Sunday, May 29, 2022

May's Table Scraps potholders

I made several scrappy potholders for the May Table Scraps Challenge. The colours were hunter green and sage and the theme was squares.

Finding the perfect pattern

On Mondays, I usually link up my latest post to Beth's Monday Making linking party. Last week, I fell in love with her Chevron Potholders. I watched her video and then decided that I would make a couple of them in green. 

These are my first two. There is lots of green in them, and some of those greens are sage or forest 😊

Green chevron potholders - the first two

It was only after I finished the first two potholders that I went back to the instructions and realised that there should be squares involved! Of course I didn't clue in that the potholders are square! So I made another potholder with pieced squares to make the chevron pattern. They are now green and square but don't really look like chevrons any more. 😁

The chevron pattern is sort of lost but it is pretty!

Things I learned from watching and using Beth's technique.

  • Instead of using batting, Beth used old towels. That is truly brilliant😀 I have many towels that are stained with hair dye. It's a perfect use for them because you don't need loft, just a layer of protection!

Using an old towel instead of batting

  • Beth attaches her binding from the back. I followed her instructions in the video and they came out well, but for my next potholder, I'm going to watch the video that she made specifically for attaching the binding from the back. I'm sure that she'll have a few tips worth watching.
The back is quilt-as-you-go

When I realised that my white thread was showing up on the back, I decided to switch to a green one.

The first chevron potholder

The second chevron potholder

Since I love blue, I decided to make a blue potholder. I have such pretty blue fabrics 😊 I haven't attached the binding yet because I want to learn more about Beth's binding technique. I'm waiting until after the Conversations show opens before getting back to it.

A blue chevron potholder awaiting the binding

Other things I learned
  • My chevrons didn't form a straight line in the middle like Beth's did, so I stopped trying and used strips of different widths.
  • I'm usually more conservative when choosing fabric colours such that if they are supposed to be green, then I only use green fabrics with no other colours on them. I changed it up and I'm really happy with the results. As long as there was some green in the fabric, that was good enough for me :-)
  • There are many squirrels in this potholder project. It was nice to make things other than what was on my list.  
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Project details

Scrappy potholders
Made for the 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge using Beth Beth Shibley's technique
9" x 9"
Materials: scraps of commercial quilting fabric, old towel
Techniques: quilt-as-you-go


  1. Thanks for linking up! Love these potholders….need to make some with my recently sorted scraps and for some scrap busting when I get back to my machine.

    1. Thanks for hosting Kathleen. They were a lot of fun to make. I'm looking forward to finishing my last one. Have fun!

  2. yes more is better for me! Love the off center chevrons... great learning going on here!

    1. Thanks LeeAnna, we have to embrace it all, don't we? Take care.

  3. My mil used old towels for making potholders. If they were a little thin she would layer them. I still have a few she made and use them all the time.

    1. Hi Denise, that's so cool. I had never heard of that but it's really a great idea, and I have many more towels that I will eventually give new purpose to, instead of having more rags :-)

  4. I think your squirrel jumped to my house! I'm going to check out the tutorial and give it a try. Thanks and love how all of yours turned out.

    1. Hi Deb, squirrels will do that! Have fun with them :-)

  5. Hello Andrée, Old towels! Yes, I've got plenty of them. Great little potholders, and of course I'm staring at those grapes...
    Love, Muv

    1. Thanks Muv. I think that we all have lots of old towels! Love your FMQ grape leaves. Hope you're doing well.

  6. A true DrEAMi Andrée! All of them! Reminds me of the first Moda Bakeshop project I made which was chevron potholders, though I use one for my Brita jug and the other for my kettle to sit on in their cupboard. I absolutely LOVE your blue one, my favourite colour too.

    1. Thanks so much Sandra. I still haven't had time to finish the blue one but hopefully after this weekend, most of my exhibition obligations will be over. Thanks as always for hosting such a fun party!


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