Saturday, April 06, 2019

Moose Cubicle Mini Quilt

It's a cubicle mini - a little late because I didn't finish on time for the March One Monthly Goal (OMG) but not too late since my son is still working in his cubicle 😊

Moose Cubicle Mini

I've made a few foundation paper pieced minis using Made by Marney's patterns. This is the latest.

A Moose for you
Since I added a border to the mini, I actually remembered to used the Extended-border binding technique. It really worked out well. I stitched in the ditch around the border and then free motion quilted (FMQ) the mini, up to the border. I then flipped the border towards the mini and cut the batting and backing about one inch from the sewn edge of the border.

Cutting the batting and backing
I had ironed the binding so that I knew where to trim the batting and backing. At the bottom of the image below, you can see that the batting reaches to the border (if it's laid flat). Once the batting and backing were trimmed, I flipped the mini over and hand-stitched the border to the back, as if it was a binding. For more details see the link to the tutorial in the Related links below.
The border will cover the back, as if it was a binding.
Here is the mini from the back. The backing and batting have been cut and it's now time to fold the borders over them.
Getting ready to sew down the border
A moose for you
What I learned
  • I used a different fabric for the bottom of the mini since I wanted it to look like vegetation. Next time, I think that I'll just add an extra piece between the sky and the bottom so that the vegetation doesn't go all the way up to the antlers.
  • After trimming the batting and backing, I realised that the moose's antlers were not very visible, so I added some FMQ.
  • Preparing the extended-border was much easier this time than the last.
  • I used a quilting marking pencil that turned out to not be erasable! I got rid of it, but not before making a mark that won't go away!
  • I could have made it on time for the March OMG (barely) except that I didn't have two small matching buttons in all of my button stash!
  • As much as I love linking up to OMG, I'm going to give myself a break this month - I really need to just go with the flow for a while :-)
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Project details

A Moose for you
8¾ " x 9"
Materials: cotton and buttons
Techniques: Foundation paper pieced, free motion quilting, extended-border binding technique


  1. This is SO adorable! I was just telling a friend about worrying about moose (and deer too, but mainly moose) when our daughters had just got their licenses and were driving alone from the country into town for part-time jobs....

    1. Hi Sandra, yes it is adorable - and this one won't run out in front of the car! It's now on my son's cubicle desk. As long as it doesn't run out in front of the computer, all is well :-)

  2. What an adorable mini! It will brighten up the cubicle for sure! I haven't made a binding like that, but I will have to try that!

    1. Hi Shasta, if you do try the binding, please let me know if the tutorial is clear. I would like to create a tutorial page so any suggestions for improvement is greatly appreciated.

  3. I really like this quilt Andrée! It is kind of funny-folky in the treatment of the moose. The big eyes and long nose.

  4. Very cute moose and finished almost in March.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes, didn't quite make the March deadline but I am happy that it's done and that it has a new home on my son's cubicle wall :-)

  5. Your moose is darling, and what an interesting binding technique!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. The more I work with the binding technique, the more I like it.


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