Thursday, July 22, 2021

More Embroidered Mixed-media Botany at Free Motion Mavericks

This is the second post about my Embroidered Botany Workshop with Amanda McCavour. You can find the first post in Related links below.

Mixed-media flowers

This was actually the first day of the weekend virtual workshop. We used an assortment of mixed-media to fill in our embroidered botany piece. During the workshop I made a flower and that evening, since I was so inspired, I made a second piece - an Allium flower.

On that first day, we made our sample using FMQ on both the Sulky Solvy and Fabri-Solvy. The Sulky Solvy sticks to itself when ironed, so it's really great at trapping bits of yarn, thread and roving between its layers. The Fabri-Solvy is much stronger and so will handle a lot of free motion quilting (FMQ) or thread painting.

Flowers made of thread and yarn on Sulky Solvy 

My second piece is an Allium, one of my all time favourite flowers - I have of lot of these planted in my garden.
Allium made of thread and yarn

I'm not going to go through the whole process but in these pictures you'll see that it's not difficult and lots of fun. 
Start covering your flower with threads and yarn

Draw the image on the Sulky Solvy

Keep adding to fill in the space

Cover your filled flower with another layer of Sulky Solvy
then cover with a protective cloth and iron

Free motion thread paint your flower

Ensure that all of the parts of your design
are well connected by thread

Dissolve the Sulky Solvy in warm to hot water and let dry

Translucent project in the making

Ever since I played with organza and other transparent /translucent fabrics, I've been planning a garden curtain for my studio. The first two pieces are now ready for the rest of it to be made one day. 😊

First two pieces pinned on the curtain

What I learned
  • There is so much potential in this technique. Flowers could be made with the mixed-media or just thread, like the sculptured flower. The thread-only flowers don't have to be sculptured and I'm looking forward to trying them out.
  • I've been thinking about this project for over a year, so I think that it's going to be a medium term project over the next few years.
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Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to week 341 of Free Motion Mavericks. It was a very quiet party - I think that many people are enjoying the summer and holidays. So here are two lovely quilts from our regular partiers - I'm glad to be featuring both of them this week. If you didn't see their posts last week, go check them out!

At Chrisknits, another Quilts Plus BOM top was quilted for her neighbor’s little boy - lucky guy!

Quilts Plus BOM top quilted at Chrisknits

Our second lovely quilt is part of Quilting Gail's Christmas in July party with Island Batiks, Never to Early. What a lovely wall hanging!

Quilting Gail's Never Too Early project

It's now your turn!

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  1. I need to get some Alium! I see it around and always admire it. I made a basket with Solvy and thread years ago at a quilt retreat and it was such FUN! Your flower looks great.

    1. Thanks Sandra, it was a lot of fun. Yes, Allium comes in many varieties. I love them and they are really easy to grow. You'll want to find the bulbs this fall. Take care.

  2. your mixed media flowers are very interesting and intriguing!

    1. Thanks Pat, they were a lot of fun to make and there is so much possibilities. Take care.

  3. Interesting and fun mixed media flowers. Great projects.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, they were a lot of fun to make. Looking forward to making many more. Take care.

  4. Oh a Garden curtain sounds fun! and something so pretty to look at!

    1. Thanks Alycia. I'm looking forward to working on it - but it could be a while. I have way too many ideas! :-) Take care.


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