing workshops by guest textile artists.'s Stitch Club 2020

Flower Impressions - pink campion 

The platform has really evolved since its creation - from having 3 workshops in a row with one week off, to now having workshops that last 2 weeks each.  At the beginning of the week, there is a first video by the guest teacher, with a beautiful workbook and an inspiration book of the artist's other work. At the end of the first week, the artist records her answers to questions that are asked by the students. This is always wonderfully rich with information. Then at the beginning of week 2, there is a short video on how to take the techniques further, and then more Q&A at the end of the second week. During the two weeks, the teacher is there to guide the student and give feedback. A lot of students post their work and it's always wonderful to see all of the different takes on the same exercise.

It's been such an amazing learning experience. I've done many of the workshops and have learned so much from them all. Some techniques I loved while others I may eventually use. There is always something to learn - and we can access those videos later if we wish to go back to complete some of the workshops that we've skipped.

Last week's workshop was with Vinny Stapley. I had read an article about her work on the site and fell in love with her work. I was thinking that it would be so lovely to be able to have her as a teacher....well it turns out that she was our teacher for the next two weeks. Her work is mostly on very light, sheer fabrics. I think that it's all very stunning (her website is in Related links below).

Pink Campion flowers
Pink Campion
Here are the pictures of the flowers that inspired my project. These are pink campions. They are self-seeding and used to move around the garden but for the last few years they always come back to the same spot.

Here is the process for creating this sheer piece.

Elements pinned in place

I created a background starting with a sheer but relatively firm piece of fabric. On top of that, I added one narrow strip of very colourful sheer fabric with a few more pieces of more solid sheers next to it.

I then made a template of the pink campion flower and cut three from different sheer fabrics. One was the colourful sheer and the others were grey and blue.

After deciding on the layout, I pinned them down and began to stitch them. I used my hand-dyed gray perle cotton for the gray flower, and then green and blue floss for the other two flowers.

Stitching the leaves and stems

Close-up of the different flowers

You can see the stitching here. The stem of the colourful flower was accidentally cut but was eventually stitched back. Once the leaves and the stems were stitched down, it was time to add the flowers. For this, I used my pink hand-dyed perle cotton - it was just perfect for it!

Slowly the flowers and buds came to life. Each flower was stitched differently so that I could try out different techniques.

Adding the flowers and the buds

The colours look quite different depending on where the pictures were taken. My neighbour's siding probably gives the best background but they did look good overlooking the garden.

Hanging from a side window overlooking
the neighbour's siding

Hanging from the dining room window,
looking out into the back garden

In the first image at the top as well as in this one, the wall hanging is on my studio wall. The window was open and it was lightly blowing in the breeze.

Blowing slightly in the breeze from the window

What I learned

  • Since I love the look of the sheers, I'm thrilled to say that I really liked working with them. I have machine sewn sheers and didn't particularly like that but this is different - nothing needs to be straight. It's stitched however I want to.😊
  • The work that Vinney Stapley does is not stitched down as much - it just didn't feel finished without the stitching. That must be the quilter in me. Less stitching would have made it slightly more free but I don't think that the stitching takes away from the light, breezy look of the piece.
  • I would love to hang it in a window but all of my windows get too much sun - I wouldn't want it bleached by the sun. With the window opened in my studio, the piece was slightly blowing in the wind. It was lovely!
  • I've now started the next workshop by Sabine Kaner. Since I really wanted to continue working with sheers, my first piece in this workshop uses sheers again - and I absolutely love it. It should be ready next week. I want to make two pieces for this workshop - the second one will be with traditional quilting cottons and other heavier textiles. I can't wait to see the difference.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

FMQ a simple star on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 302 of Free Motion Mavericks. It was a wonderful 300th celebration and I want to thank everyone who came by, left comments and of course posted their favourite Free Motion Quilted (FMQ) projects.

Simple FMQ Star

This is probably the simplest star to quilt although when it's simple there is also the expectation of accuracy...which is expected of other quilters and sometimes achieved be me 😊. 

Simple intersecting lines within the star
and outside echoing 
Here is the original pattern which is a combination of one of the AQS blog - 25 Ohio Star Quilting Designs (see link below) and my own design.
The design idea for this star

I used my walking foot to quilt this star. Since these were all straight lines, I wanted to practice using the walking foot. I will blame some of my accuracy problems on my walking foot, since it doesn't have very good measuring capabilities. There are only a couple of obvious points to follow and anything else is not very accurate.

The design does look great on the back of the quilt.
A lovely, crisp design at the back of the quilt
What I learned
  • I've really come to appreciate my walking foot, but I think that I'm going to have to invest in another foot that has better measuring capabilities. I need all the help I can get.
  • I FMQ this star on the same evening that I quilted the Sparkling Star, about a month ago. I am so, so glad that I had a star ready for this post. I hope that I can do this again 😊
  • I did practice drawing my next star, the Swirl Hook by Angela Walters. With this practice, I should have my own spin on another lovely star in a fortnight. I've included the link to Angela's video, in case anyone is curious.
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Free Motion Mavericks

Thank you for taking part in our wonderful 300th linking party. It was so nice to see everyone's posts. Wow, there was a record 24 link-ups, how wonderful!!! So how am I supposed to highlight all of these delights? Well, for those of you who linked up 3 posts, I will be featuring my favourite one today. 

From Denise at For The Love of Geese, here is my favourite because you know how much I love hexies - and such a different way of presenting them.

Hexie flowers by Denise at
For The Love of Geese
In December 2012, Rebecca Grace FMQ an amazing FMQ Border Challenge. I chose this quilt because I think that it would make the most amazing border for an art quilt.
FMQ Border Challenge by Rebecca Grace
I saw the progress that Frédérique of Quilting Patchwork Appliqué made on her Australis quilt, but I managed to miss the finale. How terrific it is!
Australis quilt by Frédérique of
Quilting Patchwork Appliqué
It's now time for Dione's lovely prize-winning piece, Crazed Diamonds. Dione of Clever Chameleon Quilting made this for the Island Batik's Vintage Reimagined Challenge. I couldn't resist using a close-up of her FMQ.
Crazed Diamonds by Dione
Clever Chameleon Quilting
Next we have Vasudha of Storied Quilts with her Winding River quilt made for an Island Batik Blog Hop. It's pretty amazing what she can do with the good old log cabin block.  
 Winding River quilt by Vasudha of Storied Quilts
Finally, there is my partner for this great linking party adventure. Muv of Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing, made two of these tea cozies, one for herself and the other for Bonnie Hunter who was teaching in Bath. I think that this is a great finale for our 300th post tea party.
Tea cozy for Bonnie by Muv of 
Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Wasn't that amazing? Well, we may have set a record at the party but I sure hope that you will all keep posting - no pressure 😊. So it's now your turn.

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Friday, October 09, 2020

FMQ moose panel finished

Hi! I want to share this UFO finish before it goes to its new home!

FMQ a lovely moose panel

I started Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) the moose panel for my brother's cottage in July of last year. 

FMQ Moose panel ready for its new home

What a difference FMQ adds to the panel. Here is the image of the panel when it was barely quilted. I admit that the lighting isn't as good, but you can see that the fabric is very flat. Now that it's quilted, there is so much more texture.

Moose panel with a bit of FMQ

I had fun taking pictures on our fence - the perfect background next to the burning bush. The only way it could have been better was if I had taken these pictures at my brother's cottage!

Moose posing next to the burning bush

A close-up of the woodgrain FMQ

What I learned

  • As I mentioned in the What I learned from my last post of this project, this panel was very forgiving. It would have been difficult to mess it up.
  • When I left the project in July, I really didn't know how I was going to FMQ the water and sky, or how I was going to finish it.
  • It seems that I had the foresight to put some wooden panel fabric away with this project so that I didn't have to dig around for it when I decided to finish this project. I'm sure I did this because I only had a little bit of the fabric left and didn't want to take the chance to use it all up before finishing this project. Good thinking 😊 (As my son would say, my present self is very proud of my past self!)
  • I still didn't know what to do with the sky, so, as usual, I just jumped in and swirls it was! If I had paid attention, the swirls would have all gone in the same direction but we can blame it on the wind patterns at different altitudes!
  • I am also very happy with the woodgrain FMQ that I did in the white section of the frame. I followed Lori Kennedy's tutorial.

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I'm also linking this post to Sarah Goer's Show Me Something That's a Gift

Project details

FMQ Moose panel
19¾" x 22¾"
Materials: commercial panel and lots of thread!
Techniques: free motion quilting

Thursday, October 01, 2020

300 Posts Party at Free Motion Mavericks

Happy 300th to Free Motion Mavericks! 

What a special anniversary to be celebrating. Muv from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing started Free 
300th Linking up Party
Motion Mavericks on Thursday, 5 June 2014, to fill the void after Leah Day stopped hosting her Free Motion Friday. I had a wonderful trip down memory lane going through all of the posts to get to the first, original Free Motion Mavericks post. 

I discovered the Free Motion Mavericks linking party in March of 2015, at Muv's 36th post. I was free motion quilting (FMQ) a wholecloth quilt based on one of Cindy Needham's courses on Craftsy (which I highly recommend - all links are in Related links below). I was thrilled that there was a place to link up and to see other quilter's FMQ. 

My first FMQ link-up to Free Motion Mavericks!

Original button

I've been linking up all of my FMQ with Muv since then, and when it got quiet and Muv opened it up to other projects, I was linking up even more. I know that it's difficult to host a specialty linking party because it's easy for bloggers to forget to link up their posts. 😊 

I started co-hosting Free Motion Mavericks in January 2019, at week 212. I was really excited to co-host since I had hosted a couple of specialty linking parties (Celebrate - Fêtons 150 and Learning Quilt-A-Long (QAL)) but I just didn't have the time or energy to host a linking party every week. In December 2018, Muv asked me to co-host - I was thrilled and the rest is history!

I had a great time making these new buttons. You can see Muv's free motion quilted rudbeckia in the background. I learned to FMQ rudbeckia through her videos. 

In this special party post, we are asking you to link up to 3 of your favourite FMQ projects. I can't wait to see them all. I'm going to show you a couple of mine and then it will be your turn!

Lone Tree 2 art quilt
This small art quilt was FMQ within an inch of its life - but I love it. It's still one of my favourites.

Batik lap quilt - Chevy is always up for a picture!
Of all of the FMQ that I've done, why did I pick this one? Well it's because of the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower that I quilted into the quilt. 😊 

Notre-Dame Cathedral FMQ

Eiffel Tower FMQ

What I learned
  • Hosting a linking party is a lot of work. I'm so grateful that I am co-hosting with Muv. She's a great partner, a good friend and a great free motion quilter. 
  • I've learned to organise my posts around Free Motion Mavericks. I haven't always been successful, especially this spring when I was doing very little FMQ. Fall is here and I have started doing more FMQ. 
  • I love learning and having ongoing projects to write posts about every two weeks has helped keep me on track. Last year FMQ Garden & Pond kept me going roughly from March to September. This year I've been working on the Pinwheels and Stars Baby Quilt since May. 
  • I've also learned that the best way to promote the Free Motion Mavericks linking party is to link up to as many quilting linking parties as possible to get the word out, as well as asking quilters who FMQ to link up to Free Motion Mavericks. This is not easy for me to do since I don't like bothering people - but quilters are very generous and have been great in supporting this linking party.
  • To all quilters who have linked up or followed the Free Motion Mavericks in the last 6 years and to Muv, the founder of Free Motion Mavericks - THANK YOU!!!! 
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Free Motion Mavericks 

Wow! 300 parties since 2014! That is definitely something to celebrate. We had a record number of link ups since I've started co-hosting. Thank you so much!

I thought that you might want to see this lovely baby quilt by CHRISKNITSSEWS

A lovely baby quilt from CHRISKNITSSEWS

Now for the trans-Atlantic linking party! This week, both Muv and I are hosting a linking party. 

Here at Quilting & Learning - What a Combo, you can link up to three (3) Free Motion Quilting posts you want, either recent or past.

Muv of Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing will dig out some of her favourite posts from her archives (she's an amazing cook and a fabulous knitter!). You can link up to three posts on absolutely any subject, quilting related or not! 

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