Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sewing up a DIY Kimono

My daughter loves to watch YouTube videos - makeup, fashion, book reviews, etc.

She asked me a few weeks ago if I could help her (aka sew for her) a kimono made from a scarf. Here's the link to DIY: Easy Kimono.
Jeannine's new DIY kimono from a scarf

Since she didn't have a large scarf to try it with, we found some fabric that we thought might do the trick. The technique was sound, but the fabric we chose was too heavy. Don't worry, I can re-use the fabric :-)

She then bought a lovely scarf to use for the project.  This is the result. It looks pretty good if you don't examine it too closely. The fabric was extremely flimsy. I was probably using the wrong needle. Anyway the inside seams are fine but the collar and front seams are pretty bunched up, but as I said, it doesn't look bad - it could be called a design element!

What I learned:

  • It was a great idea to do a first attempt. I suspected that the fabric would be too stiff. It did give me a chance to see that the neck area would have to be adjusted a little bit to fit properly, even with a flimsy fabric.
  • I really should have tried out a couple of needles first. I tend to get too impatient with getting it done to figure those things out first. I was probably in a lousy mood because I wasn't working with cotton (that's one of the reasons I quilt - no more nasty flimsy fabric!!!)

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