Thursday, May 05, 2022

Free Motion Mavericks and Version 2.0

Welcome to week 380 of the Free Motion Mavericks' linking party. I'm glad to say that I'm feeling much better now and it looks like spring is finally here 😁!

Being a little patriotic on V 2.0

As a Canadian, being overtly patriotic (or anything else) is not generally part of our culture. We are very proud of and thankful to live in Canada, just usually quiet about it (unless we're talking hockey or other sports!) 

Maple leaves on V 2.0 quilt

Since the maple leaf was on the original quilt that my mother made, it had to be here also. I may be Canadian but I couldn't draw a maple leaf that looks good if my life depended on it. So... I tried a new product that was recommended by one of my readers. Thanks! It's called Golden Threads Quilting Paper. The instructions said to layer the paper and stitch through it (without thread) to mark the paper. I just traced the leaf several times instead. It worked really well and was easy to remove.

Golden Threads Quilting Paper

Here is a photo of a row of maple leaves from the back - it's not as obvious because it almost matches the backing fabric.

Maple leaves from the back

More maple leaves



The next section that I'll tackle is the square (about 18") at the bottom of the quilt. It originally had a dream catcher to honour my son's First Nation heritage. As well as the dream catcher, I will add an image of Turtle Island, the Anishinaabe symbol and a medicine wheel. 

I found a stylized image of a wind-blown white pine and while I was trying to draw it, I realised that the leaves looked like quilted feathers. I practiced drawing it and here is my FMQ practice piece. I'll create a template of the Turtle Island and then will quilt the tree within it. 

Practicing FMQ Turtle Island with a pine tree

What I learned

  • The Golden Threads Quilting Paper was lovely to work with. 
  • Once I traced the maple leaf, it was easy to keep tracing more of them onto the quilting paper. 
  • I'm glad that one more stripe is done and I'm looking forward to quilting on a larger scale in that 18" square! I will be practicing a lot to make sure that I get it right.

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Free Motion Mavericks

Thanks to DonnaLee and Frédérique for linking up last time. DonnaLee has many interesting blocks on her design wall and Frédérique shared with us photos of her Journée d'Amitié doing Boro stitching.

Journée d'Amitié doing Boro stitching with Frédérique

DonnaLee's design board - I love those neutral blocks!

I hope that you've had some time to play this week. Feel free to link up a project!

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  1. I love the turtle and blowing pine tree. Getting excited to see this project finished.

    1. Thanks Denise. I'm really looking forward to that too! The next set will be fun and I borrowed a tea towel that I bought my son - it's full of geology themed images - so that should be great to use on the quilt!
      If you have time, please consider linking up your TriAngle quilt to the party. It's awfully quiet here :-)

    2. Done. I really did try Thursday but for some reason the linky button wasn't working for me. The towel sounds interesting, cant wait to see the next step.

  2. I used that golden tissue paper before with great success when I was FMQ-ing on my Bernina. I love your Turtle Island image, and I love that story. Your practice piece looks great; the pine has got great movement!

    1. Thanks Sandra. I didn't have time to practice for this week, so I'm doing something easier - music symbols. Thanks so much for linking up. I'm really behind on everything. Hopefully things will slow down soon :-) Take care.

  3. Nice job with those maple leaves, Andree! I've heard of that Golden Threads paper but haven't tried it because I worried that I'd have bits of paper stuck beneath my stitches after removing it. It looks like it tore away cleanly for you, though.

    1. Thanks Rebecca. I couldn't have done it without the paper. Since the stitching was fairly simple, it came off without a problem. Not sure if it was denser - but I'm sure that I'll find out soon enough and let you know :-) Take care.

  4. Elles sont belles tes feuilles du Canada !
    Merci pour la mise en avant, et pour le partage de liens ;))

    1. Bonjour Frédérique, merci beaucoup pour tes commentaires - ils sont bien appréciés (même si je suis en retard pour répondre). Bonne semaine :-)


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