Thursday, May 16, 2024

Mixture of Sun and Clouds on Free Motion Mavericks

Hello! I hope that Spring has found you and that you have a little sunshine in your days. We've had lots of clouds and rain, but I've been busy making my own Suns and clouds in the studio, getting the second part of my Outdoor Hanging Sculpture ready.

Finished Suns

The three Suns are ready - there's Sunrise, Noon Sun and Sunset. They were finished so I hung them out in the back yard to see how they would do. 

Sunrise, Noon Sun and Sunset hanging off the umbrella

Once I had done both Sunrise and Noon Sun, it took me less than 2 hours to make Sunset. It seems that I had worked out what I wanted and just did it! Here are process pictures. 

I started off with an orange silk scarf that I bought at Fibrefest a couple of years ago. The silk was fragile and rather difficult to work with. I wasn't worried because I knew that I would be adding layers on top of the silk background.

Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) layers of tule, organza, etc. over the silk

I made sure to work outside of the primary area so that it would overlap when placed in the smaller hoop.

In the hoop, before trimming it.

Here's what it looks like now, after having spent a few days outside. Since the silk and layers are not stiff, I'll be adding something to stiffen the outside edges. I was looking into a spray that would be waterproof, or I could also add a couple of layers of tule like my Noon Sun. I'll have to work on that 😊


Here is a picture of my yard art - the Tibetan Prayer Flags on the left, the Suns in the centre and the fence art to the right.

Backyard art

Clouds in the making

The next level on my sculpture are the clouds. The first fluffy cloud that I made turned out smaller than I expected. I'm using doubled 22 gauge wire and adding different colours of tulle, chiffon and other translucent fabrics. 

This first cloud is roughly 6" x 5" At this time, I'm thinking of making another small happy cloud to attach to the one below.

Fluffy happy cloud

The second cloud is starting off bigger at 9" x 7". I'm trying to keep it larger by not tightening the fabric as much. I've discovered that I can cover the wire with fabric and then stuff the layers with more fabric to change the colour and consistency. It's more 3D than the first cloud. 😊 

Supplies used to make the dark, storm cloud

Larger, storm cloud

The clouds and suns will look different in the various lights. That's part of the fun of it all.

Yesterday we went to visit the venue in Vankleek Hill. The outdoor exhibition will take place on the Arbor Gallery property. It's a really lovely area, slightly secluded with all of the beautiful trees, but with enough local traffic that everything should be safe outdoor.

There are the two outdoor settings that I've chosen for my art. The tree that is horizontal stands near the back of the property, near one of the parking areas. It will be perfect for my outdoor hanging structure (which will need a name soon!)

The horizontal tree for my outdoor hanging structure

My other spot will be along this wooden gate. I took out the fabric that I bought when I first made my fence art. If I have time, I hope to make three smaller fence art pieces to hang on the wooden gate. Now I have to figure out what to put on them. They will most likely be appliquéd and have natural elements attached.

Fence on the side of the property

Fence Art in my backyard

What I learned
  • Working with wire has been interesting. I've enjoyed adding pieces of translucent fabric between the wire sections.
  • I didn't want to glue anything down since I don't know if that will last outside in the rain etc.
  • My Suns are more or less finished, but I'll be ensuring that they are tight in their hoops, probably by stitching around the hoop in a few spots.
  • Even though the art will be outside for the summer, I expect to go see it at least once a month to see how it's doing. We will also get a call from the curator if something happens to the art.
  • I still have work on the clouds but I want to try hanging everything to see if I need a larger fluffy cloud, or if it will be enough. I will probably add to it since I would hate to have a bigger rain cloud that a fluffy one. That might be how our summer will work out, but I sure don't want to jinx it!😊 
  • The next step in the outdoor hanging sculpture is to finish it off. I'm hoping to add either a piece of bark or a branch, with a bird on it....we'll see 😎
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Melva's finished Memory Quilt #2

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Fall Mystery Quilt by Gail

Another version of the Fall Mystery Quilt by Gail

Sew Preeti has been busy again in the Island Batik May Challenge and Blog Hop. This time she's made a challenging foundation paper pieced quilt. It's a good thing that it's stunning! 😍

Preeti's Wagon by Ikea

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Kat's Kobi quilt

Deb, the Scrappy Quilter has finally been able to add satin edging around her pineapple quilt! It was quite the process but it's done.

Deb's  pineapple quilt with the satin edging

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Vicki's South-West delectable mountain block runner

It's now your turn 😊

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  1. Your suns are beautiful and I like your clouds. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished installation :)

    1. Thanks so much am I since I'm really making it up as I go along. Take care.

  2. Your creativity never fails to astound me, Andree! Your suns and clouds are fantastic; so, so very imaginative. I cannot wait to see your finished installation.

    1. Thanks so much Kim. It's such a work of trial and error but so much fun :-)

  3. Oh, j'adore le soleil couchant, tu as su associer exactement les bons tissus et les bonnes couleurs ! Les nuages sont intéressants aussi, ça va être une belle expo !

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique. J'ai vue beaucoup plus de couché de soleil que de levé 😆 j'ai hâte de mettre tout ça ensemble.

  4. Very cool sun and clouds. How fun that they will be on display this summer.

    1. Thanks Kate. I'm looking forward to putting it all together.

  5. Very interesting. The storm cloud looks so cool. Thank you again for linking up to Put your foot down.

    1. Thanks Denise. I guess I've seen enough of them this summer 😆. Thanks for the linking party.


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