Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Learning to make a fabric basket

I took some time to play this week. Since I've signed up to Bluprint (Craftsy) for the next year, I thought that I should actually make something. So here is my experience making a basket from Christina Cameli's Free-Motion Quilted Gifts course.

My first FMQ fabric basket
This is what Christina's basket looks like. Isn't it gorgeous?

Christina Cameli's Free-Motion Quilted basket
As you can see, my basket is shorter and not as firm. I learned a lot though and had fun making it 😊

My finished basket
Free Motion Quilting the fabric
I made a sandwich with batting (more on this later), marked some lines for a grid, FMQ the triangles and then quilted inside alternate triangles. I really like the look of the quilted fabric.

Here's a close-up of the free motion quilted fabric for the basket.
Quilted fabric
The bottom of the basket

Making handles

I made my own handles using an old lanyard since I didn't have any pretty webbing. I cut the lanyard the same length that the web would have been. I then cut the fabric 2 inches wide and slightly longer than the lanyard (I'd rather trim it than not have enough). I pressed both long sides of the fabric ¼", placed the lanyard inside one of the pressed sides and then covered the rest of the lanyard. I sewed the fabric over the lanyard and then trimmed both handles. It really worked out well.
Making matching handles using an old lanyard.
What I learned
  • If you want a stiff basket, you need to use stiff batting!!!!! That really should have been obvious and I did think about it but I'm lazy and the silk batting was right there, waiting to be used. 
  • It quilted up beautifully.😊
  • I'm very happy with the handles - re-purposing lanyards is a great way to make the handles. It's not like the contents in the basket will weigh that much!
  • I wrote most of this last post last night, and it only came to me this morning that I hadn't followed the instructions properly. I'm quite sure that I didn't fold the quilted fabric properly, and therefore my basket is shorter and wider than Christina's.
  • Now that I've made this first basket, I think that I would like to make a couple more as Christmas gifts. I'm going to have to experiment with batting though and figure out if I want the basket higher, as it was intended.
  • I've taken a couple of FMQ courses with Christina Cameli on Craftsy. I really enjoy her courses, including this one.
My basket is full of beautiful Japanese and New Zealand
fabrics from Kallisti Quilts of Waterloo Ontario
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Project details

FMQ fabric basket
Pattern and instructions by Christina Cameli
8½: x 6" x 4¼"
Techniques: FMQ, sewing
Material: lanyard, cotton


  1. I think it turned out great - and maybe you really just watned that size - ha ha!! Will you make more?

  2. What batting does she say to use? I've made baskets and totes using Annie's Soft & Stable. It stands up really well, and I enjoy quilting it. It is a stabilizer as opposed to batting, though, so it might affect the size?

  3. Love the basket. I've been wanting to try to make short baskets with all the quilt blocks that I have from samplers, but haven't gotten around to that yet.

  4. I bought that class too and I’ve taken at least one other of hers and I have a few of her books! I’m a fan. Your basket turned out great even if it doesn’t look exactly like hers. What a great way to use old lanyards. I have wanted to make one of those baskets for a year now so this is a good inspiration. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations on tackling a New to You Andree I think your basket turned out really well. I really like the quilting!

  6. Great finish! I love her classes and I think your interpreted basket is perfect. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  7. I love your basket. Kudo's for trying it. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down. I look forward to seeing more finishes from your Bluprint adventures.

  8. Hi Andree! I think your basket turned out fabulously. I learned how to make baskets from weaving canes so sewing one seems like a much easier idea. You had fun and your learned a lot plus you have a cute basket to show for it all. Win/win all around. Thanks again for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Hello Andrée,
    Love the basket! You could make one for a little girl to use as a dolly's crib... just thinking about one of my great nieces. She would put in a doll and blanket within seconds of seeing it!
    Love, Muv


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