Thursday, March 14, 2024

Creating a sunrise on Free Motion Mavericks

Hi and welcome to week 573 of Free Motion Mavericks. It feels like Spring, especially after the coming of daylight saving time and that wonderful daylight. I always remember my great-aunt at this time. She would joke that she was tired all summer, after missing her hour of sleep. That's how I remember that we loose an hour in the Spring. Thanks matante Marie! 😁 

FMQ a sunrise

I've started on my outdoor hanging sculpture for our Fibre 15 Outdoor "Impermanent" Summer exhibit. 

In progress - Dawn Sun

You may recall that I want to make a hanging piece based on the mindful stitching below. The Dawn Sun is the first. I tried using 2 strands of wire around my first version but it was flimsier than I expected. Because the suns are round, I was able to place this first one in an embroidery hoop, which I'll be able to paint. 

A Nod to the Great Pottery Throw Down (Season 1)

Top half of my plan - I still have to figure out the rest

I found many sunrise images on the Internet. It's not always easy to tell a sunrise from a sunset. Often the sunrise is softer and can be surrounded by pink and/or orange. Below you can see some yellow organza in front of Dawn Sun. I'll have to work with other colours and see what I get. Hopefully with the organza and the painted hoop, it will look like a sun rising at dawn.

Dawn Sun - adding organza will help make it look like a sunrise

Here are a couple of process pictures. Since I'm making 2 more suns, you'll probably see a few more 😀. I used an old scarf to free motion embroider on. I placed the scarf in a 10" hoop and then used a smaller 6" embroidery hoop to outline the circle. 

This first image is my first attempt. I free motion embroidered it and then added two 22 gage wire around it. I attached it to the small basket in front of my sewing machine as a guide for making the second one.

First attempt at a sun, using wire to keep it round(ish)

Marked scarf in the embroidery hoop

Free motion embroidering the outline, adding sun rays and
then stitching the inside of the circle

Some of the scarves and organza that I'll be using

2-Colour Mystery Quilt

In case you missed the post, I'm working on Canuck Quilting Designs' 2-Colour Mystery Quilt-Along. I learned a lot - mostly to check many times before cutting and sewing! I'm sure that it will go better this week - I just got the latest instructions in my inbox!

First blocks finished!

What I learned
  • I'm glad that I've started this project because there's going to be a lot of technical things to figure out as I go along.
  • One obvious thing that came to me is that if I use glue, it has to be waterproof or else things will fall apart. 
  • For example, I want to use Solvy water soluble products but if the glue completely leaves the piece because of rain, the end piece will become droopy. I can still use Solvy but I'll also have to use wire to keep the shapes.
  • I'll be using old scarves that I have or that I've bought as well as my stash of organza and other translucent fabrics to create all of these pieces. I'll be playing a lot to see what works best.
  • I just got the next clue for the mystery quilt - we're making HST. I think this might be easier - wish me luck!
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Free Motion Mavericks

Did you know that Preeti has a new pattern out and that her testers all posted their version on the same day? Preeti's newest pattern is called Rainbow Parade. I just love the placement of her colours. It's a really sweet quilt.
New pattern at Sew Preeti Quilts - Rainbow Parade

Frédérique of Quilting Patchwork Appliqué made a very different quilt - yes, it's the same pattern but the colours are so different! What a great way to show off this pattern's possibilities!

Frédérique's version - Parade

Denise at A Quiltery created another amazing quilt! For the Butterfly Garden-Log Cabin Blog Hop, her quilt background features log cabin blocks in a very pale batik. Add to that the yard light/birdfeeder, flowers, sun and butterflies and you have a real gem of a quilt. I won the pattern on Denise's site when it came out. I really want to make this quilt!😊 

Denise's Butterfly Garden quilt with log cabin blocks

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  1. Ils sont beaux tes soleils, bonne idée d'utiliser de l'organza. Merci pour la mise en avant de mon quilt-test pour Preeti ! Amuses-toi bien avec les HST ;))
    Merci pour le partage.

    1. Bonjour Frédérique, je dois y retourner bientôt mais je fais maintenant des tulipes! C'est un bon défi que je me suis donné! Bonne semaine.


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