Thursday, April 06, 2023

Beautiful Ice on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 425 of Free Motion Mavericks. I've been mostly hiding in my books this past while, so I'll share with you some lovely pictures of our ice storm and my microwave fabric bowls or cozies. 

All that glitters

I'm sure that everyone in the area is hoping that this is our last ice storm. It was beautiful from inside, until we lost power last night. Then it was just cold and miserable. 

From my dining room window yesterday afternoon

The back tree glitters

Ice and fog!

We now have power and heating. Yeah!

Microwave fabric bowls

I did some quilting with my walking foot on the weekend. I made green microwave bowls as part of the 2023 Table Scraps Challenge with Joy 😊 You can visit the preceding post or use the link in Related links below. 

Using my walking foot to quilt spirals in my bowls

A stack of microwave fabric bowls

What I learned
  • I'm in a low period in my quilting. I try to do something quilty or artsy every day, but mostly I want to hide in a good book! 🕮 I'm learning that this is ok. The quilting and stitching bug is never far away 😊
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Linking parties
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Free Motion Mavericks

We have a wide variety of link ups last week. 

Raewyn at Stitching Farm Girl finished this lovely quilt with some FMQ for an upcoming Block of the Month. You'll want to check it out!

Raewyn's Block of the Month Quilt

This is Melva's 6th of 8 quilt for her client.

Another of Melva's finished quilts

LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color made a lovely hanging for the 2023 Table Scraps Challenge. Have a look at her forest background and whimsical details 😊.

LeeAnna's whimsical wall hanging

On a different note, check out Denise's first block of her Crazy Quilt. What amazing embroidery and stitching!

The first Crazy Quilt block by Denise of the Quiltery

It's now your turn 😊

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of the linky party and thanks for hosting. I love it when we have an ice storm, just seeing the ice twinkling in the trees is the most beautiful thing to me. Love your bowl cozies, I have never made them but have been tempted to, those bowls of ice cream freeze my hands.

  2. I forgot to his "comment as" again. Thank you also for sharing my block.

    1. Thanks for linking up Denise - I just LOVE you crazy quilt piece! Ice storms are beautiful but can be so destructive. Happily we weren't without power for long and the trees in the neighbourhood seem to be ok.

  3. We had a horrible ice storm February 23, and I'll never forget hearing at night the ominous 'CRRRACK!' and then crash of branches breaking under the weight of the ice. The following morning while walking dogs carefully around our neighbourhood, we saw many huge thick branches suddenly crack! and come tumbling down. One near-metre-wide limb of a neighbours' tree only missed crushing their truck because they'd made a Tim's run since they had no power or heat. Glad you are okay and have your power back on. We lost ours for over 36 hours.

    1. Thanks Sandra. 36 hours without electricity is a long time. We were lucky that it didn't last long and that the newer parts of Orleans were ok - that meant that we were able to go out for breakfast and warm up!

  4. Fabulous projects! You just reminded me that I need to make a few bowl cozies - soup weather is nearly here.

    1. Thanks Anorina, there were fun to make and I hope to make one more for a friend soon - we'll see!


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