Saturday, March 23, 2019

All About Strings preview

I haven't been doing many quilty things this week but now that the weekend is here and that I slept in a bit, I finally have some energy to blog and quilt. Thank goodness for weekend!!!

All About Strings Blog Hop

It begins on Monday! I hope that you'll be joining us for this great blog hop hosted by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks. I can't wait to see everyone's work. I'm sure that they will all be amazing 😊

I've had so much fun playing with my pretty scraps. I'm glad that at some point I decided to clean up my scraps and make strips and squares with them. My box isn't that big but it holds many strips and blocks, more than enough to create this lovely!

I will be posting my strings project on Thursday - so please come back to see the final piece. I challenged myself to create an art quilt that, if finished on time, I could show at Fibre Fling 2019. There is no doubt that it will be finished by Thursday and that it will be in the show on April 5 & 6.
A preview of  my All About Strings Blog Hop piece
The piece is called "Tries to play well with others." Come back and see why!

This week I have to finish my String piece and then add labels and make packing containers for my Fibre Fling pieces. It's going to be a busy weekend and week.

Paint Pouring Fun

Two weeks ago, my artist friend Lyne came to visit. We had a great time talking, eating and of course, making art. This time, I hosted a paint pouring party for my daughter and her friends.

We all chose 3 or 4 colours and then did some paint pouring magic with Lyne's expert guidance. It was a lot of fun. Here are some of the results!

This one is mine - I seem to be in
a purple-pink mood these days!
My daughter used grey, gold, red and blue
I love the way that she didn't cover all of the canvas
It reminds me of an under-sea world.
Doesn't it have an ocean vibe?

Isn't it lovely? I love the yellow peaking through.

These two minis were made
from the leftover paint!

Free Motion Mavericks

If you've been busy free motion quilting, don't forget to link up to Free Motion Mavericks. It's Muv's turn and the link-up is open until Sunday midnight.

After that, come and link-up with me on Thursday. It's going to be a very busy post since it will include both the All About Strings blog hop and Free Motion Mavericks!

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  1. What an intriguing name for your quilt. I look forward to seeing why you named it so. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Lyne. The paint pour artworks look amazing!!


  2. Looking forward to all of the All About Strings blog posts. Thanks for the reminder! Those Paint Pourings are AWESOME and I bet you all had a ton of fun.

  3. Paint pouring is something I can watch forever... it's so mesmerizing! Yours turned out great! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Andrée, you are such a tease!

    From the photo of the strings quilt I was expecting something huge, and now I've seen the pictures of the finished article and find out it is a big mini. It's gorgeous!

    The paint marbling looks tremendous fun, something I have never been lucky enough to try. I know it wasn't a competition, but to my mind your daughter is the winner. I have been staring at all the rippling blues and reds and see it as reflections in a harbour.

    Love, Muv


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