Sunday, April 05, 2020

BIG Mandala to help heal the world - PQQ 2020

It would seem that the Project Quilting is not quite over. It's been extended to Project Quilting Quarantine (PQQ) 2020! Same fun stuff but with no sponsors and prizes, so that means that it's a little more flexible (good thing because my project is not quite finished!)

A BIG Mandala to help heal the world

A Mandala is the Sanskrit word for "circle". It can be a very sacred if created by monks, but it can also be a wonderful creation to focus meditation. You may have seen them in colouring books for helping to reduce stress.

I created my BIG Mandala as a meditation tool to help heal the world. It would seem that at this particular time, the inhabitants of this small planet we call home are in need of healing...

I'm going to keep this simple since I have 45 minutes to post before the deadline! I'll include more details in my final post, hopefully within a week or so.

Making a BIG Mandala for PQQ
I've been wanting to make a Mandala for a while. The quilted mandala is loosely based on the article, Patchwork Collage Mandalas by Rebekah Meier in the Quilting Arts magazine of October/November 2018 (see Related links below).

In my research, I found that green in a Mandala is the colour for healing the body and that blue is for self-healing (among other things). That's why I chose to highlight these colours, especially in the scallops.

I also used very specific free motion quilting (FMQ) designs to help to keep it simple (to aid in meditation) and to signify healing.

Quilting symbols that could signify life and healing

Creating hand-stitched cording to match the healing colours; adding
green and blue scallops for healing the body and the self; and
FMQ lotus flowers and the eternal flame.
This is the Mandala so far. It still needs some beading, FMQ around the last circle and some trimming around the edge. I haven't quite figured out the exact finish so I'll be posting again with more details once it's finished.
BIG Mandala to help heal the world

What I learned
  • Well, I still haven't learned to make a deadline when there is an out, but I do want this to be a beautiful finish. I will be using it for meditation.😊
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  1. You created a the basis for a lovely project filled with symbolism. Happy quilting! I'll be looking forward to its completion.

    1. Thank you. It's coming along nicely - it just needs the right beads now.

  2. Just another reason why blue is my favourite hue. Your Mandela is beautiful. Love all those fabrics skipping round and round each other.

    1. Hi Kim, isn't blue and light green wonderful on this? It was a lot of fun to make and I just need to add beads and, if possible, FMQ the last row. There won't be much room left but I'm hoping that leaves that eventually ground me to the earth will be possible.

  3. Very pretty, Andree! Yes, greens and blues just "feel" healing to me, like a peaceful green forest and a clear blue sky. Your mandala is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Rebecca. I just love those greens and blues too! The mandala is almost done - Yeah!

  4. Well aren't those pretty!

  5. Hi Andree! This really has some interesting techniques in it. I just love the round/layer of the green half-circles or petals. Have fun quilting this and enjoy the process. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne, this is really a process kind of project...and it's almost done!

  6. This is beautiful. I love all the details and also the sentiment and intention behind it :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Angela, it's been a lot of fun to make!


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