Thursday, March 22, 2018

Street Art My Way is finished

I am happy to announce the finish of a 2014 UFO, Street Art My Way (aka "Not playing the supporting role!" quilt). It's not one of my oldest UFOs but I'm glad that it's done since it's going to be my quilt to cuddle under when I'm reading in the living room. 😊

Street Art My Way or the "Not playing the supporting role!" quilt

Evening sun highlighting the quilting :-)

My official "List of Quilts" says that I started this quilt in 2014 but I didn't blog about it until July of 2015. By then, I had finished the quilt top, so 2014 sounds very likely.

I've written a few posts about the quilting of this quilt. With its various squares and rectangles, it was a great quilt on which to practice free motion quilting (FMQ). I was able to practice many designs, from pretty rudbeckias, leaves, swirls, feathers, and loops to simply following the fabric's design.
Front and back of Street Art My Way

Using a variation of Angela Walter's Starburst design

Sometimes the FMQ follows the design, and sometimes it creates the design.

Based on the Street Art quilt
What's in a name?

Have you noticed that this quilt somehow has two names? When I cut up the binding for this quilt, I also took the time to prepare a label based on one of the blocks in the quilt. I wrote the name of the quilt on it - "Street Art My Way" since it's based on Mary Patterson's Street Art quilt.  It would seem that the next time I wrote a post on this quilt, I forgot that it already had a name, so I called it "Not playing the supporting role!"quilt based on its origin - since it was supposed to be the backing for my version of the Charley Harper Quilt. When I decided that I didn't want to use it as a backing, I thought that since the quilt hadn't wanted to play a supporting role, that it would be an appropriate name. It may have been appropriate, but it's really awkward - so I'm glad that it's also called "Street Art My Way".
The label is a smaller version
 of one of the blocks

March One Monthly Goal Finish
This quilt is also my March OMG - so it's done. Hooray!

To-do Tuesday: This weekend I need to finish my Scrappy Triangle Quilt since the quilt's "ride" across the country is leaving early next week. I finished the FMQ and now just need to square it up, bind and wash it and photograph it :-)

What I learned
  • I am so happy that I used some of what I learned during the making of this quilt. It just proves that when you reflect and write about what you learned during a project, that it's more likely to stick!
  • Before FMQ the quilt, I cut up all of the binding strips and placed them in a bag next to my sewing machine, so that I knew where it was when I finally needed it.
  • The binding worked out great. I also used a lesson learned while making my version of the Charley Harper quilt. In that quilt, I made a scrappy binding, that included some of the background fabric that was in the quilt. I learned, while taking the pictures of the quilt, that it wasn't such as great idea to use binding of the same colour as the fabric next to it, if the rest of the binding was scrappy. There was one spot where it looked like there was no binding because it just blended in.
  • For the photo shoot today, I went to a park a block from my home. I've been looking at this spot for a while, since it's not always convenient to take the photos at work. I was able to get some pictures today because the sun only sets at 7 pm. It may not feel that much like spring, but having the extra sunlight sure is great. There is hope that spring will be here!

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Project Details

Street Art My Way or "Not playing the supporting role!" quilt
53" x 52"
Materials: cotton 
Techniques: piecing, free motion quilting (FMQ)

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  1. I love your street art quilt Andrée. The FMQ details you show on your blog are really nice.


  2. That looks awesome, and it's a perfect name! I should consult you when I need quilt names

    1. Hi Susan, they sure can be hard to come by. I find that it's really hit and miss. Sometimes inspiration strikes and at other times, not so much.

  3. Your Street Art My Way quilt is wonderful! I like both names too! Thank you so much for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Christine - and I'm happy to say that I reached my goal for this week. It always helps when I don't really have a choice :-)

  4. WOnderful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

    1. Thanks for hosting OMG Patty! I'm really happy with this one.

  5. The picture in the snow really shows off the quilting. Congrats on a finish, it looks like a great quilt to snuggle under!

    1. Thanks Beth. That really was a great picture. I hope I can remember to use the setting sun that way again. It's raining now, so that snow will be gone soon - but I can still snuggle under it!

  6. Looks like a nice cuddle quilt! Congrats on the finish!

    1. Thanks Sharon, it really is a great quilt to cuddle with! The dog loves it too (so it's now also full of blond dog hair!)

  7. Hello Andrée,

    Your quilt is fantastic! I love the picture with the snow - the best possible way of showing how much you need the quilt for snuggling under.

    This is my favourite sort of project - a neglected project that turns out so much better than what you first had in mind because you have gained so much more experience in the meantime. I love the way you have experimented with the quilting patterns, and that the rudbeckias found their way in there!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks - your quilt is this week's featured project!

    Love, Muv


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