Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Getting ready for Fibre Fling 7

Fibre Fling 7 (April 6 & 7)

Fibre Fling is an annual show and sale for the Out of the Box Fibre Artists. This year, I will have 4 entries in the show.

It's great that I have a venue to show my Art with Fabric pieces. Last spring and fall pieces will be there, as well as my two art quilts - the one I created for Canada's 150th and the other based on my trip earlier this year.

All four pieces have a sleeve to hang them, but two don't have labels yet. I also have to buy wire for the rods this weekend. There is very little left to do to get ready :-)

Reason & Passion made for Art with Fabric, Spring 2017 

Canada 150 Art Quilt

Gaia, Mother Earth made for Art with Fibre, Fall 2017
Isles Canarias
If you're in the area, I hope that you'll drop by to Fibre Fling 7. All of the art pieces are wonderful. They are such a talented group! On Saturday the ladies from the Church where we hold the show will be serving High Tea. It's always great and well worth it.

Missing labels....
What I learned

  • Getting ready for Fibre Fling 7 is much easier now since it`s my third show. I know what to expect, and because of Art with Fibre, I always have at least 2 pieces to put into the show.
  • I am getting better at making sleeves as part of finishing my art quilts. I often don`t think about the labels until I either give it away or I have to get it ready for a show.
  • I've done it again :-( I prepared a label for my Reason & Passion quilt while I was doing the photo transfer technique for Gaia, Mother Earth. I have the pictures as proof that I did it, but haven't found it yet. There's only a couple of places left to look. If I don't find it in the next couple of days, I'll have to make another one.

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  1. Congrats to you on four entries! Wish I was close by to come see them in person - you did a great job!

  2. Thanks so much Susan. It seems like ages ago - it was a great show.


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