Thursday, September 21, 2023

Secret FMQ and T-shirt Quilt Update on Free Motion Mavericks

Hi and welcome to week 448 of the Free Motion Mavericks' linking party. I hope that you've had a good creative week with time at your sewing machine or studio! I've been busy making a runner that I'll be able to reveal next week. I can share the back since it won't give away much and you can see the free motion quilting (FMQ).

Making a runner

My brother is having a birthday/house warming party so I asked him if he wanted a small quilted project. He said that he could use a runner, 30" x 8", so that's what I'm making. The front is a scrappy, happy, improv quilt. 

FMQ back 

FMQ wavy intersecting lines
I'm surprised that it's not obvious from the back that these are wavy intersecting lines. It's pretty obvious from the front, but it is an interesting pattern from the back.

There are a few horizontal lines where I stitched in-the-ditch to stabilize the quilt before FMQ the vertical wavy lines.

There is also another horizontal line where I joined the fabric (the line that is not straight!😲)

Since the front was going to be scrappy, I checked the Joyful Quilter's website for the September colours and letters for the 2023 ABC (Table) Scraps Challenge. The September colours are aqua and the letters are P and Z.

When I looked online for a colour wheel, I found that teal is related to aqua and is a darker version of it. So I used aqua thread to FMQ the runner. Since the front includes quite a few colours, it could have been FMQ with a number of colours but the aqua thread looks good. You'll have to take my word for it until next week 😊

T-shirt Quilt Update

My numbers aren't adding up but it looks like I have 11 t-shirt blocks done and 13 left to go. I arranged the completed ones on my bed today, and this is what it gave me. Now I have to figure out how big (more or less) the quilt will be and work from there.

Some of the t-shirt blocks so far

About half of the t-shirt blocks

I'll see if I have enough blocks of the same width, and try to put these into rows or columns. I'm finding it all a little over whelming, especially since I don't really have a wall or floor big enough to place them all.

What I learned
  • As I'm preparing this post, I can see that it's not going to be easy putting this quilt together. I like puzzles, but I prefer them smaller than my entire family room space 😊
  • Many of the remaining t-shirts have white backgrounds, so I'll be able to choose the border colours based on the blocks that will go next to them.
  • I'm going to try to keep math out of this, but doing research, a queen size quilt can be anywhere between 84" to 90" wide, and 90" to 105" wide! I guess that's a lot of leeway. 
  • Of course I didn't write in my posts how big my first t-shirt quilt was, or even how big Version 2.0 was. I'm sure that I have notes...somewhere!
  • Except for a cool Dragon Scale binding notebook for my daughter, a few hexies to get caught up with the #100hexies100days challenge and the binding on my brother's runner, I am not letting myself play with any other project until this one is put together (by Sept 30) and then quilted (the next week)!!! 
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Donnalee's monster - quilted and done!

Donnalee's placemats

Donnalee's runner

Gail managed to finish and FMQ 2 wonderful quilts. I've used the images from her original post so that you can admire her FMQ!

Let's admire the lovely texture on Gail's quilts!

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  1. I wish you well with your T-shirt quilt project. I have never made one, and all my friends who have made a T-shirt quilt has told me about their problems. However, every quilt we make is a learning experience, right?
    Your quilt looks good so far. Hugs, Judy

    1. Thanks so much Judy. The t-shirt quilt is finally pieced and I don't have to have it quilted until mid December so I am very happy about that. I do like the design process but I would rather make a smaller quilt than a queen sized one!

  2. The back of runner looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing the front. Happy Birthday to your brother :)

    1. Thanks Janine, my brother really liked the runner. I did too and might make myself a similar one - I loved the geometric shapes.

  3. Oh oh, ça c'est du suspens ! Le dos en dit beaucoup et très peu ;) Vivement de voir le devant !

    1. Merci bien Frédérique. Le quilt a été un succès. Mon frère l'a bien aimé!

  4. The back of the runner looks cool ! Have fun with your t shirt quilt - they are such great memories!

    1. Thanks Alycia. The runner has been given away and very much appreciated and the t-shirt quilt is now a flimsy, ready to be quilted!


  5. T-shirt quilts do take a bit of puzzle solving. Fingers crossed you get it mostly assembled by the end of the month.

    1. Thanks Kate. I almost succeeded - just missed the finish by a few days. I've now learned that I don't have to finish the quilting until mid December - thank goodness! I do want to get it sandwiched so that I can start soon, hopefully.


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