Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August Finishes

Growing Up QAL with Alida
It's been a huge month of finishes. And here I was worried that nothing would get done!

Growing up QAL for August
Getting block 8 done on time!

I had to write this post to link up my finished Growing up QAL block which is a Bargello block. This was the first time that I had done one, although I have admired them from afar for a long time.   
Block 8 - Bargello
I love the gradual changes in colour but I knew that it wouldn't be easy. I'm sure that if you're piecing is accurate and your good at following directions that it's not so bad. But since I'm not so great at both of these things, there was a lot of re-arranging of blocks behind the scene! But it's done and I'm very proud. Thanks Alida for this learning opportunity.

I've posted all of my finishes but if anyone has missed them, here's a recap.

One Monthly Goal for August

I managed to finish my August goal early! It was my lovely Hexie Table Topper.

I've been working on a few ideas for more hexies. After playing around I figured out that I like the pieces that have some consistency in the colour combinations.

I've been making more hexies with at least 6 hexies of the same fabric, so that I'll have at least one flower of the same colour. I love playing around with combinations and should have a few ideas to show you soon.
Neutral Lap Quilt FMQ block

One Monthly Goal for July

My goal for July was to finish quilting and binding my Neutral Lap Quilt - Take 5 Loves Coffee Milk. It didn't happen in July, but I did finish it this week. I only have to make a label for it. I'll be posting the results of this project within the next couple of weeks!

Learning QAL Goal for August

Whimsical Daisy appliqued block

Finally my goal for the August Learning QAL was to dye my own fabric. I was very good at procrastinating! I cleaned up and inventoried my quilting supplies, made an cute applique block and finished the second Classy and Scrappy placemat!
Classy side of the placemat

But I did it! I finally got my act together and dyed my own fabric!

It took quite a while to get it to dry but it's done. Now I just have to make something with that amazingly colourful fabric :-)

I couldn't resist - I took a picture of Chevy watching me lay out the fabric to dry on the lawn. She was not impressed with the fact that I wouldn't let her join me outside! Can you image a hand-dyed doggy?
Chevy - not allowed to play
with the dyed fabric!

What I learned

  • Procrastinating can be very productive. Maybe not for the project you're supposed to make, but for everything else that you procrastinate with!
  • I was getting tired of making hexies with no goal in mind. Now that I've picked out a few fabrics to make a few hexies from, it's given me some encouragement. I can't wait to see what combinations I can come up with. It's like making a puzzle but with fabric - how can it get any better?
  • I've been thinking about my month of September since I have an Art with Fabric Blog Hop coming up in early October. I hope that I'm not being overly ambitious but only time will tell!
  • I also have to come up with a learning goal for the September Learning QAL. The easy thing would be to make the Art with Fabric piece the goal, but then I wouldn't be showing it off till two weeks later, so I don't think that's going to work. Well, I have a day to think about it. No pressure :-)
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  1. Hi Andrée,
    I love your bargello block. I have never tried to make one, but I am admiring yours from afar. You did a fabulous job. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne. It takes a little more accuracy than I generally have, but I do love the placement of colours. Who knows, maybe one day there's a quilt in that?

  2. Nice pink bargello for the Growing Up QAL - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Susan. I like your blue, red and white one. It's a slightly different look with the blocks doubled, but it worked out great!

  3. I think you did a great job with the color variation in the bargello block! It looks fantastic and I am happy that you enjoyed the challenge. Thanks for being part of the QAL!!

    1. Thanks Alida. The placement of the colours that I planned didn't happen. I think I may have turned a couple of sewn blocks when I attached them. It's a good thing that they were roughly the same value or there would have been even more ripping out :-)

  4. I love your pink bargello block. It's so pretty. You've accomplished a lot this month.

  5. Great job blending the colors for your block.

    1. Thanks Jasmine. I really like they way the block turned out.


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