Thursday, May 13, 2021

Hexies galore and Free Motion Mavericks

I can't believe  it - I totally forgot that I had a post and a link up due today. I did vaguely think about it this week and then my sleep deprived brain skipped right over it. Such is life these days! 😊 

Hexies galore

In my last hexie related post in February (link below), I mentioned that I wanted to make large hexie flowers around the borders of my mass of hexies. Since then, I've added a couple of them. These help me define the borders so that I can keep adding smaller hexie flowers and other shapes within the body of the quilt. To give you come perspective, it could now be a small lap quilt or a large baby quilt. I think that I would like it to be a large lap quilt, but that could change 😊 

My hexie quilt so far

I love these wonderful soft colours

I really needed more purple!

I've been participating in the #100hexies100days2021 which is organised by @sewfoxymama. She's done an amazing job getting weekly themes and prizes. Thanks!!! Here are this year's themes.

Our themes this year

Theme 1 - Sewer's Choice

In the last couple of years on this challenge, I've seen a few hand-embroidered hexies. I really wanted to do that too! I used slightly bigger hexies that I will incorporate in my Traveller's blanket. All of these are on my hand-dyed or painted fabrics.

Larger embroidered hexies for my Traveller's Blanket

Theme 2 - Treasures

Since I work for Parks Canada, I thought that I would highlight our national treasures - National Historic Sites, National Parks and Marine Conservation Areas. I included the stars because we have a couple of night sky preserves where there is minimal light pollution. The card is one I purchased years ago in Banff, Alberta. It's photographed by Ursula A Krol.

Parks Canada's National Treasures

Theme 3 - Rainbow

One rainbow coloured hexie in the middle is surrounded by colours of the rainbow.

Samandra and rainbow hexies

Chevy is perhaps not as impressed as she could be!

Theme 4 - Party

Reasons to get together and party! The tulips represent the May long weekend and the Ottawa Tulip Festival.

Many of these symbolize events worthy of a party!

Flowers are required at a hexie party!

Theme 5 - Happiness

Happiness is a pet's love - this one is for Chevy!

Hexies with doggy fabrics!

For Chevy who brings lots of happiness to our lives!

Theme 6 - Berry Cute

I don't really have many berry fabrics but with a little imagination, some of these fabrics represent berries. Of course the sun is in the centre since you don't get berries without it!

Berry extravaganza! 

Theme 7 - Black & White

Black and white on a
 black and white background

Theme 8 - I Spy

Lots of fun things for I Spy 

Theme 9 - Big and Small

After looking at my fabrics, I settled on big and small stripes. Both the fish and the frog in the fabric are stripped. My kitchen was a good source of stripped items for the background.

Big & Small stripes

Theme 10 - Hearts

Heart fabric hexies surrounded
by a FMQ heart shaped feather 

Lots of fun hearts 💖

Theme 11 - FairyTale

I don't have much fairytale fabric - so there was a lot of trying to make links to the theme. I broadened the theme to include myths and folklore. See if you can figure out what the fabrics represent! For the chicken, imagine that it's laying a pink diamond egg! 😊 Even Chevy participated by letting me use her gingerbread man as a prop!

The gingerbread man with other
Fairytale or myth related hexies 

Disney - a large influence on modern fairytales

What I learned
  • Kimono Silk Thread
    I wish I had some Shrek fabric for the fairytale theme! I don't have a lot of novelty fabrics but it is possible to make them work with some imagination.
  • The image here is of my white Kimono Silk Thread which I use exclusively for stitching hexies's almost empty!!!
  • I realised that I haven't posted an update on my Traveller's Blanket in ages. It may be slow going but I do work on it occasionally. It's now on my list of things to post about.
  • I was going to say that I need more sleep to stay organised but since I've never been really organised in my may go beyond sleep 😄
  • I have taken out my son's quilt and the fabric to make the borders. We figured out roughly how large it will be. Now I need to actually do it! Reality check - there are three weekends left before the end of May!
  • Update! I had a little huge scare on Friday. My post was deemed to have nefarious coding and disappeared without explanation or trace....and my blog was tagged as dangerous!!! After trying a few things and running a scan of my computer, I just left it in disgust. On Saturday I received an email from Blogger to say that it had removed my post because of the coding... and then later in the day, I got another email saying that upon review, it had been deemed to be ok and replaced.  After a while to cool down, I went into blogger and had to republish the post...everything was ok...phew. I realise that Blogger has to be careful but until I heard from Blogger, I was wondering if my blog had been highjacked or something - I didn't know if I could ever post again....and that made me very sad. I have spent too many years working hard at this to abandon it. Anyway, all is well and I'm so glad that my post and blog is no longer deemed a threat! (Huge sigh of relief!!!)
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Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 331 of Free Motion Mavericks. Thanks to everyone who linked up last time. I hope you had a chance to see them all! I did, however want to highlight Denise's Patchwork Flowers quilt. I just loved those yummy colours - what a feast for the eyes. If you didn't visit, it's never too late.

Denise at For the Love of Geese made this lovely vibrant Patchwork Flowers quilt
Now it's your turn!

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  1. So fun to see your hexies like that. Greetings from Turid in Norway.

    1. Hi Turid, thanks for dropping by. The #100hexies100days is always a fun challenge and keeps me at this very long project. Take care.

  2. Beautiful beautiful hexies, Chevy is really only acting like an introvert but in reality she loves modeling. Thank you for sharing my quilt, I love it so much.

    1. Thanks so much Denise. I'm sure that you're right about Chevy :-) Your quilt is very much worth sharing...and one of my favourites - but then you know me and colour! Take care.

  3. Hexies galore is wonderful.

    1. Gracias Ivani! It's a lovely long-term project and very relaxing. Take care.

  4. I adore your hexie block collection especially the embroidered ones!

  5. Oh, what a fun post, seeing gorgeous hexies hanging out with all manner of props. The photo that made me smile the widest is the one of Chevy modelling a hexie fabulous. All the hexie flowers are pretty, but I particularly love the hexies with the sweet embroidery.

    1. Thanks so much Kim. I love working with hexies but often forget to make them unless I'm in the #100days100hexies challenge. I was finally able to take some pictures of hexies in my garden. Summer is definitely here! Take care.

  6. Qu'ils sont beaux tes hexagones ! Les violets, et les I Spy sont mes préférés ;))
    Quelle aventure avec Blogger, j'espère que ça ne se reproduira pas...

    1. Merci Frédérique. J'aime bien jouer avec mes hexies. Je ne suis pas très consistante mais lorsque je veux faire quelque chose de reposant, c'est parfait. Oui, très épeurant avec Blogger et j'espère que se sera la première et dernière fois!

  7. Hi,
    All your Hexies are awesome...have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much Sherrie. Have a great weekend and take care!

  8. What adorable hexies!! I can't even pick a favorite.

    1. Thanks Chris - they are very addictive and I just love working with all of those great colours! Take care.

  9. All of those hexies are just amazing. I really like the one at the top with all the flower like ones surrounding it - so pretty! and holee cow - I didn't know blogger did things like that I would be panicked too!!

    1. Thanks Alycia. I'm going to add those larger flower ones all around the quilt. The others are flowers too but they are just lost in the sea of colours :-) Yes, that was a scary moment. I'm really glad that it was sorted out. Take care.

  10. What a wonderful collection of hexies. I love all your photos :)

    1. Thanks Janine. It's so much fun taking pictures of these hexies for Instagram. I finally got to take some photos in my garden - it's now summer :-) Take care.

  11. Very fun hexies! You did really well working out the themes from your stash. Happy stitching this week.

    1. Thanks so much Kate. Sometimes I have to be very inventive since my doesn't always contain the fabric called for - but then those are usually the most fun! Take care.


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