Thursday, December 15, 2022

Adding details and planning for Version 2.0

Welcome to Free Motion Mavericks, week 411. I've only done a bit of Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) this week on my son's Version 2.0 quilt but, I have been doing lots of thinking! 😊

Adding details to the birds sections

As I'm getting ready to finish the FMQ, I've been looking at each section that's already done, to see if the quilting is dense enough. I don't want it too dense, but empty spots lead to trouble, so I've been adding some fun little details to the bird sections.

For the Canada Goose, I added some water, bull rushes and a cloud. Underneath that, I continued the branch that the bird is perched on and added some music notes. At the very bottom of that section are a couple of flowers.

Adding details around the birds to fill up the larger empty spaces

In front of the woodpecker, I connected the branch that he's on to a tree trunk and included a hole!

Adding a tree trunk with a hole

The next section has 3 birds. At the top and the bottom, I added some musical notes.

Birds and some musical notes

More bird tweets!

Planning the FMQ around the Sun

The Sun had been FMQ with flames and there are swirls in its centre. However the Sun does not take up the entire space in the blue section. On my template I drew a few things but I didn't really like them. 

To help me visualise the area that needs extra FMQ, I drew lines (mostly angled like the Sun) around the Sun and then basted the lines with white thread. In this picture, I used Paint to define the blue space and added a red line over the basting. This is roughly the area that I have to fill. 

The issue is that I really don't want to quilt anything that will detract from the Sun, but I do need to fill in some of that space. My daughter suggested adding clouds, which would take up space but not be densely quilted and therefore not complete with the Sun. If I use clouds, I could add them at the bottom and sides, and then add stars at the top.

Figuring out what to quilt in the space around the Sun

What I learned

  • Adding the extra details around the birds was fun. There was no preparation to do except to figure out what to add. I knew that it would include music notes. After that it was just about adding more details to the trees etc.
  • I'll be going through all of the quilt's sections to see what else needs to be added. Hopefully this will go fairly quickly. 
  • For the Sun, I know that echoing helps to make things stand out but I'm not sure if that's what this needs. I think that I would rather leave the Sun as it is and just add a few things in the extra space. 
  • On the paper template, I tried adding feathers or more swirls, but both were too much.
  • Right now I think that fluffy clouds and stars might do the trick. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. 

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  1. I've been admiring your progress on IG, the sun looks really good. You're son is very lucky, this is really a labor of love. While some make shake their head, I too would do the same for my son. Hope he treasures it as much as V1. There is another piece you are working on that I have to go find next. Thank you for the linky party, it is much appreciated.

    1. Thanks so much Denise. I will email you my replies :-)

  2. Your quilting details are wonderful. I assume you have to bury your threads after each little thing? That's dedication to your art! I've been following Gail's posts about that darling baby quilt. So cute!

    1. Hi Sandy, I'm not burying my threads, just stitching (a lot) in the same spot at the beginning and end of each start. I hope that I don't live to regret it because then I'll have lots of fixing to do! Once I'm done, I'll wash it and see how that goes! I've been told by other quilters that this should work. Yes, Gail's baby quilt is so cute.

  3. Hi Andree, I just love those details you put around your Canada goose there. Lovely quilting lines. Such beautiful quilts for inspiration!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn, it really is a work of love, but I'll be happy to finish up and start playing on something else :-)

  4. I like your birds in the quilting. I'm thinking about starting a bird (applique) quilt in 2023, and this bird quilting would be great on it. Thanks for joining Design Wall Mondays, Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. I'd really like to make some bird art quilts but it will probably have to wait a few months since I have another quilt to make after this one! Thanks for dropping by :-)

  5. Ton quilting est trÚs réussi, les petits oiseaux sont charmants, et j'adore les notes de musique !
    Merci pour le partage de liens ;)

    1. Merci beaucoup FrĂ©dĂ©rique. Joyeuses fĂȘtes!

  6. Those birds are amazing!!! and the plan for the sun - you are really talented!!!

  7. Bonjour AndrĂ©e. Awesome job on the quilting! Love those birds and the music notes are just perfect. Au tour du soleil, peut-ĂȘtre de petits nuages avec un arc-en-ciel. Nous en avons vu tellement durant la pandĂ©mie. Simple suggestion de ma part. Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be awesome as you're doing so well so far. All the best for the new year! ;^)


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