Sunday, September 30, 2018

September endings

What a month! I'm really glad that I was able to blog at the beginning of the month because somehow life got in the way :-) 

100 Hexies in 100 Days 2018

I have to report on my #100 hexies in 100 days since this is one of the few things that I've done in the last couple of weeks.

Week 5 - 30's Prints

Since I don't have many 30's prints, I bought a package of Riley Blake's Vintage Adventure 5" charm squares. Aren't they perfect?
Hexie and a creeping white rose

Week 5 - 30's prints
Week 6 - Micro mini things

I found some interesting fabrics with small things on them. Since my hexies are only 3/4", almost anything that fits is micro!

Week 6 - Small stuff

Week 7 - Nautical

I've used many of these fabrics for the critters and the summer fun. I dug a little deeper in my stash to find a few different ones. You can see from my total lack of effort in making this a nautical theme photo that I was in the middle of deadlines. I think my post was also late :-(

Week 7 - nautical
Week 8 - Love

Love has many faces - symbols and words of love, love of dogs, books, quilting
and finally the love of mother and flowers (that's her dress fabric). I was really happy to find this heart quilted on my table runner - that made the photo shoot much easier! 
Love - over a FMQ feathered heart

The many faces of Love of week 8
Hexies sewn together

We have 15 weeks in the 100 hexies in 100 days, so we're more than half way there. I've been sewing these up together to make a very scrappy quilt. It's coming along, but could take a while to get enough hexies to make a quilt of any size :-)


It's DrEAMi! time at mmm! Quilts. These are Squirrel projects (Drop Everything And Make it!) that either catch our interest or special requests that come our way. I'm very grateful that I don't have too many special requests but my daughter asked me to make her a case for her laptop a few months ago. I guess I needed a deadline to make it - and since she left for Venice on Friday, it was time.😊

Jeannine chose the fabrics and I made it. The mustard yellow and grey go really well together. I'm quite pleased that it turned out since I didn't follow a pattern.
Laptop case front

Laptop case closed
I just used Velcro to close the flap.
Laptop case  - it actually fits! 
Wandering Camera

I love participating in the Wandering Camera photo link-up. There is always some amazing photos to see. This month I don`t have an art quilt made from a photo, so I just want to share a photo I took of some lovely clover. There's no real story here except that these pink beauties stood out as I walked.

I'm not sure if it will ever become an art quilt, but you never know when inspiration will hit. I also like to take pictures of pretty things just because looking at them makes me smile 😊

Red clover
T-shirts & dresses for a quilt
October's One Monthly Goal

I have some t-shirts and dresses from my friend's daughter that I promised to make into a lap quilt. The t-shirts have already been cut. Now I have to cut the dresses up to use the fabric and the frills and design it. I'll be using some pink and purple Kona solids for the sashing and possibly some backgrounds if it's required. By the end of October, I want to have the quilt top finished!

Throwback Thursday

I'll be hosting Throwback Thursday for October this week (October 4, 2018), which is usually at Sandra's of mmm! Quilts. Please come check it out and link up a post of something you made pre-blog, or that you just didn't get around to posting.

What I learned
  • I really, really need to slow down with these deadlines. I guess if my daughter hadn't been getting ready to leave for 3 months, it might have been less hectic.
  • However, I have taken the next 3 days off. I've had a great time this weekend cooking a little, doing some minor cleaning at my own pace and generally enjoying life. That's a very good thing and I plan on doing more of the same, with quilting and sewing added to the mix. 😊
  • I'm looking forward to doing some quilting - maybe even stuff that isn't planned. My daughter has taken some pictures of Venice and I absolutely need to make an art quilt. Nothing fancy but I'd love to make a few from her pictures for her to remember her trip by (even if I don't give her all of them :-)  ).
  • October is going to be a busy month, mostly because I have my Art with Fabric piece to make. I've gotten the idea, now I just need to figure out how to execute it simply (famous last words!!!)
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  1. That 100 hexies in 100 days sounds like a great way to get them done. Maybe when I am done with circles, I will move to hexies. The laptop case turned out wonderfully.

    1. Hi Shasta, the 100 hexies have been a lot of fun, especially after the more grueling Kingfisher Stitch-along, which I'm far from finished - however it will look fabulous when finished!

  2. I didn’t realize how small those hexies are until I saw the micro mini things. Wow!
    I like the laptop case, especially how you did the flap. Thanks for the reminder that Throwback Thursday is coming up.

    1. Thanks JanineMarie. Yes those hexies are small - that's what I started EPP with, when I didn't know better :-)
      See you at Throwback Thursday!

  3. And I thought my September was busy … yes, sometimes we do need to just stop and smell the … clover!!!

    1. Hi Angie. It would seem that the clover is all I stopped to smell. I'm still getting over my September - what a whirlwind :-)

  4. Your hexies are lovely, and what a great laptop case.
    Clover a sweet little plant that’s often overlooked; I love the colour.

    1. Thank you so much Dixie. Clover with it's lovely soft colour and individual petals are so beautiful.

  5. Pretty hexies, love your fussy cut! J'aime beaucoup le Faces of love, et le Nautical, superbes !

  6. Oh look at all those hexies! what fun!

  7. Love all those hexies playing nicely together. What a fun project. Your laptop cover is lovely. Love those colours and fabrics.

    1. Thanks Kim. I think that hexies love company and usually play nice :-) The laptop cover fabric was my daughter's choice. I'm glad that they played nice together too!

  8. Beautiful hexies, love the fussy cutting. Your laptop cover is perfect, great colours. Great photo of the clover flower, always good to take photos just because!

  9. Your hexies are darling, and your laptop cover looks great! That's on my Gotta Do Someday list, too.

    1. Thanks Rebecca. Good luck with your Gotta Do Someday list - it is ever expanding :-)

  10. wow!!
    I am so impressed with all your assortment of hexies!
    I also love the laptop case too!
    awesome job!

    thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks so much Brooke for you comment - and for hosting the link-up. It's always so much fun :-)

  11. Good luck with the tee shirt quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

    1. Thanks Patty. It's taken me almost the whole month to reply to your comment. It would seem that this month the quilting won out over the blogging :-)

  12. I love looking at your hexies, they are always so varied. The books and the puppy are my favourites in this set. Your daughter chose beautiful fabrics for the laptop case. I know she is having a wonderful time in Venice. I can definitely see an art quilt in the clover photo. Beautiful capture.

    Thank you so much for the compliment and for linking up on Wandering Camera :)


  13. You certainly are a whirl wind of activity. It sounds like you're having loads of fun, too. That's great. :-)

  14. That laptop case is so pretty! Love that main grey fabric!

  15. Love the one with the 30's prints - just too sweet!

  16. Love the nautical hexies. All your hexies are great but I especially liked these. Good luck with your OMG.


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