Thursday, February 23, 2023

SAHRR, a lap quilt and an extended Free Motion Mavericks party

Welcome to week 421 of Free Motion Mavericks. I have a lot to share and the linking party will be on for three weeks while I'm on a travelling adventure.

Square within a Square for SAHRR

This week's instructions for the Stay at Home Round Robbin (SAHRR) is a square within a square block, recommended by Emily at The Darling Dagwood. She will be appliquéing flowers in the middle square, but I wanted to keep it fast and easy. A quick search bought me to 10 Ways to Make a Square-in-a-square block (see Related links below). I followed Methods 1 & 2 to see if there was any difference in accuracy. 

Round 5 - square within a square

Row of Square within
a square
For the first method (Triangles on the Square), you cut your HST (half square triangles) and sew them on, opposite sides at a time to the middle square. For method 2 (Squares on the Square), you use a larger square, place smaller squares at each end and sew through them diagonally. You do the same thing for the other sides, et voilà!

It turns out that I'm accuracy challenged at both of these 😁. Since my blocks were not any better using method 2, I just used the first method to make a few more. 

I also introduced a couple more fabrics. Here are the blocks that I made with them. They don't have the same intensity of colour but they seem to play nice with the others. 

I used Gail's suggestion of adding fabric between the blocks to space them out. Thanks Gail (of Quilting Gail).

Square within
a square with new fabric

Square within
a square - the reverse

In the last round of flying geese, I had made extra ones to add to the quilt. I wasn't sure of the layout. At the bottom of the quilt, you can see that extra row.
An extra row of flying geese at the bottom of the quilt

Daisy Quilt

My daughter loves embroidering. This fall, I added a border around one of her embroideries and she hand-quilted it. She is now ready to hand-quilt her own quilt. After finding a pattern, she bought most of the fabric at Mad About Patchwork. After I cut the 4" blocks, she placed them and I pieced them. The sandwich is now based and she's ready to quilt her first lap quilt. 😊

Daisy Quilt ready to hand-quilt

The pattern is the centre part of the Pink Daisy Quilt in the Scrappy & Happy Quilts book by Kate Henderson. I love the fabrics that my daughter chose - she has a good eye for colour! We weren't sure about which yellow to use as a border, so I tried out both. The quilt is roughly 41" x 45". I think that it's really lovely.

Scrappy & Happy Quilts
by Kate Henderson

What I learned
  • I really don't know what I did wrong that both methods of making a square in a square block wasn't very accurate. I was out less than a ¼" but I was being so careful that they should have been accurate. Oh well, they did turn out fine - I just made my row a ¼" less wide. That's the great thing about designing your own blocks and quilts 😊
  • I wasn't sure about adding a couple more fabric to the SAHRR but I think that it's fine. I even found a scrap of that very pink fabric that I used to make one of the petals. I'm looking forward to adding that little scrap.
  • I also have a few blocks that I made that I haven't added to the quilt yet. At the very least they could go on the back.
  • I love my daughter's quilt. She has a much more sophisticated colour palette than me 😊 I'm drawn to "the wilder the better" lol! She very diplomatically told me that the SAHRR quilt wasn't one of her favourites. I admire her gentle honesty.
  • I'm really sorry that I won't be making the next two rounds of the SAHRR with everyone. I will try to read the posts online but won't get anything done for the next three weeks. If I'm able to link up to parties, please forgive me if I don't add the links to this post until I get back.

Related links

Linking parties

Free Motion Mavericks

As I mentioned, this linking party will be open for 3 weeks, until Tuesday, March 12th. Please feel free to link up as often as you like! 😊

Melva of Melva Loves Scraps tried out "dimple quilting" on an orphan block. Here it is!

Melva tried out "dimple quilting

The Joyful Quilter made a Duke's t-shirt quilt for the member of her friend's family that lost everything in a house fire. She semi-custom quilted it on her longarm. What a great gift for someone who will doubtlessly appreciate it. 

A Duke's t-shirt quilt by the Joyful Quilter

Quilting Gail made a puff quilt as part of Island Batik‘s February challenge. If you don't know about puff quilts, you may want to check out the challenge. Pretty incredible....and lots of work! You can read how she made it here. Well done Gail!

Gail's Puff Quilt with Island Batik fabric

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  1. Enjoy your adventures! I like your "wild" SAHRR with all that happy pink - perfect for spring (we are currently getting 17" of snow, so I'm really ready for spring). Your daughter's quilt is lovely as well!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy. I have escaped the snow but after spending a full day in 30°C weather, I am dreaming of snow (not really but the shower was very cold)lol! We are in Buenos Aires and taking the ship tomorrow. Yeah!

  2. Your SAHRR is look good. Such sweet colors. I admire your daughter too. So many do not know how to be diplomatic and it’s a shame. Have fun traveling!

    1. Thanks Michelle, my daughter is diplomatic but more importantly, honest. She's amazing, says her mom!

  3. Love the way your SAHRR is turning out. I do hope you enjoy your adventure!

  4. Your SAHRR is turning out lovely! Enjoy your travelling adventure and we'll see you when you get back!

    1. Thanks Gail. I'm taking advantage of our hotel's excellent wifi to answer this. It won't be the same on the ship! Take care.

  5. C'est bien aussi d'avoir ses propres goûts ;) Vos 2 quilts sont très réussis, chacun avec la palette de couleurs qui convient à chacune ! Bon voyage, et à ton retour nous pourrons admirer les derniers rangs ;)

  6. Sorry that you had trouble with the Square in a Square block, Andree! If it's any consolation, I had to make mine more than once, as well. Thanks for featuring my Emergency T-Quilt! That was a really nice surprise to see.

  7. Loving your SAHRR!!! the colors - the blocks - this is going to be so fun!

  8. I like your "wild" SAHRR! Very fun colors and a fun vibe as well.


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