Thursday, July 04, 2019

FMQ a panel with Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to the Free Motion Mavericks link-up (week 236).

Free Motion Quilting a panel for fun and practice

Sharon's FMQ panel
I have free motion quilted (FMQ) a few wholecloth quilts but have stayed away from panels since they are not really considered quilts....but not anymore! Since I want to practice and I don't really like piecing, why not work on a panel? I need to get over my snobbishness!!!

I got the idea when I attended Sharon Blackstone's demo at Quilt Canada. She showed us a panel that was made up to look like different quilt blocks. What a great idea! Of course I looked for something like this but didn't find anything similar.

Since my brother asked for a wall hanging to hide the fuse panel in his cottage, I found this very fun panel. I'm not sure that there are many moose in Prince Edward Island but there are certainly moose in the rest of Canada.

FMQ a Moose panel
It's not easy to see, but I outlined the darker trees over the moose. The water under the moose has also been quilted.
Details of the FMQ
I started with grey thread, outlining the dead trees to the left as well as the logs. There is also an outline of the shore.
More FMQ details
It's going to be slow work but very enjoyable!

What I learned
  • The challenge will be deciding what to outline and what to quilt more densely.
  • I figure that I can always outline things first and then come back later to fill in sections that I think need it.
  • This project is going to be very interesting since there are so many colours and shapes. 
  • It's a great project to learn on since all of that colour will be very forgiving. 
  • When I did a search of my blog, I found that I had done one panel - the Beatles wall hanging (the link is below). 
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Free Motion Mavericks
Thanks to everyone who linked up last time - what a great party!

Today I'd like to highlight 2 projects - Sandra's "Ladder Links", whose pattern was published in Modern by the Yard.  Here's a great picture of her quilting. Congrats! Check out Sandra's post.
Ladder Links by Sandra of mmm! quilts
Since our neighbours are celebrating their nation's birthday today, it was fitting to include Jocelyn's table topper. Happy 4th of July! 
Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter

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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome Jocelyn, it's a great little quilt!

  2. Panels are great for FMQ practice. Cheaper and faster than piecing something, and usually non-quilters don't mind that they "are not quilts"! :D

    1. Hi Dione, you're absolutely right. Much easier than piecing although next time I'll look for something where I can practice some of my FMQ designs. As you said, many won't notice the difference!


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