Tuesday, June 07, 2022

June's OMG and Summer Book Club QAL

A quick post to announce that I'm going to be playing with fun fabrics as part of Kate Basti's The Summer Book Club QAL. 

Making more book blocks

I'm thrilled to have found out about The Summer Book Club QAL on Instagram. It uses one of my favourite foundation paper piecing blocks - the Tall Tales Quilt Block. Kate Basti has designed the block and it can be purchased on her Etsy shop (links in Related links below). The pattern is only $1, and she's donating all of her sales of the pattern to the Ronald McDonald House Charities until the end of 2022.

The Summer Book Club QAL on Instagram
with Kate Basti (@katebasti)

I made a few of these blocks as minis in 2019 (feels like so long ago!). I've always wanted to make a quilt of them, since they look amazing on Instagram (#so this is my chance. The block sews up easily and is great for featuring beautiful fabric.

The QAL runs for 8 weeks. 
  • Week 1: Decide Your Project & Pull Your Fabric
  • Week 2–7: Make Tall Tales Blocks
  • Week 8: Assemble Your Project

Week 1: post (an) image(s) of our fabric on Instagram. Here is my fabric pull. As you can see I have lots of choices. I'll be choosing as I go along. I'll be using a variety of solid colours for the book borders.

Critters fabrics - some of my absolute favourites

Misc. fabrics, from cute to books to everything else

Travel fabrics

You may have noticed the small frame that I made to view the fabrics since I will be fussy-cutting them.

Solids for the block borders

More solids

Here are the blocks that I've made. I love that I can add so much to these book covers. Some have appliqué while another is mostly free motion quilted (FMQ).

Paddington book mini for my daughter of course!
for the Nifty Novelties Blog Hop

"The Earth is not flat" book for my son
during the Summer Book Club QAL of 2019

And a few mini book blocks for my colleagues!

Mon jardin with FMQ

A Fantastical Book Block with appliqué

Bambi book, also made during
the Summer Book Club QAL of 2019

June's One Monthly Goal (OMG)

My goal this month is to make 10 blocks for the Summer Book Club QAL. I'll report back here at the end of the month (or before if I need to showoff share 😊)

What I learned
  • I love this versatile block and hope to be inspired to make a whole quilt of it.
  • I'm hoping to use a few techniques, but since it will be a quilt, I won't be adding embellishment (I think!)
  • Ten blocks may be ambitious but I really want to give myself the opportunity to play!
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  1. What a fun SAL!!! You've got some great fabrics to pick from, too, Andree!!! Of the ones you made previously my fav is definitely Paddington, having read all those books to our children!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I'm really looking forward to starting. I've now written my Free Motion Mavericks post, so I can make at least one book block by the end of the week :-)

  2. Hello Andrée, a books quilt would be absolutely amazing! It must be so tempting to start a big project.
    That Suchard fabric is lovely. So is the chocolate.
    Thank you for linking up!
    Love, Muv

    1. Hi Muv, it's really tempting to start another big project, even if I have other things that I should do... Hope you're enjoying the garden :-)


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