Monday, September 25, 2017

Learning QAL - September Sum Up

It's that time again. In the next few days we'll find out what participants learned this month as part of the Learning Quilt-A-Long.
My thought for choosing my September goal was to minimize my stress level this month by aiming for something fairly easy to accomplish since I have a quilting deadline in early October. I thought that I would explore and practice a few FMQ sites and try some new things. In hindsight, I was pretty ambitious!

Wild Quilting on Craftsy
I ended up spending almost all of my time exploring the Wild Quilting course with Christina Cameli from Craftsy. That ended up being a very good thing because it gave me the chance to watch the video several times, take notes, practice and then enter what I learned in my FMQ journal.

FMQ journal - Wild Quilting page

I started a journal when I got interested in learning how to write as part of doing art work. I practiced on any piece of scrap paper I could get my hands on, but I wanted to keep a journal of the different styles of writing that I had mastered (sort of). 

I knew that this journal would also be perfect for keeping a record of the FMQ that I was learning.

Focusing on just the Wild Quilting course gave me a chance to do all of that. I now have two and a half pages of notes on Wild Quilting, that I can refer to whenever I like.

In my Lots of projects! post in mid-September, I showed you this little practice piece.
I had also started working on what Christina calls Layered Combinations. These are different designs that are made mostly in a row with lots of echoing and then worked into another row of FMQ designs.
Layered combinations 
When the layered combinations are done, then there are partial combinations and finally it all comes together, mostly around what Christina calls Showboats.
A few Showboats with dense FMQ 
Here is my finished practice piece using Christina Cameli's Wild Quilting. 

Finished practice piece based on Wild Quilting course
FMQ Project 

As a final project, I created a little black and white wall hanging for my niece. I used improvisational piecing and many black and white scraps. 

I started quilting on it with white thread. The bobbin thread was originally a white Bottom Line but when I ran out, I used a taupe one. Not a good idea because I could see the difference. Finally I ended up using the same white thread in the bobbin as in the top.
Improv top with lots of\
negative space to FMQ

Quilt top marked and partially quilted
I've gotten a little further than the quilting in this picture below but it's not going to be ready for today's post (which is almost tomorrow's post!)

You can see in the image that I used a blue FriXion pen to mark some of my showboats. Quilting with white thread on white-on-white fabric is nearly impossible without the marking.

This wall hanging project is my OMG for September. I hope to squeeze in a quick post between now and October 1st.

Don't forget to join us for October's Learning QAL. The Goal Setting post will be up on October 1st. See you then :-)

What I learned
  • I started off quilting my practice piece very densely. I then figured out that this was not really sustainable. I love practicing my FMQ but I also don't want my finished pieces to be as hard as a board! That's when the quilting designs in the Layered Combinations got bigger.
  • Quilting densely is important when you want the un-quilted spaces to stand out. I knew this but for effective FMQ I can't be reminded too often!
  • I quilted the practice piece using a King Tut variegated thread. It looks pretty cool, even if you can't really see it in the photo.
  • When FMQ with white thread on white fabric, it's important to use white thread in the bobbin. The thickness of the thread is secondary to the colour!!! 
  • My white fabric is actually a white on white with a flower design on it. It's the most difficult thing that I've ever quilted since I can't see what I'm quilting because of the white thread. This is one lesson I will remember!
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