Saturday, April 20, 2019

FMQ practice and planning

Practicing FMQ

I was in the mood to do some free motion quilting but nothing serious, so I doodled for a while and then took out a practice sandwich. Last week I received a book from a fellow quilter who is cleaning her bookshelf. Isn't that the greatest thing?

In a FMQ book, there were a couple of designs that I hadn't seen before, so I practiced these, put them in my FMQ journal and now I'm ready to pass the book along. Here is the result of that practice sandwich.

Practicing the main design, essentially a series of curves

Also practicing those cursive "l" and "e" shapes

Auditioning fabric for my next art quilt

I have a final quilt to make for this summer's fibre art exhibition at the Mississippi Mills Textile Museum. I have till May 20th, so it's really time to get to it!

For this piece, I am using the same image that I used a couple of years ago for my Art With Fabric piece, Gaïa, Mother Earth. The image is of a reproduction statuette of a beautiful Pre-Columbian female figure from Colombia, South America. 

Reproduction statuette from the Tamaco culture

This is the image that I originally created with the help of photo transfer medium.

Image made with photo transfer medium
This time, the Goddess will be located in a lush garden. I found some amazing fabric that is all soft colours. I'm going to fussy cut it as well as tons of other fabrics to create a colourful Earth for Gaïa.

Auditioning fabrics for my Goddess piece
I would like it to have the same feeling as my Morning Has Broken piece.

Morning Has Broken
What I learned
  • For the free motion quilting, I really need to keep practicing those cursive "l" and "e" shapes. I really like the look of them as they go from small to large and then back again.
  • For my piece, I don't want to reproduce Morning Has Broken, but I really love the look and feeling of it. I hope that I'll be able to translate that into something new.
  • Looking at the picture of Gaïa with the auditioned fabrics, I realise that I will have to make sure that she is not lost among all that colour.
  • I will be on holidays next week - so my goal is to fussy cut the fabrics and finish the design.
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Have a great long weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. Hello Andrée,

    Love your practice piece! Those graded loops around the border are a real tour de force, so your sandwich is this week's featured project...

    Love, Muv

    1. Hi Muv, thanks so much. Those graded loops (great name...I had no idea) are really not easy!


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