Thursday, October 12, 2023

A Journal and More Notepad Cases

Welcome to week 451 of Free Motion Mavericks. There hasn't been any FMQ here but I have been busy making journals, refillable notepad cases and cards. 

Fabric journal with long and link stitches

My brother and sister-in-law are here from Denmark and I made them some birthday gifts. For my brother's 60th birthday party, I made him a plaid fabric journal. Here it is!

Fabric journal with long and link stitches

I'm so happy when I can add fabric to a journal.😊

At my local quilt shop, I found this perfect plaid fat quarter for the journal covers. The cover fabric is cut and a layer of Heat & Bond iron-on adhesive is added to the back. From there, I ironed-on a sheet of thin paper, in this case grid paper, to the other side of the adhesive. This allows me to glue the fabric to the book board without the glue going through the fabric. 

Fabric cover with iron-on adhesive and grid paper

Once the cover was made, I then stitched the cover to the first signature pages. Then each signature (package of pages) is stitched to the next, until it's time to stitch everything to the back cover. It's a long enough process and it's important to keep the tension even. The stitches include: 
  • beginning with a row of kettle stitches that keeps everything together, 
  • then a row of link stitches, 
  • the long stitches,
  • a row of link stitches,
  • one more row of long stitches,
  • and finally the last row of kettle stitches. 

Rows of kettle stitches, link stitches and long stitches

This is the inside of the journal. I added a little sticky to indicate the front of the journal.

The inside of the journal

More Refillable Notepad Cases

Since my niece's and sister-in-law's birthdays are also coming up, I decided to make them each a notepad case. I also made one for my brother since that's probably more useful than a journal 😁 Here is the production line. I cut out all of the paper and paper fabric needed for the three cases. I kept all of the measurements and notes in my own journal at the right. This time, I also learned from my past experience and added my labels by sewing machine before putting everything together!
Paper and paper fabric ready for the making of the cases

Refillable notepad case with pen

The inside
This is my niece's notepad case. It only had one refillable notepad but came with a pen. I added a pen holder to the case. Isn't it sweet?

This case is for my sister-in-law. It included two pads. Since the theme of the paper is cocktails, I found a fun bubbly paper for the inside. 

Another refillable notepad case

A bubbly inside!

The third notepad case is for my brother. I used different paper for the front and back. I also used these papers for the insides of the case.

Third notepad case

Front of the case


A different paper for the back 

What I learned
  • I always love adding fabric to a journal. In this case, I didn't pre-wash my fat quarter, but I will wash the left over fabric so that everything that I quilt with is pre-washed.
  • It was interesting working with so many different stitches on the journal. Ali Manning's instructions were excellent so that it wasn't as difficult as it could have been.
  • The next time though, I will watch the tension of my long stitches more carefully.
  • Using a production line style for making the refillable notepad cases worked out very well.
  • I'm glad that I remembered to stitch my labels by machine, before gluing them onto the case. They are attached to the sleeve, so are not visible unless you take the notepad out of its case.
  • For these cases, I solved my gluing problems by using a heavier card stock on the inside. No wrinkles there. However Frédérique had an excellent idea to sketch over the paper or to glue flowers or other designs to hide the wrinkles. Thanks!
  • You may be wondering what's happened to the quilting of the t-shirt quilt. My nephew, who is going to Denmark for Christmas, has agreed to bring it with him. Otherwise I only had one week to quilt it - which was not going to happen! I'm re-defining my October OMG to have the quilt sandwiched by the end of the month.
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  1. These are wonderful! Your relations must be delighted :)

    1. Thanks Janine, I think that they liked them. I'm looking forward to my niece getting hers on her birthday. :-) I'll be making for later for Christmas presents (to those who didn't get them yet!

  2. I love when a gift is that thoughtful and personal, while also fun to make!

    1. Hi Staci, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for leaving a comment - I visited your website and gladly went down the rabbit hole :-)

  3. What a fabulous collection of gifts. Easy to slip into the suitcase for the journey home, too.

    1. Thanks Gwyned. Being able to take them home without taking too much space was also a consideration.

  4. You are so creative! What wonderful gifts, Enjoy their visit

    1. Thanks Alycia, we really did enjoy their visit. Hopefully it'll be our turn to visit in the next year.

  5. Very pretty and useful gifts! Good luck with the t-shirt quilt, those are a ton of work.

    1. Thanks Kate, yes, a ton of work! The quilt top is done. Now I have to psyche myself up to make the quilt sandwich!

  6. Oh bravo !! J'adore le journal recouvert de tissu, c'est un très beau cadeau pour ton frère. Les carnets sont adorables, le petit plus du stylo accroché sur le côté est une super idée !
    Merci pour le partage ;)

    1. Merci Frédérique. J'ai bien aimé faire le journal recouvert de tissu. Je vais sûrement en faire d'autres. Les carnets ont été biens reçus. Bonne fin de semaine!

  7. You are the journal queen. I don't think I would have the patience for the hand sewing. Thank you for always linking up, I missed yours again.

    1. Thanks Denise, I just love making the journals - they are a relatively easy way to procrastinate! The stitching on this journal was a little more complicated than usual but I love the way that it turned out!


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