Friday, September 30, 2022

Paint Night Party!

 Hi! I hope that you are doing well. I have something a little different for you today. I hosted a paint night for my daughter and her friends last weekend. I'm happy to say that fun was had by all!

Painting an aurora borealis night sky and tree

My daughter organised a paint night for her friends. I invited my artist friend, Lyne Génier to teach it.  It took quite a bit of preparation to choose the image that everyone was going to learn to paint. Thank goodness for social media (I had nothing to do with that part 😁). The final decision was a colourful aurora borealis night sky and tree. 

Aurora Borealis by Lyne Génier

Here are my daughter, son and his girlfriend applying a background coat to the canvas.

Painting the background with not quite black

Lyne at her easel 

Lyne is a great teacher. She gives clear instructions but encourages her students to do their own thing while giving advice if they get stuck or want to do something a little different.

The girls are hard at work at the other table. 

Working hard!

After adding the aurora borealis colours to the sky, it was time to wait for the paint to dry. 

Aurora borealis sky is drying

Before it got dark outside, everyone went to the back yard to add the stars to their canvas with a toothbrush. We had a lovely pot-luck snack break and then it was time to add the tree.

Enjoying themselves!

Getting ready for the finish!

The final reveal!

I see a lot of smile! Isn't it incredible how each one is different?

A group photo with the paintings (and Coco)

The classic on-the-stairs photo 😊

A dog friendly event - Poppy made new friends!

What I learned
  • The students had a great time and are looking forward to the next paint night! They requested a winter scene with options to add various things like a snowman and other winter elements.
  • I even have a few friends who are interested in attending Lyne's next party 😊
  • Jeannine's friends are experts on social media, so they organised a group site and voted on the date and then on the painting that they wanted to make. 
  • The event started at 4pm. By 8pm the paintings were completed and it was time to chill. Lyne has lots of experience so the clean-up was fast and painless!
  • I'm looking forward to hosting another party in a couple of months.
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  1. These are amazing, looks like everyone went home happy. Denise

  2. Paint nights sound fun, and you chose a great image. Thanks for joining the Put Your Foot Down linky party!

    1. Thanks Andi. We're looking forward to another one soon. Thanks for the linking party!

  3. Un atelier bien apprécié, et de belles réalisations, bravo à tous !


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