Monday, April 04, 2022

Journey of many paths aka Traveller's Blanket

I am so happy to be writing this post. The Traveller's Blanket was a journey of almost two years, and a union of several projects. When I started my traveller's blanket with a course with Dejanne Cevaal, I didn't really foresee this amazing journey in slow and meditation stitching. I'm so happy that you've shared it with me. 😊 

A journey of many paths

Here is the final piece. 

Journey of many paths - finally hanging on the wall!

Journey of many paths

Slow Stitching, Meditation Style

The journey began with an article on Stitch Meditation, by Liz Kettle in the October/November edition of the Quilting Arts magazine. As I played with fabric to make small meditation blocks, I felt the meditative effect of slow stitching. 

I used a bunch of 4" flannel squares from a dearly loved flannel blanket as the backing. For the fabric top, I would dip into a small bag of my hand-dyed fabrics for something that caught my fancy. Some of the blocks were based on projects that I had just finished. I used different weights and colours of embroidery floss, ribbon, beads and what ever else caught my fancy.

Pretty Moon and Star, Angles, 
Green & Blue with Bark, and Shining Rose

Pieces of my heart

Impressions of Dried Flowers

Meditation blocks on my design wall

Orange, pink and a feather

Attaching the blocks & creating hexies

Each meditation block was attached to the blanket using embroidery stitches, usually a blanket stitch. I then used different embroidery stitches around them. 

Chevy supervising the
First two blocks attached

Embroidering around the house block
Embroidered 1¾" hexies

Stitching and embellishing the hexie

Quilting the background

I have been quilting/stitching the blanket's background since October. I did many other stitching projects between then and now, but it's thanks to the #100dayschallenge that I've gotten this far. 

All the blocks and hexies are embroidered onto the blanket

Since I got bored, I did vary my stitching paths. Many were horizontal, others vertical while a few even went in circles!

Stitching around the hexies and in circles.

The last few inches!

Pause for drama 😊

Journey of many paths

Back of Journey of many paths

What I learned

  • It took a lot of time and effort, with a few break in between, but it's done! 😊
  • I still need to ensure that the beads, shells and hexies are all affixed properly (there are missing a couple of shells!) as well as make a hanging sleeve and label.
  • I learned a lot while doing this project. There are many lessons learned that you can read in the previous posts.
  • You can also view a lot more detailed pictures on previous posts as well as on Instagram. If you don't have an Instagram account, you can use the widget on the right side of my blog to see them.
  • I mentioned in my previous Traveller's Blanket post that Journey of many paths will be exhibited in Shawville, Quebec, in June at the artPontiac Stone School Gallery. I'll keep you informed as the show gets closer. 

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Project details

Journey of many paths
based on a course by Dejanne Cevaal's on making a Traveller's Blanket
Size: 38½" x 24"
Material: hand-dyed fabrics, thread, embroidery floss, beads, shells, ribbons
Techniques: hand stitching, beading, embroidery


  1. Andree, what an exquisite work of art your Journey Of Many Paths is! I can only imagine the journey each element, each little, slowly stitched, stitch has taken you on. There is so much beautiful visual interest, that one could look upon your lovely piece for hours. The embroidery on each hexie is sweet and as for the teeny tiny house; it has caused me to smile. Actually, every little element on this piece has made me smile. A most exquisite finish. Congratulations to you, Andree. I only wish I could look upon your 'Journey' and all the exquisite embroidered details, up close and personal at the exhibition. What a treat that would be!

    1. Thank you so much Kim. Your wonderful comments are always appreciated! I do wish you could see it in person. I haven't been able to take any photos that really do it justice. It's nice that it's hanging in our entryway until the show. Thanks so much for dropping by. Take care.

  2. It is a real work of art, Andree. Beautiful finish, congrats!

    1. Thanks so much Ivani. It's funny that I'm really happy that this is one finally done, but then a little sad not to be working on it still :-)

  3. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  4. So much little detail, I love little things, and this looks like it was a fun project, from beginning to end. Congratulations! Hugs, Judy

    1. Thanks so much Judy - and I know how you love little things :-) Take care.

  5. Congratulations on this wonderful finish. I've enjoyed following along as you've stitched this quilt and it's great to see it finished :)

    1. Thanks Janine. It's a little weird not working on it after so long. Now to finish my next project :-) Take care.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of work but worth it all since it's totally amazing to see!

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

    1. Thanks Betty. I linked up. Looking forward to participating in more of your link ups. Take care.

  7. I have been following your progress as you've worked on this, so it's really neat to see the finish! You've put so much work into it, but those slow projects that cause you to stop and think, those are the ones that teach so much! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  8. I love this and have been enjoying watching your progress on IG. Thank you for liking up to Put your foot down

  9. Voilà un magnifique quilt fini ! J'ai adoré suivre les étapes de création. Il va faire partie d'une exposition ? Bravo !!

  10. Amazingly wonderful little pieces of artwork combined to make a whole.

    Thanks so much for linking up this post with Wandering Camera!

  11. You always amaze me with your fmq and beautiful hand dyed fabric. The light colored binding is invisible if you aren't specifically looking for it. I was like, "oh oh I gotta scroll back up to see how she bound it." Thank you so much for always linking up to Put your foot down.


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