Friday, May 13, 2022

Conversations - Fibre 15 Exhibition

It's time to announce the upcoming exhibition of the Fibre 15 group. As some of you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I've been finishing up pieces for the show.  


"What is a conversation? Employing a diversity of fibre media, Fibre15 members explore this theme, challenging assumptions about how and what we exchange."

Conversations poster

It's going to be an amazing show. I know that most of you reading this post won't be able to make it, but if you are in the Ottawa area, I think that it'll be worth the ride to the Stone School Gallery (see details in Related links). The show runs from June 3 - 26 (from Thursday to Sunday) with the vernissage on June 3rd. 

Stone School Gallery in Portage-du-Fort, Québec

My pieces in the show

Here are the four pieces that will be in the show.

Please let me play / Laissez-moi jouer SVP

Please let me play

Description: Expressing my desire to play using a dye clean-up rag. 
Conversation: Do we have to wait until retirement to make time to play? 😊

Journey of many paths / Voyage de plusieurs parcours

Journey of many paths

Description: A journey of learning using slow and meditation stitching.  
Conversation: What makes up your journey and what are the roles of learning and reflection within it?

Let them flourish / Laissez-les s’épanouir

Let them flourish is almost finished!

Description: As human beings we must play well with the other creatures on the planet. 
Conversation: What can we do to ensure that all the creatures on Earth are able to flourish?

Best and Worst of Times / Le meilleur et le pire des temps

Best and Worst of Times concertina book

Description: A textile concertina book illustrating my journey through the pandemic. 
Conversation: How did you and your loved ones survive the pandemic?

Teaching a workshop

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be teaching a "Meditation Stitching" course at the Stone School Gallery on June 20, 2022.

Course poster

Signature and Comments Journal for the show

I volunteered to make the journal cover and provide the journal for the exhibition. 

I'm having lots of fun free motion quilting (FMQ) it. I should be able to write up a post soon.

FMQ the journal cover with conversation related words

Action shot 😀

If you want to see the progress of these pieces, you can check out Instagram, or if you  don't have access to it, my Instagram images are on my blog's right side-bar. Just click on the images to see them.

What I learned

  • It takes an incredible amount of work applying for and getting ready for a group show. I'm very grateful for everyone's help in getting this done 😊
  • I'm almost ready for the show.
  • I've finished fixing my concertina book so that it can stand on its own.
  • I only have a little bit of beading left on the Let them flourish piece. I may have overdone it on the owl and may have to re-do part of it.
  • I prepared my Artist Bio / Statement and after I decide on a photo, it will be sent off.
  • I may, or may not, have all four pieces in the show - it will depend on the amount of space we have. Our group's curating team will be figuring that out.
  • There is also a video being created by one of our members. I'll include the link below when it's available 😊
  • What you do think about art as conversation? I'd love to hear from you.

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The almost finished version of Let Them Flourish was featured Muv at Free Motion Mavericks. Thanks!


  1. You have some gorgeous pieces going into the show. It has to feel good to be ready with a bit of time to spare.

    1. Thanks Kate, I'm not quite finished but it will be done with time to spare :-)

  2. Those are beautiful pieces!! Let them flourish is stunning... I mean a moose too? Love that one!! Hope it is a wonderful show!

    1. Thanks so much Alycia. That one really is my favourite...moose, frogs, birds, etc. All wonderfully happy!

  3. Quelle belle production, toutes ces pièces sont plus belles les unes que les autres, bravo !

    1. Merci Frédérique. J'ai bien hâte de partager mes photos de l'exhibition - c'est vraiment superbe!

  4. Hello Andrée, I'm totally bowled over by Let Them Flourish. There's something medieval about it. Congratulations on being in the exhibition - so exciting!

    1. Thanks so much Muv. The exhibition is up and running. We had an amazing turnout for the vernissage. I'm looking forward to writing up a post soon.


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