Thursday, December 23, 2021

2022 Planning Party with Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to Free Motion Mavericks. Since I'm running behind on absolutely everything, I thought that I would take advantage of this post to also participate in Quilting Jetgirl's very popular and fun Planning Party! 

2021 - A very long year

2021 was the year of Slow Stitching and "Calm" was my word of choice. 

Keep Calm & Stitch

To get ready for this post, I re-read last year's planning post. I'm afraid that almost none of my priorities, which were to quilt my son's quilt and work on my daughter's, happened. I did have a productive slow stitching year and will continue to do so (to stay calm 😊) but my son's quilt needs to get finished!

2022 - Free Motion Quilting

My plan is to get the quilt finished this year. I do have some FMQ done on it and have planned a lot of it out. Now it's a matter of getting it done!!!! 

The corner of the quilt that is done!

Now that my machine is in great shape, you'll be seeing the progress every fortnight on Free Motion Mavericks!

The original quilted design. I'll be following it loosely 😊

2022 - Slow Stitching and Learning

For my sanity and joy, I will continue doing slow stitching. 

Still working on my Traveller's Blanket
Stitching on an eco-printed piece

I have registered for a virtual eco-printing course with Caroline Nixon, the lady who taught us the workshop last winter through My plan is to finish her first course in time to register for her second, much more intense course in the spring. What I really want is to add colour to my eco-printing since if you know me, you know what colour means to me!

Second attempt at Eco-printing was much more successful
Now I need to learn how to keep the colour

I'm sure that things will come up to disrupt my plans, but since I don't have a working crystal ball, this is it! I will be blogging and posting on Instagram since I'm really enjoying both. 

What I learned

  • I wish that I could say that I'm calm right now, but not only is the Free Motion Mavericks' linking party late (not a big deal I know 😉), but we haven't even put up our tree yet 😦! Apparently today is the day... So, I'm still working on Calm!
  • I'm learning to minimize the plans...although I do know that my retirement date is set....just 10 months and 3 days that is going to happen one way or another 😎

2022 Planning Party with
Quilting Jetgirl
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Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 361 of Free Motion Mavericks. If anyone has had time to do any FMQ, good for you! I hope that you'll link up! I know that things are very busy right now for everyone, so good luck with whatever quilting and FMQ plans you have.

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Red Birds on Christmas fabric by DonnaleeQ

It's now your turn - and please post even if it's not FMQ!
Merry Christmas /Holidays!

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  1. I think having some hand stitching on hand is a wonderful way to stay calm. I wish you a wonderful 2022 and hope that you find joy and calm in quilting. And all the best as you get closer to your retirement date!

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne. I've been doing lots of calm hand-stitching lately. It really does help. Thanks for the encouragement. Take care!

  2. Quilting is such a wonderful way to assist ourselves in keeping calm. I love that you're doing hand stitching as part of the process. Best wishes for 2022 and your coming retirement, Andree!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy. I've decided to add joy and play to the calm for 2022. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope that your 2022 is going well so far. Take care.

  3. Calm... I like it, and I hope you found it!!!
    Wishing you a fun 2022!

    1. Thanks Alycia. I found it - sometimes, which is probably what most of us can hope for. I love that quilting and stitching helps. All the best for 2022! Take care.

  4. Calme, dans ce monde de folie, ça c'est un vrai challenge ! En tout cas tu sembles avoir bien mis en application ce mot, tes ouvrages sont très beaux. Bientôt la retraite, chouette, tu es chanceuse !!

    1. Merci bien Frédérique. Une chance que j'ai mes tissues, du fils et des éguilles! Avec ça, je peux vincre la folie :-)
      Bises et bonne semaine!

  5. Staying calm is a good goal, life has been hectic and stressful this year. Good luck with finishing off your son's quilt. Keeping it simple is a good idea. Once you retire you'll probably be able to focus more.

    1. Thanks Kate, staying calm is always a good thing and only becomes easier with practice, I guess just like sewing :-) My son's quilt will probably drive me to distraction, so I'll have to remember to breathe and hopefully put in a few minutes many times a week to get it done. All the best for 2022!


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