Sunday, July 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday - My Colours

From the first Thursday of each month until Sunday, Jenn at a Quarter Inch from the Edge hosts Throwback Thursday! Linky parties. This is where bloggers write about a quilt that was made way, way back. Since I haven't been quilting for that long, for me way back means BB - before blogging.

My Colours is the first art quilt that I designed and made.
My Colours
I wanted to make a quilt that represented ME! My intention was to have it look like a crazy quilt. I did use embroidery and embellishments, but the shapes are mostly rectangular, not crazy. I used some very funky and colourful fabrics. Not bad for a very small fabric stash.

Each block represents something about my personality or my life. There were a lot of flowers since at the time I did a lot of gardening. That was before I got totally addicted to quilting and gave up on my garden. It turns out that the results of my quilting were much more predictable than my garden!

There were also many hearts and symbols of peace - for the hippie that I am, even if I was born at least 10 years too late.

I had a great time shopping for things to include in the quilt. I found a beautiful red hat - for the woman that I am becoming as I age. There were also cool decals and buttons about quilting and nature, including a beautiful glass fish pendant. Many of the blocks were embroidered in the crazy quilt style. The entire piece was hand quilted in different coloured thread.

At the 2010 Quilt Show
It was one of two quilts that I exhibited in my first show with the Common Thread Quilt Guild in 2010.

What I learned:

  • Even after all these years, this quilt still represents who I am.
  • For many years this wall hanging was in my cubicle. Unfortunately our new cubicles have very little wall space so it's now at home. 
  • It had continued to evolve - it has a few more buttons and some postcards pinned to it.
  • This was quilted by hand, before I had a sewing machine that FMQ. It would have taken me much longer to make.

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  1. What a vibrant quilt! I love the personal aspects in it, and also that you've added to it. Sad that you can't keep it in your new cubicle at work; I always loved having a piece or two of handwork somewhere near me at work, even if it was simply the tote bag for my books, etc, or lunch bag.

  2. What a fun way to express your creativity and your personality! Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!


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