Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Spending Quality Time Slow Stitching

It's already February although outside it feels like spring is in the air. 🌞 Frankly I don't mind if spring comes a few times this year 😊! I've done quite a bit of slow stitching this week and it's been lovely. 

Lots of Hexies

This summer, the #100hexies100days2023 challenge started in August. I started off well but life really got in the way in the fall. Lets face it, 100 days is pretty long! On Instagram, I made it to week 11 with hexies of fruits since I didn't have enough berry fabric 😁 I did make 3 more hexie flowers with Christmas scraps but never did post them. That gets me to week 14 which is one week shy of the 15 for the challenge. I can live with that.

Berries and fruit for week 11

Christmas hexies for three more weeks

These hexie flowers haven't been added to the rest of my scrappy hexie blanket yet because I wanted to fix my very wonky side. This image shows it best. If the top row is relatively even, then the side row is really, really off. 

Side row of double hexie flowers are off!

I undid the last three double hexie flowers. It's not perfect but it's better than it was.

I won't be winning any prizes for accuracy but it's a little better!

This is how much extra hexies I had to add before stitching the double hexie flowers back. 

Trying to make the edge a little straighter

I worked on these hexies for a few days. Since I'm dog sitting Poppy this week, I'll keep working on adding these hexie flowers and making more double flowers.

Daily Meditation Stitching

Actually, this is no longer daily and not always meditative but it is stitching! You may remember the hand-woven tablecloth from Turkey that I'm stitching.  It is coming along, but instead of daily, it's more in spurts.

It's not daily but I did ensure that I stitched the 24th block for my daughter's 30th birthday!

Celebrating my daughter's 30th birthday!

Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order. Sometimes I was experimenting and other times just stitching and playing with the thread.

Playing with variegated thread

Experimenting with variations of the fly stitch

Trying out battlement stitches


Trying to make fly and chain stitches work together.
I haven't succeeded yet!

One Monthly Goal

I have two objectives this month - to quilt my girlfriend's quilt and to finish Falling Swirling Leaves 3. My February OMG is the Falling Swirling Leaves 3 quilt. I worked on it and appliquéd all of the leaves. It's now ready to quilt!
A great way to remember the size of the 
zig-zag stitch that I'm using for the appliqué

A couple of the leaves appliquéd

Exhibition - Chez Lucien Restaurant in Ottawa

Some members of the Out of the Box (OOTB) Fibre artists are exhibiting at the Chez Lucien Restaurant in the market. I have a wonderful lunch with my girlfriend, and we were surrounded by some very lovely art. 

Wall art at Chez Lucien

Do you recognize the birds in Home to Feed?

What I learned
  • If it looks like I have trouble establishing a routine, especially when it comes to stitching, then looks are not deceiving. I've never been a routine person, so why would I expect to be one now?
  • I don't need a plan to stitch or quilt every day because that is what I do - and when I don't, it's usually because I need a rest. I am learning to listen to my body.
  • I do know that I have to bring more interesting thread from the studio to the living room where I do all of my slow stitching. That does help me stay motivated.
  • I undid the double flowers on the hexie blanket and then proceeded to stitch them back pretty much the way that they had originally been. The problem is that they look like they are in a straight line. It's just compared to the other line that they are not straight. Besides, try to make a straight line with hexies! 😁 
  • I had a wonderful lunch at Chez Lucien. It's so cool to see my art on the wall! The other members of the OOTB also had some great pieces.
  • Poppy is not impressed with me - I've been writing this post instead of playing with her! Thank goodness that a few treats will set things right.
  • Did you see the Project Quilting challenge this week? The theme is inside out. I really have to think this one through!

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  1. I really like your "what I learned" section. Good luck with your stitching goals this month.

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie. I find that if I don't write it down, I'm so likely to forget....and as I re-read my posts, I might even remember!

  2. Quel travail ces hexies ! Bravo pour défaire et remettre d'aplomb, ça ne semble pas simple ! Tes hexies sont beaux en tout cas, avec ces thèmes de saison. J'aime beaucoup aussi ta couverture, et les 30 étoiles pour l'anniversaire de ta fille !
    Merci pour le partage ;)

    1. Merci Frédérique. C'était moins de travail à refaire la section que je m'attendais. Bonne semaine.

  3. I think your scrappy hexie project is fabulous, Andree! Just keep adding hexies to that top left area (4th picture from the top) and it will square up eventually.

    1. Thanks Diann, now that it's not as wonky, that's exactly what I'm doing. One day, it will get done but thank goodness there is no hurry for it!

  4. I smiled at your comment that stitching is not always meditative; I can certainly relate to that. =) Oodles and oodles of hexies is always a joyous sight. You'll fix the wonkiness. I think this quilt is going to be fabulous, Andree.

    1. Thanks so much Kim for your kind words and encouragement. Take care.

  5. I loved your what I learned section! I too find listening to my body will help me make better progress on a project rather than pushing through until I hurt myself! Your hexagon project is amazing!!!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

    1. Thanks so much Terry. I guess that it's important to reflect on what we learn and hopefully actually learn from it :-)


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