Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cleaning up and procrastinating

Block 3 - Still Missing!
I pretty much have the house to myself this week, and instead of relaxing like I should, I've started to clean my quilt studio (aka bedroom). It's not really that messy, it's just that I have no idea where I've put stuff.

For example, I'm about to send out a search party for my first three blocks of the Growing Up QAL. I have proof that I did them, since I posted the pictures, but I still haven't found them.

Block 2 - Have you seen it?
Block 1 - Hasn't been seen in months!

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to solve the mystery of the missing blocks by the end of the week. They are definitely in a good place, which remains unknown at this time.

So not only am I cleaning up, but I'm writing down where things are. I realise that this will get outdated quickly, but at least it will be a start!

There are no photos of the cleaning process since it gets worse before it gets better - right?

Beautiful botanicals book
I got sidetracked when I found a cool project. Once upon a time, I had illusions of doing hand appliqué. That didn't last very long, but I had started cutting out fabric for a daisy from Deborah Kemball's beautiful book.

The petals I had cut out were a pastel blue. I thought I would take a few minutes to find some fabric from my scraps for the leaves and stem. Well, I guess I was in a whimsical mood because I totally re-interpreted my appliqué.

I had a great time choosing fabrics for the petals. I even cut up the larger leaf into three so that I could get more fabric on there! Of course the zig-zag stitch was a life saver. I also got to use my Kimono silk threads :-)

Whimsical Daisy
I'm not sure what I`ll do with this block, but it's bound to find a home someday. Of course, now I have to put it away in a place that I will remember write down!

I hope you're having a great week.

What I learned
  • There is nothing worse than a good place to put something. It means that it may never be found again!
  • The daisy block was a procrastination for cleaning - which is also a procrastination....for dyeing fabric!
  • I'm really glad that I made something from the Beautiful Botanicals book. I keep buying these beautiful books. I hope someday to make a project that mixes the appliqué with embroidery....Life is just too short!

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  1. I feel your pain! I have finally resorted to keeping bins and boxes for UFOs. I put the projects in big ziplock bags. Before I put them away I enter them in a spread sheet which gives me some basic info -- date started, what needs to be done next and where it is stored. Of course some stuff gets shoved into the bins without a note on the spreadsheet. But I have notes like in box 3 (yep, I've numbered them.) Or in bin 1. I think I have numbered all the various boxes/bins sequentially. Every couple of years I go through all the ufos. I've been able to move items out like the fabric and the pattern I had for a table runner that wasn't enough fabric for the pattern. It is an never ending process. And, I move things off the spread sheet when finished.

    1. Hi Bonnie, yes, it is never ending isn't it? I didn't want to use a computer to keep track of my projects because the computer isn't near my quilts! So far the inventory has really paid off. When I dyed some cheesecloth I was able to find the ones that I had bought and put them all together, in their own bin with other hand dyed fabrics (mine and dyed by other people).

  2. Nice to know i am not the only one who puts projects in "never-to-be-found places! Good luck tracking them all down! Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy! I've cleaned up half of my room and still haven't found them. I guess when they are ready to be found, they will let me know!

  3. You know the key to finding those blocks is to stop looking for them, right? Seems like that works for me anyway! I always interpret other designs "my own" way, too. I really like the fabrics you chose for that appliqué.

    1. Hi Sandy, I'm starting to think that you're right. I've cleaned up most of my stuff and they are still hiding! I can rarely complete a project by only following the instructions - but then I guess that's what being creative is all about!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks BillieBee! Playing with bright fabrics makes me happy :-)

  5. I really enjoy reorganizing my craft room - I have a paltry stash though. So it makes it easier.
    I just adore your whimsical daisy ~

    1. Thanks Tami. It wasn't really the fabric stash that gave me the problems but all those other bits! After re-organising everything I have more UFO's piled up on my end table than before!

  6. Such a pretty daisy! I do hope you find the Growing Up QAL blocks. Maybe there're with the remaining fabrics?

    1. Hi Susan. I'm still looking for those blocks. Not with the remaining fabrics cause the're all together with the blocks...except those three. I guess they went on a walk-about (without me!)


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