Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Version 2.0 quilt finished on Free Motion Mavericks

 Hi! I'm thrilled to share this finish with you - it's been a very long time coming 😁.

Version 2.0 quilt

It seems counter intuitive to take a picture of a warm bed quilt on a snow bank but we use what we have! Here it is.

Version 2.0 quilt done ✔

Here's a more traditional photo on the bed that it was made for.

Version 2.0 on the bed

Here is another photo - my daughter has learned how to crop out backgrounds. You don't need to see my messy bedroom! You can even see some of the FMQ here 😊

Version 2.0 with the background cropped

We tried the traditional photo of the quilt over the banister. It's a little too wide!

Top half of the quilt over the banister

Queen size quilt over the banister 

Finally, this is one of my first pictures. It seems that the fence in the snow is not long enough!

Photo of Version 2.0 on the fence, in the snow 😊

What I learned

  • I created a page for Version 2.0 with images of all of the stages of the making and FMQ with links to the original posts. I spent so much time on it that it deserves it's own page.
  • It feels so weird to not have this project as a constant to-do in my life. It was a lot of fun to FMQ, until near the end. Then it was all about finishing it.
  • Since the quilt had so many areas, it was great to be quilting it in stages with different designs. That's a lot more fun than all over quilting, although a lot of work figuring out what to quilt next. 
  • This was my January One Monthly Goal (OMG), so I'm thrilled to finally have it done for one of those deadlines!

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A project that languished until a problem was resolved.
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Quilting Gail went to a retreat. Here is some of the FMQ that she did on her "Quilt More Worry Less" quilt!

"Quilt More Worry Less" quilt by Quilting Gail

I'm not sure if Melva, of Melva Loves Scraps, quilted all these quilted hearts by machine as well as by hand, but I did want to share these with you. If you haven't heard about "I found a quilted heart", check out Melva's post. I'm really hoping to make a few to bring on my trip next month!

I Found A Quilted Heart - made by Melva

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  1. Congratulations on the big finish; the quilting is stunning and I am sure it will be used and loved on your bed for years to come!

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne. I'm sure that my son will love it, hopefully not to death again.

  2. The quilt is just gorgeous and does deserve its own page! Cropping out the backgrounds is fun. It is strange when a big project is suddenly gone; like the let down after a big event. I am sure there will be a new one soon that will occupy you!

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I seem to have become a "little" obsessive since the finish. I want to do it all! I may have to give up cooking and sleep! 😆

  3. Congrats on finishing your version 2.0 quilt. Love the geometric shapes, they work so well on the bed.

    1. Thanks so much Kate. My son really loves it - which is what matters in the end!

  4. Bravo pour ce superbe quilt terminé ! Il joue bien la star sur les photos ;)

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique! Je suis si contente que c'est fini!

  5. Andrée! The quilt is just incredible. Wow, et un grand bravo! I bet your son will treasure it for the rest of his life, and pass it down...what an heirloom. I hope you (but knowing you, you have) written down all the details and thoughts and symbolism for him and future generations. I missed the deadline to link my 'thermals' quilt, but I'll catch the next one. Love the quilted hearts; I've not seen any around here, might have to make a couple. :-)

    1. Thanks so much Sandra. I'm sure that he will treasure it. I want to add some of my own notes to my mother's original binder but everything is on this blog and I like the page that I created for it. It will make it much easier to follow than when it's interspersed with everything else. I've almost finished my post - a little late but still on Thursday :-)

  6. Fabulous!!! Congratulations on the finish Andree - it was interesting to read along and watch you quilting this! (I have just gone and read your page on this quilt - wow!)

    1. Thanks Raewyn, it sure was a major undertaking. My son really loves it and is using it, so it was all worth it. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Take care!


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