Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Update on Projects

I haven't been able to finish anything recently, but since I'm working on lots of projects and won't get anything done in the next week, I thought I'd post an update.

Canada's 150th Block

Canada goose block
The beginning of my Canada goose block
Many quilt guilds are creating quilts to celebrate Canada's upcoming birthday. The Common Thread Quilt Guild asked its members to make blocks representing Canada. The blocks trickled in, but I believe that we finished with over 30 blocks.

The blocks are 4" x 6" (finished) and will be made into a quilt that will hopefully be part of a travelling exhibit. I made my block during my quilting retreat this fall. As I pieced this Canada goose together, we got a post on our Guild Facebook page - someone had just finished her Canada goose block!

When I got home I thread sketched the block but wasn't going to enter it - but then changed my mind. There are so many Canada geese here that they deserve a couple of blocks!

Lovely Mittens block by Sherrill
Last night all of the blocks were displayed at the Guild meeting. There were some really lovely blocks, in all kinds of different techniques, colours and styles. It's going to make a great quilt.

Here are a couple of pictures - unfortunately I didn't have my good camera so most didn't come out.
Finished Canada Goose block

World Quilting Travel Adventure
with JoJo Hall

I'm still on a World Quilting Travel Adventure
with JoJo Hall. I'm a little behind but this is the beginning of my second destination project - this one is from Hawaii.

I got to learn about Hawaii and received a pattern from JoJo to make a Plumeria Headwrap. The flower is a plumeria, used to make a lei. Here is JoJo's finished project. Isn't that flower amazing?
JoJo's Plumeria Headwrap souvenir from Hawaii

Of course, those who know me will have guessed that I can't just make something like the pattern :-) I am going to make the two flowers based on JoJo's pattern, but will be incorporating them into an art quilt (of course!)

Here is my first flower. I cut and sewed the pieces but I still have to paint and then stitch the petals to my piece.

This plumeria will be incorporated into a mostly peach coloured project while the other flower will be in pinks. I don't expect to have this done until possibly the end of November, but I'm not promising anything because I am really trying to stay away from deadlines.
The beginning of my Plumeria 

King Size Quilt to keep me warm this winter

Finally I have put a binding on my bed quilt - it's a king size so it wasn't a quick job. When we come back from the South-West, we'll be warm and cozy.

I still have 146 blocks left to quilt (out of the 169) but I figure I will just have to take the quilt off the bed and keep at it.  Since I've quilted around each block, the quilt is solid enough to use.

Well, I haven't finished packing and we leave tomorrow morning, so I will be back in a week or so. Heading to the deserts of the South-West US.

What I've learned:

  • Writing a post is more fun that packing - that's why I'm procrastinating!
  • It's great to be able to advance projects - every little bit helps.
  • If it's not fun, what's the point? I have to remember this one!
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  1. Love the way your guild is celebrating Canada - should be a very fun and interesting quilt. Though I think you need a flock of geese! Thanks for sharing your creation on Midweek Makers

  2. I absolutely love your king size bed quilt; the colours are beautiful!


  3. Your goose is really neat and wow what a beautiful batik quilt! That will keep you warm, thanks for sharing.


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