Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Final Rainbow Neighbourhood Quilt Top

Hi and welcome to week 437 of Free Motion Mavericks. Have you had a chance to do any free motion quilting (FMQ) this week? I played with fusible web, Bottom Line thread and zig-zag stitching, but no FMQ. I didn't quilt my Neighbourhood Houses, but I did add many (possibly too many) fun elements to the quilt. The rest of the effects will have to be done through FMQ.

Quilt Top Done ✔

Two weeks ago I thought that I was mostly done with the quilt top. I greatly underestimated the time that it took to add the finishing touches.

The Rainbow Neighbourhood quilt top is done 😊

First Row of Houses

The first row of houses all have blue skies, different green yards, including fences, benches, trees and bushes from a wonderful piece of fabric that I've had forever. You can see the fabric at the bottom of this section.

Row 1 - first house

Row 1 - second house

Row 1 - third house

Here is the fabric that I used. This is the only part that doesn't have huge holes 😁

Fabric that I used for the fences,
benches, bushes and trees

Second Row of Houses

The second row of houses starts with a house and then parks and a lake. I was able to include a lot of fun elements to the lake - from a turtle, fish, a girl fishing, a frog prince and a duck😊 

Row 2 - first house

Row 2 - lake and park

Row 2 - friends' house 

There will probably be a few more elements added to my friends' house but I don't have the ones I want. I'm sure that I'll come up with or find something before I finish the quilt.

Third Row of Houses

This third row of houses are set in a night scene. I kept the elements simple, especially in the yards, with one tree and some cute critters.

Row 3 - first house

Row 3 - second house

Row 3 - third house

What I learned
  • Two weeks ago when I had finished assembling the quilt top, I didn't realise how much more work I still had to do to add elements to all of the windows, yards and then the lake and parks. 
  • I also didn't realise how fiddly it was, and how difficult it was on my eyes. I didn't seem to see well enough when appliquéing. Finally I switched to a clear and more open foot which helped a lot. 
  • As I was zig-zag stitching the various elements to the quilt, it was very obvious that this needed to be done before the quilting. It was just easier to work with a quilt top than a whole quilt with batting! 
  • It will be easy after that to just accent these with the FMQ. This will also add an extra layer of stitching so that they all stay in place!
  • I started zig-zag stitching with regular thread but quickly decided to use something less visible. I have three cones of Bottom Line thread - so I used a little bit of black and then white thread. Eventually I just finished everything with the tan thread. It worked for all of the fabrics.
  • As I was working on the quilt top, I was thinking about the eventual quilting of it. Since the Bottom Line thread worked so well, I've ordered a couple more spools of it - one taupe, which works for almost everything and a blue for the sky.  
  • I had originally thought of adding features to the quilt with the FMQ, but at this time, I think that I'll only do that for the park and lake section. The quilting will need to unite all of these sections together. 
  • As for FMQ the yards, I was considering adding shadow trees (or the outline of trees) with the quilting - all in the Bottom Line thread. This will add some lovely texture.
  • I've really had a great time participating in Sandra's QAL. The houses were easy to make and adding the extra elements made it lots of fun. 
  • I had fun, now have a quilt top for my friends and learned a lot! I couldn't ask for anything else 😊

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Free Motion Mavericks

Have you had a chance to check out Kelly Young's latest book, Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs? Many of our favourite quilting bloggers are posting their quilt backs inspired by her book. 

Gail showed us 4 of her quilt backing. Two of those quilts are FMQ with  “Wild” or “Graffiti” quilting. The FMQ is so beautiful from the back!

Gail's finish based on the "islands" backing

Gail used "Cross Purposes" as her inspiration for this backing

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  1. I love your little town. I have the school house die from AQ and the 4" cube, been meaning to combine these two for some time, which is something I am short of at the moment.

    1. Thanks Denise, I hope that things get back to "normal" soon, although even then you're always so busy! Take care of yourself.

  2. Your quilt is fabulous. I was so busy, the thought of embellishing was not even a twinkle in my eye until I saw yours! I love it and all the fabulous details you added. I did purchase the pieced back book and am excited to use it on some upcoming quilts.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I'm considering making a pieced back but it'll depend on what I use as the backing. I will purchase the book as soon as it's available electronically in Canada.

  3. J'adore revoir les détails dans ton village ! Les maisons sont belles et le quilt lumineux. Superbe !
    Merci pour le partage ;)

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique. Je suis heureuse qu'il est fini. Je devrai le quilter un fois qu'il fait moins chaud dans mon studio! Bonne fin de semaine!

  4. Fabulous quilt Andree - you've done a great job of adding your own touches.


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