Sunday, December 25, 2022

Joyeux Noël - Merry Christmas

Hi, I would like to take a few minutes from preparing digesting Christmas supper to wish you a Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël and a happy holiday season!🎄I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.😊

Last minute Christmas quilting

This week I finished a couple more Christmas scrappy mug rugs. These two went to my son and his girlfriend. 

Two scrappy rug mugs

Some minor FMQ

FMQ following the fabrics' patterns, including Stars!

Blue Christmas fabric for the backs

These two, slightly smaller mug rugs went to my girlfriend.

Two scrappy Christmas mug rugs

Some free motion quilting - with ivy leaves

More free motion quilted ivy leaves

The back of the mug rugs

We've had a couple of winter storms. This one was on December 16th. 

Winter storm as seen from inside 😊

Prayer Flags

I've been wanting to make Prayer Flags for a while now. I thought that finishing them with FMQ would give me some much needed practice. I was finally able to put them up today since the heavy winds have subsided. I'm sending prayers to the Universe for Peace, Joy, and a Merry Christmas through my prayer flags. 

Flags on the snow since it was too windy to put in the trees yesterday

Peace - Inner peace, Serenity and Paix

Wishing for a Merry Christmas (Joyeuses Fêtes)

This one is for JOY (joie)

I'm finishing up with my favourite holiday character - the Grinch!

A Grinch tapestry made a very long time ago!

What I've learned

  • Although I'm retired, my life has not slowed down. It seems that living in minor chaos and stress has become a habit that I need to break!
  • I want to make more time to visit my friends now that I'm not working full time, but this is also something that needs to be worked at!
  • This year I promised to try to not be a Grinch about Christmas. I must say that I didn't enjoy the rushing around to get ready (as usual), but I've had a lot of fun in the last two days.
  • As you know, I've spent a lot of time FMQ the Version 2.0 quilt. There is a possible finish before year end!
  • If I want to finish Version 2.0, I'll be working on it and FMQ full time after Boxing Day. Wish me luck!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Andree!!! Christmas Eve was cancelled here, due to snow, wind and cold. But we had a fabulous Christmas Day!!! I love reading your "What I've Learned" section. As they say in Iceland--if you're not learning, you're not living!

    1. Hi Nancy, I'm so glad that you had a fabulous Christmas Day :-) Thanks for you lovely comments (as always!) Hope your New Year will be amazing!

  2. Your yard looks like a winter wonderland. The mug rugs and prayer flags turned out beautifully. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and have a very happy new year.

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm happy to say that the prayer flags are still on the tree, even after more wind! I see that you've been busy on the post - I will go read them soon. Hope the rest of the holidays are good and all the best for 2023!

  3. Your scrappy mug rugs are a lot of fun, and I'm sure they will be enjoyed by the recipients, too. The prayer flags are beautiful. Happy New Year!

  4. Mug rugs are such fun aren't they, and very useful! My daughter sent me a photo of her coffee one morning on a mug rug I made her last year, the best thank you! Yikes on the Dec. 16 storm; hope you got through the Christmas one that walloped most of us!

  5. Super sweet holiday mug rugs for December's TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, Andree, and I love those prayer flags, too!! Thank you for your participation in my Link Party during 2022. Hope to see you back for the 2023 ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge!


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