Monday, March 30, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching and Virtual Challenges

Hi! I hope that this post finds you all safe, healthy and just as importantly, enjoying some quilting or stitching time.

Community Stitch Challenge

This week I joined the Community Stitch Challenge on Facebook. The event is organised by and the first challenge this week was given to us by Sue Stone.

Sue Stone is an amazing textile artist who works mostly with simple stitches, embroidering scenes of everyday life. She teaches many courses and one of her exercise is to stitch four samples using only one type of stitch. This was the first challenge. She had a short video explaining the challenge as well as a set of worksheets explaining the exercise with examples and notes.

Running stitch sampler using a variety of thread
Running Stitch sampler using various threads
I started the sampler by making the top green stitches. I started with the middle diagonal line. I got very quickly bored with that while realizing that making stitches that matched was harder than it looked. I'm happy to say that by the time I was finished, I could stitch in even(ish) rows. As you can guess, by the fourth square I was tired of filling in all of the space and I played with weaving some of those stitches within each other.

On Friday, Sue Stone did a Q&A session on Facebook. I missed it but I'm very happy to say that it was recorded, so that was a lovely way to pass my Sunday afternoon.

After this exercise, I was inspired to stitch a couple of meditation blocks. Since I had been working with running stitches all week, I continued this in my blocks. They're not the best I've done but it isn't about good, but about meditation.

Experimenting with running stitches on a meditation block
Experimental meditation stitching block
 I like this one - it now has some interesting texture, just not so square :-)

Running stitches around and inside a patterned piece
Adding running stitches to a patterned fabric

On and off I've been working on some larger blocks to practice my embroidery stitches. This one is a chain stitch block. I love working with the hexies. It's a work in progress. I'll be adding some of the many chain stitch variations.

A chain stitch block with hexies in progress
Chain stitch block in progress
Have a good week. Stay healthy and sane.

What I learned
  • As I mentioned, I got bored quickly when I was trying to get those first stitches to match in a row. I guess part of my boredom is my frustration of not being able to do something. However, I just ended up changing direction and making my stitching area smaller. I think that this may have made it easier to stitch more even rows of running stitches. 
  • I joined the Facebook page of the group. I'm not a fan of Facebook and usually avoid it but it was really nice to look at everyone's stitching. There was some pretty cool stuff there.
  • The next challenge will be announced on Monday, March 30. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's next 😊
  • It's wonderful doing slow stitching when I'm in the mood. It usually takes me a while to relax enough to enjoy it.
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What's on this week
  • Watching and then making the second challenge, a stitched collage, with Cas Holmes on the Community Stitch Challenge. 
  • Continue working on my son's version 2.0 of his grandmother's quilt.
  • Make a whole bunch of face masks for my sister-in-law and anyone else I know who needs them.
  • Have a great quilting / creative / stitching week. 😊
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  1. I have no doubt by the ending of stitching your pretty sample all your stitches were perfect! I love what you stitched. Love those sweet little hexies, but then I would, wouldn't I. =) The sweet stitching on each one is such fun.

    1. Thanks Kim - not perfect but perfectly acceptable :-) I love adding hexies to random stuff. For some reason, they make me smile. Have a good week :-)

  2. That sounds like a fun challenge. I love all your stitching and the hexies too :)

    1. Hi Janine, these are all great challenges. I'm really appreciating the slow stitching to help with the stress.

  3. Hi Andree! Oh, your stitching looks fabulous. Great job! Step back and look at the overall picture - it is so pretty. And those cute little hexies - they kind of remind me of kites flying in the Spring wind. Thanks so much for linking up this week and stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Hi Roseanne, thanks for your, as usual, lovely comments. You always make my day :-)

  4. Your practice hexie project stole my heart - seriously. :) It looks so playful and fun! Your post made me smile. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Miaismine. We both have a special place in our hearts for hexies, don't we? I'm looking forward to getting back to them.

  5. Oh how wonderful! I love this idea of meditation stitching!

  6. Hello Andrée, I've been staring at your running stitches, and I just KNOW I would have pulled them too tight and ended up with a piece of corrugated cloth. I can tell from here that you are a more relaxed stitcher than I am!

    1. Hi Muv, yes, I tend to only stitch when I'm in the mood, otherwise I can never stitch. I'm finding that the more I do, the more that they are coming along with little effort. I'm going to try to learn a couple of slightly more complicated stitches well enough that I don't have to look them up every time!


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