Saturday, August 29, 2020

Swamp visit & slow stitching

Can you believe that August is almost over? Now that the weather is cooler, I feel like I'm finally coming out of my cocoon (aka my home's AC) and I even have a little more energy. As much as I love the cool fall weather, I have to remind myself to enjoy it because I keep thinking of the winter that's on it's way. I know....enjoy the moment! 😊 

Progress on Marks & Stitches

As my post title suggests, I went on a road trip and while hubby was driving, I was able to stitch to my 💖's content! I spent most of my time working on Marks and Stitches, the piece that I started at the end of July for Gregory T. Wilkins' workshop (see Related links for the other 2 posts).

Marks and Stitches - more progress

Taking advantage of the lovely setting

I did get more stitching done after our visit to the park but that's for another time.

A hike and a visit to the swamp

On our way to North Bay, Ontario we stopped in for a couple of hours at one of my favourite parks, Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park. (I actually have a few favourites since we have amazing parks in Ontario!)

We went on a walk to a lovely swamp - the trail was closed but we were allowed to go at our own risk. Considering the times, it's not surprising that they didn't spend a lot of time fixing the trail, but except for a slightly tilted boardwalk and some over grown areas, the trail was fine.

Here are my favourite pictures.

Dancing on the water - Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

Driftwood and reflections - Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

Waterlily - Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

My daughter, husband and I had a great weekend. I got to visit with a great friend, eat home-made corn dogs, walk in the water of Lake Nipissing (I forgot my swim stuff) and visit family. It was so good to be out of the house. I'm very grateful that my son stayed with Chevy while we were gone.😊 

What I learned
  • I love embroidering in the car. It really makes the miles (or km) fly by!
  • A few days ago I undid some of my stitching on Marks and Stitches. I don't usually do that but I didn't really like a couple of spots. I'll share this with you in a future post.
  • I'm now trying to figure out how to finish Marks and Stitches. I don't think that I want to quilt it, so I bought a frame that will probably look good. I'll just have to get a bigger mat for it. 
  • About the swamp....I love swamps. When I was growing up we had a cottage that was next to a swamp. I've always been drawn to all of the activity going on in swamps.
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  1. Thank you for visiting me at Kathryn Quilts. I love that you can embroider in the car. I envy those who sew away while travelling. I just have to not put my head down! I don't live near a swamp so don't really see them. I live more near the beach and bush where I live in New Zealand.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Kathryn. I love the swamp but a nice beach would be lovely! I'm very grateful that I can sew in the car - it makes the ride so much quicker. Take care.

  2. I too, love to stitch while my husband drives. The piece you are working on is lovely. How wonderful you were able to get out and about and enjoy the countryside.

  3. Hi Kim, isn't it nice to be chauffeured while you stitch? The trip was lovely and I hope to get away on a mini trip again before winter sets in. Take care.


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