Thursday, October 20, 2022

Places & Communities on Free Motion Mavericks

Hi and welcome to week 403 of Free Motion Mavericks. I hope that you are all well. Tonight I free motion quilted (FMQ) a large area of the Version 2.0 quilt using Lori Kennedy's book and website. It was a lot of fun.😊

FMQ Places

Tuesday night before falling asleep, I was thinking of the FMQ that needed to be done on Wednesday. I knew that it needed to be fairly simple. I got inspired (I love it when that happens!) I decided to FMQ all of the places that Stéphane has lived or that are special to him. Here is the list: Timmins, Kirkland Lake, Sudbury, North Bay, Crystal Falls, Ottawa, Orléans, Matachewan, Cornwall and Barrie. These are mostly in Northern and Eastern Ontario. I also added Ontario and Canada.

Part of the Places and Communities section of the quilt
(click to see larger image)

For reference, here is the outlined section on the quilt that I completed.

Outlined in white is the Places and Communities section

As you can glimpse from the first image, the space is surrounded by place names. I then made the sun and an airplane. The only template that I made was for the sun since I have trouble getting that right. I just used a white chalk pencil to outline it. All of the ideas for the images come from Lori Kennedy and were adapted as needed. See the links in Related links below.

Place names, the sun and an airplane

Once I drew out the images, I was ready to FMQ them. As you can see, the sun is the one that I had the most trouble with.

Drawing out the images

I then worked on the bottom section adding what is essentially a cabin in the woods. Then came the line of cars and trucks and finally a neighbourhood with homes and trees.

Cabin in the woods, cars and a neighbourhood

You can see the FMQ better on the back, except that the places are backwards 😊

A better view of the FMQ from the back

Another image from the back

What I learned
  • It was so much fun finding the designs to include in this area. After deciding on the places, it came to me that I could FMQ things about community.
  • Lori Kennedy has some great posts for all of these. I did start with her book (see Related links below).
  • The angles of the triangles always mess me up when I try to do the sun. I'll have to practice that (a lot!) to get comfortable FMQ it.
  • I can't wait to show you a picture of the whole quilt in progress. It will have to be next time - my helper is in bed with Covid 😦. So far I've managed to avoid it. 🤞 
  • Breaking News: Only one week before my retirement😁 I can't wait to be on permanent play mode!!!😎

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Free Motion Mavericks

I hope that you will have something to post below. Here is my last Version 2.0 post with birds.

Bird on a branch

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  1. For some reason I've only just discovered the Free Motion Mavericks link-up! A great idea. The quilting on your quilt is really fun. I love Lori's Kennedy's designs too. I am attending a wedding this weekend so will try to link up after that.

    1. Hi Raewyn, I hope that you do link up - our little party is having a hard time surviving :-( Hope you had a great wedding!

  2. Very cool quilting designs!

  3. J'adore les rangs de quilting, trop sympa ces maisons, voitures, etc. Bravo pour le dessin !

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique - maintenant je dois déterminer quoi d'autres à dessiner :-)


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