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Scrappy Yellow Placemat on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 446 of Free Motion Mavericks. I published this a little early so that I can make the September 6th deadline for the Joyful Quilter's August Table Scraps Challenge. Nothing like racing the clock to publish. Thanks again Joyful for this great challenge.

Scrappy Yellow Placemat

August's colour is yellow which is perfect for the second placemat that I will make. This one is for my daughter, who requested yellow. The letters are X and O, which I will add to the free motion quilting (FMQ). If the verb tenses are a little wonky in this post, it's because I'm writing this post as I finish the placemat. 😊

Yellow Placemat

I started last week with that I thought was a pile of yellow scraps. It turns out that there were only 3 yellow fabrics in that pile - so I went back to my scrappy bins.

Bins of scraps at the top of my shelves

I had lots of yellow to choose from, but to give it some interest, I wanted other colours. My daughter said that she likes gray and yellow, so I added some of that. I even had some fabric with circles, so that's good for the "0".

The improv pieced placemat ready to be quilted

I had so much fun FMQ it. I started with meandering flowers, a feather and then let some of the fabric tell me how to quilt it. I quilted 4 lovely flowers in the two yellow blocks under the gray strip. The image below is as good as it gets.

4 FMQ flowers

The quilted placemat, before the binding

Details of the FMQ - the Sun

FMQ meandering flowers and above that, "O" and "X"

FMQ a feather and other random designs

We now have 2 scrappy placemats at the table - the blue one is mine (made in June) and the yellow is my daughter's. I guess that I could have put more effort into the display, but I am tired and ready for it to be done....besides I had to make supper!

Two scrappy placemats ✔

What I learned
  • I'll be publishing this post with roughly an hour to spare. That's what happens when I'm tired, procrastinating and hiding in my books!
  • I was just thrilled when I checked the challenge's deadline on Aug 31. I had almost a whole week to procrastinate get it done!
  • The piecing and the FMQ went really well. My only problem was with the binding.
  • I'm sure that you've heard that you can't have the binding seam on one of the corners. Usually, when I see that I'm going to have a seam at the corner, I catch it early enough and cut the binding to ensure that the seam comes before the corner. Well, I was tired and frankly wasn't sure if that was a guideline or a rule. I can now tell you that it's a rule! That seam made for a very messy corner.
  • I also struggled with joining the binding edges at the end. I'll blame that on being tired and impatient! It's ok - better done than perfect....and it still looks great on the table. 
  • I can't wait to wash it - the quilting will become all puffy and perfect. 😊

September's One Monthly Goal (OMG)

The crunch is on! That famous t-shirt quilt needs to be pieced together into a quilt top by the end of September. It will happen! 

Prepped t-shirts for the quilt

I have about half of the t-shirts backed with the fusible web while I have the webbing cut for the other half. A couple of hours with the iron and that will all be done. Then comes the fun part...putting it together 😊

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Free Motion Mavericks

Thank you everyone who has linked up to the party. 😊

Last week DonnaLee finished 18 table toppers for her guild's quilt show boutique shop. What a great way to use up fall, Christmas and Hanukkah fabrics. They are lovely.

DonnaLee's table toppers

 In August, Quilting Gail got 4 great projects done. Here is her composition cover. What a lovely, scrappy, colourful piece!

Quilting Gail's Composition Cover

Margo Yang of MY Quilts and Crafts, FMQ a lovely modern baby quilt on a longarm. It was more challenging than she expected, but she did a great job! Now she has a reason to make more quilt tops...practice!

Margo Yang FMQ modern baby quilt on a longarm

 It's now your turn!

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  1. Très réussi ce set de table jaune ! Les touches de gris, et le quilting l'habillent magnifiquement. Bravo !
    Merci pour le partage !

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à le faire et ma fille l'aime bien.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Alycia. I'm glad that my daughter likes it too!

  3. The placemats are a fun way to use some scraps and a great way to practice some fmq designs - this yellow one is lovely!

    1. Thanks Raewyn, they really are great to make and not intimidating.

  4. Yellow is my favorite color, so of course I love them

  5. Great scrappy placemats! Yeah, working on a blogging deadline can be hairy, LOL! My MIL has made a number of really pretty yellow and gray quilts, I'm still "collecting" fabrics for my first all yellow one. Love your scrap boxes and all the flower and feather FMQ looks great! Binding corners are already so bulky (not to mention getting it to fold there just right) so seams there really are bothersome. I try to layout my binding around the quilt top before sewing it on to get an idea if I'll be too close when I hit that point and then adjust where I start the binding accordingly.

    1. Thanks Vivian. I should know better than think that breaking that type of rule will work out - but she hasn't noticed. I won't be doing that again....lesson learned!

  6. What a sweet placement for the ABC Table Scraps Challenge, Andree, and some really fun quilting, too! Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thanks Joyful :-) My daughter really loves it. I guess hubby will get his the next time green comes up!


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