Sunday, September 09, 2018

Throwback Thursday - My first fiber art piece

Sandra at mmm! Quilts is hosting Throwback Thursday and here is my short post.

My first fiber art piece

Last month I was going through some old family photos and found, as far as I know, my first mixed media fiber art piece. It's got collage, fabric, lace, cardboard, paper and poetry. It was made at school 😊 and was a valentine card for my parents.

First mixed media fiber art piece made by yours truly

It even has poetry!
When my daughter saw it, she was pretty amazed. I still have the same handwriting and the poem wasn't too bad :-)

What I've learned

  • I wander why my artistic talent wasn't spotted right away? Seems to me it was obvious for everyone to see :-) With a little more encouragement, I could have been the next Wordsworth or Renoir!
  • That's OK. How could anyone have known that I had the spark of an artist in my soul? It's only taken me 55 years to figure it out - so I'm not surprised that it wasn't obvious - except to my dad, who kept this for me.😊

Linking parties
I am linking this post to mmm! Quilts' Throwback Thursday. I'm also linking this post to other link-up parties. Let's go see what everyone is up to! Off the Wall Friday, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, Design Wall Monday, Moving it Forward,

Also, don't forget to come by next month to participate since I'll be hosting Throwback Thursday for Sandra on Thursday, October 4th.


  1. Aw c'est si précieux, ton poÚme! I clicked to enlarge it so I could read it. Did you speak French at home? How I wish I had, but neither parent spoke French, but for some reason I had a profound love of French from being 4 and watching Thierry La Fronde or something on TV... Love this wee Valentine and the sentiment within. Thanks for linking up and for hosting next month! ;-)

  2. That is so sweet. It's never too late to find your inner artist. You were a skilled artisan for sure. It's very tidy.


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