Thursday, June 20, 2019

Fluffy and Lacy with Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to the Free Motion Mavericks link-up (week 234)

Fluffy and Lacy

Last week at Quilt Canada, I took a great workshop with Amanda McCavour. She's a Toronto based artist whose textile art is generally beautifully light and lacy. She really is an expert at working and teaching with Sulky Solvy products.

During the workshop, I worked on my first two panels. The first one was more fluffy and included layers of thread, embroidery floss, yarn, ribbon and wool roving with an organza backing. I attached all of this with some meandering FMQ.

Top layer of the first panel

The meandering FMQ to hold it all together

The second panel was much more difficult to make. It consisted of strands of yarn. I don't do  minimalism very well. This panel really highlights the thread work. The top third of the panel was sewn densely, both horizontally and vertically. The middle part was very loosely sewn diagonally while the bottom part was only sewn horizontally.

Variations of lacy threads
I made the third panel the evening after the workshop. I guess I still had some creative energy in me.  I wanted this one to also highlight the threat, but this time between thin strips of fabric. Isn't the fabric yummy? 😊 I cut the edges of Elaine Quehl's hand-dyed fat quarters. That also took a lot of courage!

I couldn't just place them all vertically, so I wove some strips together with bits of batiks. I used my regular sewing foot to sew these together, between the layers of Sulky products.
Colourful strips held together by threads
My plan is to make 4 panels, but who knows, I do have enough Sulky Solvy product to make up to 8 - so I'll see where this takes me. I want to try the different techniques but I also want to make a cohesive piece. It's also possible to embellish all of these, so there are many possibilities!

What I learned
  • I really enjoyed making these panels. It was pure play, so I want to make sure that I don't overthink the rest of them.
  • I just love the different techniques and weights of these panels. This is a truly versatile technique.
  • I've been wanting to make transparent textile art for a while, so now that I've found this technique, I'm going to have to think about it.
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  1. Hello Andrée,

    "I don't do minimalism very well." How I laughed. I have exactly the same problem.

    I love the woven strips. Now I'm wondering how many ways you are going to incorporates these techniques into you hangings.

    Love, Muv

    1. Thanks Muv - I think that we both believe that more is better, but it's good to try new things - even if it's minimal! Thanks so much for linking up - I'm on my way to see your FMQ! Have a great day.

  2. Such bright interesting pieces! I worked with that Sulky product years ago (love their threads and stuff) and made the coolest little thread bowl!

    1. Hi Sandra, that sounds like fun. I think that it has so much potential for use in art quilts - and I love making lacing things, even if it's not my usual style :-)

  3. You're certainly having fun stitching away!

    1. Thanks Susan - that sure it what it's about, isn't it?

  4. Thanks for the feature of Tic Tac Toad/Hop to be Square :) I can see how you'd struggle with minimalism, but what a terrific job you did on those second and third pieces. I have made a few thread meshes on soluble stabiliser, and it is as fun as it is time consuming! I'm glad you have discovered another fun technique.

    1. Thanks Dione, isn't it fun to learn something new? You did a great job on those foundation paper piecing music symbols for your daughter's bag. Thanks for hosting your colourful and playful linking party!


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