Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finishing up - Final Update

What a month! It was a great idea to join the 30/30 Challenge hosted by Berry Barn Designs. It encouraged me to quilt as often as possible and I got to read some great blogs, comments etc. Thank you everyone, especially Sarah of Berry Barn Designs!

Here was my list of projects and what I hoped to accomplish:

  • I'll be finishing my Quilt-Along project using Dot-to-dot FMQ (free motion quilting);
  • I will also be working on my frog quilt. My objective is to get the quilt top finished.
  • I will be working on my Grandmother's Choice quilt.  My objective is to get 10 more blocks finished and blog about them (that takes the longest time since I usually research the Canadian facts about each issue.)

What was I thinking? I think I thought I was going to take the month off work and quilt!

Quilt-Along quilt almost finished
Quilt-Along almost finished
Here are my accomplishments:

  • The Quilt-Along project is almost finished. I used only Dot-to-Dot FMQ on it. All of the blocks and the sashing have been quilted. I just need to quilt the border with the Cathedral curves.
  • I completed two blocks of the frog quilt in the first week of the challenge. That's as far as it went.
  • The Grandmother's Choice quilt is coming along. Before the challenge, I had chosen and cut the fabric for 5 more blocks. This weekend, I completed them, plus one more; and then chose the fabric for another 6 blocks. I haven't blogged about them yet but I will in the near future.
Grandmother's Choice blocks
Grandmother's Choice blocks
Accomplishments that were not included in the Challenge:
One of the reasons I got so much done was that I went on a quilting retreat from Thursday to Sunday this week. That's essentially where I did everything that I hadn't done in the previous 3 weeks.

It was a great weekend of quilting, sleeping, reading, and eating with friends....not necessarily in that order. It was almost as good as going down south for a holiday (almost but not quite!)

What I learned

Happy Villages - Almafi Coast
Happy Villages - Amalfi Coast
  • Why am I always so ambitious in setting goals? At the time, I actually thought they were pretty realistic. Not sure on which planet or alternate universe!
  • I really did get a lot done - frankly an incredible amount. It just wasn't on the projects that I had anticipated doing.
  • In hindsight my objectives were made up of projects that demanded a fair amount of concentration and focus. What I did accomplish included easier projects that I could do without too much thought.   


  1. you got lots done...well done and congrats on sticking with the challenge

  2. Congratulations on all you accomplished this month! I like how you took time for the "What I learned..." section. I need to do that because it clarifies the thinking and helps one to see the achievement; I tend to focus on the journey and miss out on appreciating the completion/measurable progress. And you inspired me to try my hand at the Happy Villages quilt. I also have enjoyed your blogging style, good links to previous blogs, gives continuity to thought.....hmmm, I've mentioned thinking/thought twice....yes, it means something! ~Janie

  3. You sure accomplished a lot, Andree! Congratulations!

  4. Andree, while you might not have hit the goals you specifically set, you sure were productive this month!! I am really in love with that Happy Villages quilt. You did some great work - congratulations!


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