Thursday, April 21, 2022

Looking Back on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 378 of our Free Motion Mavericks linking party. My post is very short because it's my family's turn to be down with the dreaded pandemic sickness. I'm just going to pull out a few of my older FMQ images. 

Looking Back

This is the first quilt that I free motion quilted (FMQ). It was wobbly but fun. Do you recognize Angela Walter's Dot-to-Dot? I've included links to the original posts in the image captions.

My first quilt - we all have a few...or many!

This one was still a little wobbly but the
designs are expanding

It's work like this that helped me get better

Into very intense FMQ

Structure is not a bad thing...I suppose 😊

Still pretty intense but after washing
this is one of my favourite blankets

I also like using stencils. It makes for a nice change.
Linking parties
I'll be linking up to many fun linking parties. Why not check them out?

Free Motion Mavericks

Thanks to our faithful FMQ linkers 😊. I'm just not up to choosing any one or writing up all 4, so please forgive me. I'm sure that I'll be fine by next time!

It's now your turn!

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  1. Hello Andrée,
    Sorry to hear you are ill, all the more so that all the family are affected.
    Confusion reigns. I have put up week 277 today. Oh well, let's both be hosts this week and see what happens!
    Get well soon! Love to you all.

    1. Thanks so much Muv. I just linked up a post on your blog :-) We didn't try to isolate from each other since most people who tried within a family mostly got sick, and since we are all vaccinated, it's turned out to be a nasty cold. Hubby is now fine. My daughter and I should be good by Monday or so. Thanks. Love your FMQ!

  2. Chère Andrée, bon courage, et à bientôt. Prenez soin de vous tous. Bises

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique. Nous sommes maintenant presque près à sortir de la maison! Merci pour le linky (comme toujours!) Bises

    2. J'ai oublié de te remercier pour avoir lié au linky! Merci

  3. Sorry to hear of the family catching this darn thing. Good luck with it and hope health returns soon. Lovely pics in the interim!


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