Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Classy and Scrappy 2

First placemat - Classy side
In May I made a placemat for a dear friend. She liked it so much that she asked for a second one :-)
First placemat - Scrappy side

Of course I couldn't make two identical placemats...that would be boring, but they do match!

Simply Strips Placemats
by Cindi Edgerton

For this second placemat, I used some of the original fabric, some new fabric, as well as fabric from the same line. I looked in my collection of placemat and table runner patterns (yes I have one of those!) and found a Little Bits Simply Strips Placemats by Cindi Edgerton. The pattern includes six different designs for foundation paper piecing strips.

Second placemat - Classy side

Foundation paper pieced strip

This was the first time that I did foundation paper piecing with the pattern printed on "dressmaker" weight tissue paper. Although it was a little more fragile, it worked out fine.

For the scrappy side, I went even more improvisational. I love sewing fabrics together, cutting them up and then sewing them back together at crazy angles. I also included a "T" for Tipi (my friend's name). That was the only planning I did!

Second placemat - Scrappy side
I free motion quilted (FMQ) this placemat with the same overall design of small flowers as well as quilting in the ditch around the foundation paper pieced strip.

Details of improvisational piecing
What I learned
  • I looked at the pictures from the blog post to remind me of the pattern and the fabrics I had originally used. Too bad I didn't re-read the actual post before quilting it. I couldn't remember what thread I had used but didn't check the post because I don't usually mark it down. Oh well!
  • Did I mention that I LOVE doing improvisational piecing? I think it had been too long since I had just played around. To me this is the ultimate play time.
  • As I mentioned in my last post, I spent most of my week sorting and inventorying all of my quilting fabric and supplies. As you can see, Chevy helped by chilling out and staying out of my way! BTW, I haven't found those blocks yet :-( Maybe if I stop looking...
Chevy napping while I clean!
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Project Details
Classy & Scrappy placemat
20" x 13"
Classy side - Little Bits Simply Strips Placemats by Cindi Edgerton
Materials: cotton
Techniques: piecing and improvisational piecing, FMQ

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  1. Scrappy side and classy side are both pretty!

    1. Thanks Sandy. It's so much fun making these little projects!

  2. Too bad Chevy isn't a hunting dog and you can't let him smell the fabric you used in the blocks and then sniff them out for you. =) The reversible placemats are a great idea. Good learning. =)

    1. Thanks Susan. Chevy might be able to pick up the trail of another dog, or food, but fabric just doesn't do anything for her...too bad :-)

  3. :) I love that your placemats have a "Classy" and a "Scrappy" side. Improv piecing is fun, isn't it?

    1. Thanks Dione. Yes, improv piecing is just so darn fun. You can't go wrong, and if you don't like it, you just chop it away. How cool is that?!!


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