Friday, February 03, 2017

Working in a Series

Escape 1:  Warmer Climates
I've made progress in the World Quilting Travel Adventure, but just as I love to get sidetracked when I travel, I also seem to take long meandering paths when I quilt!

I have finally finished the souvenir from Hawaii, which was our second destination. The flower on the bottom, designed by JoJo, is a plumeria, which is use to make a Lei.

World Quilting Travel Adventure
with JoJo Hall

Added a beaded butterfly

You can read all about the making of this project in my Catching up on World Quilting Travel Adventure post (see Featured Links at the end of the post).

In that post, I wasn't quite finished hand quilting the project. The butterfly in the picture is new. I just found a butterfly shape on the internet to guide the beading.

Since I like meandering, I am making a second (and hopefully a third) Escape art quilt. I'll be following the same idea for the background - a few pieces of fabric that will be sewn in an improvisational manner and then some quilting and embellishment.

Here is the second Escape art quilt.
Escape 2: English Garden

I found some interesting fabrics in my stash, including these beautiful linen pieces that my brother got me from Paris.

I also had a scarf that I wanted to add to the piece, but unlike the delicate silk scarf in Escape 1, this one was thick and rich. Part of the scarf is being draped at the top like a curtain while the fringe is at the bottom.

I also used fabric from a top whose fabric was too beautiful to get rid of. It's used in the triangles and flower on the right.

Escape 2: English Garden still needs to be embellished
The piece is now quilted. As with Escape 1, I used some beautiful Kimono Silk thread with Bottom Line in the bobbin. I FMQ following the fabric. For the red linen, I FMQ some vines in a matching thread. Sometimes I could barely see where I had been, but I really love the effect.

I had a great time learning to make fabric flowers with Melanie Ham on YouTube. The stiffer linen flower is very different from the flower made with the fabric from the top. I'm still not sure how I'm going to embellish this piece. I'll finish it when I'm inspired. I also have some pink quartz pieces that should go well.


I've been working on the hexis to make the Canada souvenir - the northern lights or aurora borealis. Since I got into hexis and wanted to make more, I now have quite a few to choose from. Again, I want to incorporate these into a fibre art piece.

Original placement for hexies
Original placement for hexies
I found a postcard and a calendar picture to help me place the hexies. I also want to use some of the amazing dyed cheesecloth in the piece as well this black background.

Hexies to represent Northern Lights
New placement for hexies
My son kept looking at my design of hexies and didn't like it. So I challenged him to come up with something else. This is his placement. I really like it and am going to use it.

Linking the hexies together using JoJo Hall's Technique
Linking the hexies together using JoJo Hall's Technique

I'm now linking the hexies together, using JoJo Hall's technique. Check out her tutorial video. The thread is invisible and she shows us how to even out the hexies. It truly is amazing, especially for someone like me, whose hexies are never the same size.

Finally, here are my goals for February that I will be posting on "One Monthy Goal".

  1. To FMQ this colourful batik lap quilt for my brother (the one who got me fabric in Paris) - this is my OMG!
  2. To finish embellishing Escape 2: English Garden,
  3. To finish the Northern Lights hexies art quilt.
  4. To make the next block for the Growing Up QAL

Batik Lap Quilt Top

What I learned:

  • I've been enjoying doing handwork. It`s nice to be able to work quietly outside of my quilting room.
  • I am also enjoying working in a series - to use some of the same basic steps but in different ways.
  • It was great doing FMQ on Escape 2 - it had been too long since the last time. I need to do more of this - I guess that's where the Batik Lap Quilt comes in!
  • I'm really trying to keep the expectations to a minimum. Since none of these projects have any deadlines, the One Quilting Goal is just for fun! 

Featured Links:

Project Details:
Escape 1: Warmer Climates
11" x 16½"
Materials: cotton, silk scarf and thread, embroidery floss, beads.
Techniques: painted, FMQ, hand embroidered, beaded, hand quilted.


  1. Those hexies are so beautiful and bright. You have many goals for February. Good luck meeting them!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think those hexies are going to be great. I'm just putting all of it together now. Just might be made by the end of the month!

  2. Pretty hexies. Thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project. (You should just pick one of your February projects as your OMG goal.)

    1. Thanks Patty. I've edited my post and made one of the goals my OMG.

  3. You are definitely having fun! Thanks for sharing all the pretties on Midweek Makers

  4. Your projects are all amazing! You are very artistic.

    1. H Bobbi, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a message - I'm very glad to be following you now :-)

  5. Hello Andrée,

    I agree it's always a good idea to work in a series - that way you can see how your ideas develop. The bead work is really pretty!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

    1. Hi Muv. Thanks! I'm really working on getting my beading and embroidery looking better. I find that it adds so much to an art quilt.

  6. You've done an outstanding job on all of your art. I love them all. I hope to get Israel to you tomorrow!

  7. Thanks Jojo. I'm loving our travel adventure :-) I'm going to try to finish the Tea Room and then it's that amazing bird from Israel!


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